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How did myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction happen?

1 there are many reasons for myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction, but the most common reason is the formation of atherosclerosis. 2 simply speaking, atherosclerosis is the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. Plaque is getting bigger and bigger

guoyifangheart @ 2020/06/29

Prof blood pressure drugs will cause cancer?

The media can be divided into two categories: one is to transmit information for transmitting information, the other is to transmit information for absorbing traffic. The latter is the tragedy of the media. Recently, an article has been reprinted in many

guoyifangheart @ 2020/06/28

My cholesterol is low. Do I need to stop taking statins?

During the treatment of statins or other cholesterol lowering drugs, some friends found that total cholesterol (TC) or low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) were lower than the normal reference range (the labelled down arrow on the test sheet), so t

guoyifangheart @ 2020/06/25

[doctor version + patient] muscle pain after taking statins, do I need to stop taking medicine?

[writing to doctors] statins have an irreplaceable position in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Similar to other drugs, some patients may have some side effects after taking statins. One of the most noteworthy a

guoyifangheart @ 2020/06/22

Which people are prone to carotid plaque and how to prevent them?

Atherosclerotic plaque is an important pathological basis for myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction. Regardless of carotid plaques or coronary plaques, the risk factors are the same. There are congenital factors, and there are also acquired factor

guoyifangheart @ 2020/06/21

Which hypertension patients are more likely to develop complications?

The higher the blood pressure and the longer the course of disease, the worse the life style. The more dangerous factors are, the more serious the damage of heart, brain and kidney is, the greater the risk of cardiovascular disease. From 115/75 mmHg, syst

guoyifangheart @ 2020/06/20

[Guo Yifang's question] is hypoglycemic drugs the task of hypoglycemic?

A European Expert issued a few days ago that the clinical application of sulfonylurea hypoglycemic drugs should be limited. Because SGLT-2 inhibitors and GLP-1 receptor agonists can reduce blood sugar safely and effectively, and can significantly improve

guoyifangheart @ 2020/06/16

Why should we find that high blood pressure should be treated in time and can not be dragged?

The main harm of hypertension to the human body is to destroy the artery endothelium, so that the cholesterol in the blood can enter the endothelium under the endothelial injury, and gradually accumulate and form atherosclerotic plaques. Atherosclerotic p

guoyifangheart @ 2020/06/11

How big is the pressure difference?

Pulse pressure, commonly known as "pulse pressure difference", refers to the difference between systolic blood pressure (commonly known as "high pressure") and diastolic blood pressure (commonly known as "low pressure"). For exampl

guoyifangheart @ 2020/06/09

What about the differential pressure of blood pressure?

Blood pressure can be measured by 3 parameters: systolic blood pressure (usually called high pressure), diastolic blood pressure (usually called low pressure), and pulse pressure (called pulse pressure difference). What do these three parameters mean? Our

guoyifangheart @ 2020/06/08

Let me talk about white coat hypertension and occult hypertension.

From a certain point of view, white coat hypertension and occult hypertension are two opposite situations: white coat hypertension refers to the measurement of blood pressure in the hospital, but at home, the blood pressure is normal, and 24 hour ambulato

guoyifangheart @ 2020/06/07

Should statins be eaten in the evening?

For this problem, we need to be flexible and unable to generalize. The two major sources of cholesterol in the body are diet intake and in vivo synthesis, of which 3/4 of cholesterol is synthesized in the body. Therefore, it is the main factor determining

guoyifangheart @ 2020/06/06

Is it important for the elderly to have lower blood pressure?

Generally speaking, as the age increases, the systolic blood pressure (hypertension) of the elderly will gradually increase, and diastolic blood pressure (low pressure) will gradually decrease. Therefore, the elderly, especially those over 80 years old, a

guoyifangheart @ 2020/06/04

Take medicine, take medicine, don't think that drugs can solve all problems!

The main responsibility of doctors is to cure diseases. Drugs are one of the main means for doctors to cure diseases. However, drugs do not solve all problems. If we do not confirm that a drug can bring clear benefits to patients, it is best not to apply

guoyifangheart @ 2020/06/03

Q: why is the heartbeat strong in the morning?

It is a normal phenomenon to wake up quickly after waking up in the morning. Most people will have such a situation, but some people are sensitive, can feel heartbeat, some people are not sensitive, and can not feel the heart beating fast. Everyone's

guoyifangheart @ 2020/06/01

East of clouds: hypoglycemic agents and GLP-1 receptor agonists for cardiovascular protection

OCC 2020 (east of cloud) conference is underway. My report on metabolism and cardiovascular disease forum today is entitled "GLP-1 receptor agonists and cardiovascular diseases". Now I would like to make a brief summary of my report: in clinical w

guoyifangheart @ 2020/05/31

Low pressure (diastolic pressure) 100mmHg, do I need to take medicine? What medicine do you take?

A similar question has been answered before, and again answered as follows: first of all, low pressure to 100 mmHg will definitely need treatment. This situation is more common in young people, often accompanied by obesity, irregular life, less exercise,

guoyifangheart @ 2020/05/25

Is blood pressure normal and occasionally elevated? Do I need to take medicine?

Everyone's blood pressure fluctuates at all times. This fluctuation is influenced by three aspects: the internal change rule of blood pressure, the external environment factors and the measurement error when measuring blood pressure. Blood pressure in

guoyifangheart @ 2020/05/24

Statins increase blood sugar. What should I do?

Readers asked: I heard that statins increase blood sugar. Is that so? Yes. Existing studies show that long-term use of statins may increase the risk of new onset diabetes. Based on large clinical research data, the risk of new onset diabetes in statin tre

guoyifangheart @ 2020/05/23

Why is blood pressure not well controlled? Check yourself first.

Some hypertension patients have bad control of blood pressure. Why? In this case, first of all, ask yourself the following questions: 1 do you control the intake of salt? Eating too much salt (including pickles, pickles, soy sauce, MSG, salted duck eggs a

guoyifangheart @ 2020/05/19