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Two or three things you can't know about meniscus injury.

Listen to the song while watching the science popularization. This is more touching! Yao Ming, Wade, Ross, Maddie, Jeremy Lin NBA have many stars who have to finish their career early because of meniscus injury, and so are the stars. "Summer does not lose

gukedf @ 2019/08/22

Don't put up with knee pain! One article to tackle arthritis of the knee.

Knee osteoarthritis, a common chronic degenerative osteoarthropathy, is a chronic aging of joints. It occurs in middle-aged and elderly people, especially elderly women. Therefore, many elderly people will experience varying degrees of joint pain, stiffne

gukedf @ 2019/08/07

How to correctly understand lumbar disc herniation and its treatment strategy

After human evolution to standing and walking, our lumbar spine has become the center of supporting the torso. No matter standing or sitting, the waist has taken up over 60% of the weight. With the growth of age, many people are unable to bear the weight

gukedf @ 2019/08/05

Lumbar disc herniation, "no need for treatment"?

Because of the changing nature of work and the quickening pace of life, modern people often suffer from cervical spondylosis and lumbar disc herniation. The main reason is sedentary and excessive fatigue in the neck, shoulders, back and back, and the inte

gukedf @ 2019/07/29

Is it painful to walk on the heel and spur? How to solve it?

Like running friends, there are many people who have pain in their heels except for knee pain. In fact, friends who often have more standing time often suffer from heel pain. Nearby friends often have such worries: "I've been walking a few paces lately."

gukedf @ 2019/07/26

Is calcium supplementation good or calcium good? Listen to the four recommendations of Department of orthopedics doctors.

Osteoporosis is known as an epidemic of silence. At present, conservative data show that there are about 90 million people with osteoporosis in China, and there are 200 million cases of bone loss. But most of them did not have obvious symptoms, but the bo

gukedf @ 2019/07/12

If you have bad cervical vertebra, do you want to wear a "cervical support"?

On film and TV, after a car accident or when the cervical spine is not comfortable, you often see the figure of the neck bracket. For example, such as: "cervical bracket" can really fix the cervical vertebra, and there seems to be a little "tr

gukedf @ 2019/06/19

"Neck and back muscle exercise exercise" insists on doing it effectively.

The heavy workload of learning and work, long time work at a desk, makes people maintain a single posture for a long time, and the fatigue of muscle ligaments, which accelerates the occurrence of cervical and lumbar diseases. Neck and waist muscles exerci

gukedf @ 2019/06/18

Durant determined Achilles tendon rupture! This injury is not far from us.

The June 13, 2019 NBA finals are underway. These days, the Achilles tendon injury of warrior striker Kevin Durant has been affecting all the fans. In Beijing on June 13th, Durant announced on his Instagram that he had successfully undergone surgery to rep

gukedf @ 2019/06/13

What should be done for meniscus injury? After reading it, I understand.

Patients with meniscus injuries are very common in life, but many patients have little knowledge of meniscus injury. What meniscus is it? What meniscus is vulnerable to injury? How should they be treated? In this connection, we invite Professor Micun Kun,

gukedf @ 2019/06/12

"Gymnastic Prince" Lining's secret after ten years of surgery

In recent years, minimally invasive spine surgery has become a hot topic in the public. 90% of the patients who come to the clinic will ask such a question: "doctor, can I do minimally invasive surgery?" it seems that minimally invasive means "

gukedf @ 2019/06/11

Sitting is not right, your waist is suffering. One action relievs your lumbago.

Different posture, the spine will bear different forces, therefore, often maintain incorrect posture, at that time did not feel, but it will have far-reaching effects on the spine. In order to prevent or treat spinal problems, it is very important to corr

gukedf @ 2019/06/06

99% of the parents did this dangerous action of dragging their children.

When mom and dad are holding hands and playing with children, the family smiles happily. What a beautiful picture it is. However, this action is not a small health hazard, it may cause the arm's "radial head subluxation", commonly known as 

gukedf @ 2019/05/31

Are the "prominent" people in the bones sitting or standing?

In modern society, along with the popularity of computers and automobiles and office buildings throughout the city, with the office hours becoming longer and longer, and the pressure of life increasing, the time spent in sports is reduced, leading to diff

gukedf @ 2019/05/30

Every day, standing on tiptoe and tiptoe is easy and painful. Unfortunately, many people do not know.

If you still don't know the eight paragraph brocade, you can click here to understand: eight section brocade (super sprout Edition) is worth collecting. Today I want to talk to you about the last trend of the eight section of Brocade: the seven tiptoe

gukedf @ 2019/05/26

The 6 most dangerous things about cervical vertebra are late.

Do you have these bad habits of cervical spine injuries? 01 for a long time, the lower cervical vertebra is like a hanging tower. The rear muscles are sling. If the head is lowered for a long time, the muscles will be injured for a long time. It is sugges

gukedf @ 2019/05/25

The 8 broken bones bad habits, many people are caught!

01 long time squat toilet squatting, work for a lot of people have a "toilet complex", read a book, play mobile phone, enjoy your solitude, imperceptibly squat numb feet. Do not say first do easily get hemorrhoids and constipation, is also a great

gukedf @ 2019/05/13

Cervical spondylosis 10, more than 2 level must pay attention! One minute to test your cervical problems

We go to school, grinding away at work, we work hard, rest when we play in, even sit down nodding to crooked neck. Our head weight is about 5kg, the current mobile phone watch tilt, the neck muscles will bear the weight of more than 25kg. At the moment, p

gukedf @ 2019/05/04

"Can not stand to sit" is the best protection of the spine

As the saying goes "all talk", although Shang Yang and Jing Qin of the prison banter, but professional surgeons say this sentence is "applicable everywhere", this is why? Taxi drivers, white-collar workers and most programmers feel about t

gukedf @ 2019/04/17

6 hours a day sedentary increases the risk of premature death

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on 25, the The Queen's University of Belfast study showed that daily sit for 6 hours or more will increase the chance of illness, and death risk increased by 25%. If eliminate sedentary behavior,

gukedf @ 2019/03/31