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How should we treat "hyperosteogeny"?

Outpatient patients often have a cervical spine or lumbar X ray report, and I am worried to ask, "doctor, I have bone hyperplasia (bony spur), what should I do?" The ads on the TV cover are all kinds of secret recipes, combined with the latest tec

gukedf @ 2019/12/20

Cramps past and present

There is a kind of pain like pinprick called cramp. This pain has been experienced by almost everyone. When cramps frequently come to sleep at night, what is it? What is cramp? The name of cramps is called muscle spasm. It is a kind of muscular involuntar

gukedf @ 2019/12/14

The 20 questions you most want to know about osteoporosis

There is a kind of disease, its attack is unconsciously carried out, but its consequences are very serious, known as "silent killer", this disease is osteoporosis. So, what is osteoporosis? What are the dangers of osteoporosis? How should we preve

gukedf @ 2019/12/11

Must @ you: so playing cell phone does not hurt the cervical spine.

Double eleven did not buy enough? No problem! This is not the "twelfth and Twelfth" coming. Presumably, the "chopped hands" are busy loading the shopping cart. All kinds of activities, dazzling, as if accidentally, we must miss one hundred

gukedf @ 2019/12/10

After drinking all my life, he drank the wrong way! The first possibility is that you get caught up in it.

Milk is known as "the most nutritious food." It is the best source of calcium in human body, and the proportion of calcium and phosphorus is very suitable for calcium absorption. The Chinese dietary guidelines suggest that every adult should consu

gukedf @ 2019/12/08

How to straighten the cervical curvature?

Neck pain, often dizziness, occasionally nausea and vomiting are uncomfortable, which is probably the most common symptom of "low head race". Often do not rest assured, ah, go to the hospital to take a cervical spine film, the results of a look, p

gukedf @ 2019/12/02

Learn to walk with the doctor in the snow on a snowy day.

The first snow has come, and the winter in Beijing is walking, and the snow girl is dancing. When people enjoy the fun of snow, slippery roads become troublesome. Then how to prevent slipping and falling and how to do it after falling out of the snow? Tod

gukedf @ 2019/11/30

How to protect the knee joint in cold winter?

In recent years, the "subduction" type of cooling has taken place in many parts of the country. The highest temperature in Northeast China, North China and Northwest China will drop by 10 degrees Celsius, and the northeast region will drop to 18 d

gukedf @ 2019/11/25

Besides calcium supplementation, what else can we do to prevent osteoporosis?

For a long time, many people regard calcium supplementation as the only measure to prevent osteoporosis. In fact, adequate calcium intake and adequate vitamin D supplementation help to absorb calcium and prevent osteoporosis. In addition, for early osteop

gukedf @ 2019/11/12

These 8 common habits make people ugly and sick. The first one is almost everyone.

"Love the heart of beauty, everyone has it" but I do not know if you have found a phenomenon. Some people grow up very cute and cute when they are young. After growing up, their looks and manners are not as well known as "long disabled" by

gukedf @ 2019/11/10

Talk about shoulder pain.

In real life, many people have suffered from shoulder pain, and often shoulder shoulder pain to think of shoulder periarthritis. In fact, not all shoulder pain is periarthritis of shoulder. Today let's talk about the shoulder pain with the cartoon of

gukedf @ 2019/10/23

World Osteoporosis Day: Department of orthopedics doctors explain how to prevent osteoporosis

One of the signs of aging society is that over 60 years old people account for more than 10% of the total population. The higher the aging of the population, the higher the incidence of osteoporosis. By 2025, China's population over 60 will be 287 mil

gukedf @ 2019/10/20

The world's recognized "Ten Habits of longevity" has been published. Let's see if you have any.

The world's recognized "Ten Habits of longevity" has been published. It is said that the first is the simplest and the seventh is the hardest. Let's see how many / tenth you can do: basking in the sun / basking in the sun, stretching and b

gukedf @ 2019/10/19

Why is your shoulder periarthritis treated?

End Author: Zhuhai People's Hospital Ouyang Jianfeng reprinted the authorized articles for reference only and learning to share, does not represent the doctor of Department of orthopedics view, everything depends on the patient's own situation and

gukedf @ 2019/10/17

Accept low back pain and accept imperfection.

How common is lumbago? According to statistics, people in 60%-70% of developed countries may have lumbago in their lifetime. The annual prevalence rate is 15% to 45%, and the incidence rate of adults is 5% per year. The highest prevalence rate is between

gukedf @ 2019/10/16

The formula of life is coming. How long can you live? Don't do 10 more life saving.

Click on the picture to see the details of the science competition. You know what? How long each person can live can be calculated. Life expectancy calculator Dr. Wu Wu De Fu, a professor of Neurology at the US University of Hong Kong, has launched a set

gukedf @ 2019/10/06

Collection! 45 questions about knee osteoarthritis (three)

Click on the picture to see the details of the science competition. A series of questions and answers on "45 questions about knee arthritis" by Dr. Yang Yufan of bone and joint surgery and sports medicine center of Central Hospital of central Chin

gukedf @ 2019/09/30

The gospel of scoliosis patients -- Dr. Hai Chung and his sea spine rescue operation

Director of Department of orthopedics, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, we are going to find such a child, not just waiting for the children to find us. Children should not be allowed to miss the chance to change their l

gukedf @ 2019/09/15

What should I check with my parents? Please pass this article on to everyone.

1, caring for parents must start with caring for their health. So, what items do you need to check for your parents? What are the places to check before and after the examination? How to properly face the small problems in the report list? Today, this art

gukedf @ 2019/09/08

What does gout eat and cannot eat? A food purine watch tells you.

Gout is considered by many to be "the first pain in the world". In seventeenth Century, a famous British doctor, Thomas Sydenham, described gout as "at two o'clock in the morning. He woke up in the sharp pain of the big toe. At first, the pain was more an

gukedf @ 2019/09/04