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How come so many years of "genius"?

July is the big test season, and the children's learning effect will be tested. At this time, attractive, in addition to high score candidates, there are many young "Wizard". They are called "prodigies" because they have "extraordi

gmrb1949 @ 2020/08/11

Eleven Doctors from this university will be dropped out

On August 3, a notice was published on the official website of Graduate School of Southern Medical University. According to relevant regulations, the university plans to withdraw 16 graduate students. As can be seen from the list in the annex, there are 1

gmrb1949 @ 2020/08/10

Peking University first batch of admission notice issued to them, the identity of the sender is very special

Recently, the first batch of admission letters of Peking University were sent to Wuhan and sent to four Hubei candidates by the medical team members of Peking University's aid to Hubei Province. It is understood that four candidates have passed the se

gmrb1949 @ 2020/08/10

He was 26 years old and was employed as an associate professor

In recent years, more and more "post-90s" scholars have stepped onto the academic stage. The reporter found on the 8th that Li Shengman, a doctor of engineering, born in 1994, has been appointed an associate professor of the school of materials sc

gmrb1949 @ 2020/08/10

HSBC fined 450000!

HSBC has been fined by the central bank! According to the Shanghai Branch's administrative penalty information released on August 6 on the website of the Shanghai headquarters of the people's Bank of China, the vice president and general manager o

gmrb1949 @ 2020/08/09

Zhejiang University first! A new list was announced

Recently, the national science and Technology Award Office announced the preliminary evaluation results of the 2020 National Science and technology award. This year, 46 National Natural Science Award projects, 47 National Technology Invention Award genera

gmrb1949 @ 2020/08/09

What are the highlights of China joy this year?

"Please wear the mask." In this year's China joy, there is one more scene: every few steps, the staff put up a sign to remind them that they are still under the epidemic situation. China joy, the full name of China International Digital Intera

gmrb1949 @ 2020/08/08

The latest threat to trump

US President trump signed an executive order on the 6th, saying that tiktok and wechat pose a threat to the national security of the United States, and will prohibit any US individual or entity from conducting any transaction with tiktok, wechat and its C

gmrb1949 @ 2020/08/07

In the first half of the year, the GDP of provinces and cities came out, which places were bright?

In recent years, provinces and cities have announced the downward trend of GDP in the first half of 2020. The so-called resilience refers to the ability of the local economy to maintain the basic circulation of necessary production and services under the

gmrb1949 @ 2020/08/07

Put off school! Notice from two universities

Affected by the epidemic situation, two universities in Dalian issued a notice to postpone the opening of school! On July 29, Dalian University of Technology issued the notice on delaying the start of school and further improving the work of epidemic prev

gmrb1949 @ 2020/08/05

"Living on a tree" deserves full marks?

Zhejiang college entrance examination full score composition "living in the tree" one stone aroused thousands of waves, many people think that the composition of the words obscure, hard against famous people, not worthy of full marks. It is said t

gmrb1949 @ 2020/08/05

If you choose archaeology, you really have no money?

There is no money way to choose archaeology? In recent days, Zhong Fangrong, a left behind girl from Hunan Province, applied for the archaeology major of Peking University with high marks, which has become one of the hot topics of concern. (previously rep

gmrb1949 @ 2020/08/04

How to prevent infectious diseases after flood?

Since the flood season this year, floods have occurred in Jiangxi, Anhui, Hubei and other places. China Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reminded that after the flood, due to the deterioration of drinking water and food hygiene, environment

gmrb1949 @ 2020/08/02

Many Centennial colleges and universities are closed permanently!

Due to the continuous impact of the epidemic, many European and American universities have adopted the method of delaying the start of school or online teaching. In addition, some colleges and universities still have a serious shortage of funds during the

gmrb1949 @ 2020/08/02

Buying roasted chicken for a year-round tour?

"Buy roast chicken for travel" has been stopped. Recently, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province, has launched an unprecedented campaign to attract tourists with this slogan: from the beginning of June 99 yuan to buy three roast chickens for free four ti

gmrb1949 @ 2020/07/30

Under the epidemic situation, where are the overseas students going

In recent years, populism and anti globalization trends from the United States, Britain, Australia, Austria and other countries have begun to show. It remains to be seen what effect this will have on students studying or going to study in these countries.

gmrb1949 @ 2020/07/30

"Workplace PUA" is full of routines, how to protect rights?

Recently, "workplace PUA" has frequently been on the hot search list of major social software. "Workplace PUA" refers to the phenomenon of mental control in the workplace. The boss makes the subordinates lose themselves through a series of

gmrb1949 @ 2020/07/30

Such a teacher must be exposed! Someone has been sentenced to life

A few days ago, the Ministry of education exposed eight typical cases of violation of the ten criteria for teachers' professional conduct. The eight typical problems are: 1. The problem of corporal punishment by Chen, a teacher of Weijia kindergarten

gmrb1949 @ 2020/07/28

Cerebral palsy junior college entrance examination more than one line 108 points!

Chinese 111 points, mathematics 130 points, foreign language 125 points, comprehensive 257 points, the total score of 623 points, more than a line of science 108 points! Yao Junpeng, a 19-year-old boy who had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy in his infa

gmrb1949 @ 2020/07/26

How about the scores of college entrance examination in many provinces?

On the 25th, scores of college entrance examination in many places were released, which was the final decision for the very big examination in this extraordinary year. Beijing Education Examination Institute released the results of the 2020 national colle

gmrb1949 @ 2020/07/26