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HUAWEI announced that it would sue the Federal Communications Commission; the European Union agreed to take tough measures against Libra and other digital currencies, and to respond to the launch of l

Guo Mingji: Apple will release 5 new iPhone next year, 4 of which support the early morning of 6 5G12. Tianfeng International Securities analyst Guo Mingji said in his latest research report that Apple will release 5 new iPhone next year. For the new iPho

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HUAWEI responded: Li Hongyuan supported the use of legal weapons to safeguard their rights and interests; Amazon launched quantum computing services; storm: the company now has more than 10 people.

HUAWEI responded: Li Hongyuan supported the use of legal weapons to safeguard their rights and interests. Former HUAWEI employee Li Hongyuan was charged with extortion after leaving the office. After 251 days in custody, he was released because of unclear

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IIWeekly A financing is 26 billion yuan. Why is Tenglong BAT data so expensive?

BAT is ranked the top three in the domestic AI cloud service provider this year. The new technology of Baidu brain's voice interaction will be released. YC China will stop operation. Amazon charges 26 billion yuan for the US Defense Ministry's A r

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Former employees of HUAWEI were accused of extortion and detention for 251 days; water drops: a full suspension of service teams under the line; a new sales record for black five online shopping: $7 b

The water drops responded to the "random fill in fund-raising amount": the offline service team suspended the whole year in November 30th. Pear video, a video of the undercover water drop: hospital cleaning, fundraising each single Commission, was

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The safety of the taxi is not up to standard, and London refuses Uber again.

It may be eight months before Uber quit London. Five cities occupy 24% of the Uber taxi service, and London is one of them. London is also Uber's largest market in Europe, where there are 45000 licensed drivers and 3 million 500 thousand passengers. B

geekpark @ 2019/11/28

AR glasses are late, but Apple hopes it will replace iPhone in ten years.

In order to achieve this vision, Apple has been making continuous moves in technology acquisition, content development and organizational restructuring in recent years. Apple's AR glasses, long rumored, may come later than expected. In comparison with

geekpark @ 2019/11/12

Uber unmanned vehicle accident investigation ended: a "man-made tragedy"

Last year, the fatal accident caused by Uber's driverless test car has had a significant negative impact on the development of the whole industry. In the case of the downturn in the capital market, it is obvious that the investment and financing scale

geekpark @ 2019/11/09

IIWeekly quarter two quarter revenue slowed, increased losses, Ali cloud ready to shift

Alibaba Cloud Architecture readjustment. Tencent announced SaaS ecological play. Tencent released the first self research server Microsoft beat Amazon, win billions of cloud business big single Ali cloud quarterly revenue 9 billion 291 million, loss of 52

geekpark @ 2019/11/04

How many steps will it take to become a real entrepreneur?

At least we need to build common sense, fill the blind spot of business, verify and polish the business plan, and get the first cheque. Best, but also in the guidance of predecessors, get some experience of less detours, let oneself die less. The first ph

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5G package fee exposure, the minimum monthly rent of 128 yuan; Biyun four major business units upgraded to business unit; Engineering academician Ni Guangnan: HUAWEI valuation ranked first in the worl

Tesla: in the first three quarters of this year, auto sales revenue in China was $2 billion 138 million, an increase of 47.96%10 month 30, and 36 krypton learned that Tesla's documents submitted to the securities and Exchange Commission show that in t

geekpark @ 2019/10/30

Google Hello world, which is quantum computing, what are they modest about?

Google takes a small step, quantum computation... In October 23rd, Google published papers on Nature, and once again proved to the outside world that the Quantum Supremacy has been used by experiments to achieve "quantum hegemony". Once again, it

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The world's Internet Conference released "China Internet development report 2019"; apple CEO Cook was appointed chairman of the Advisory Committee of Tsinghua School of economics and manag

15 world leading Internet technology achievements: HUAWEI and Tesla chips were selected in October 20th and the sixth World Internet Conference was held. The event, which is the world's leading Internet technology achievement, has been widely noticed

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Tesla's Shanghai super factory is officially electrified; the response of colony culture to 0 is questioned: libel has been reported; Apple will launch next year or launch 4 5G phones.

Tesla Shanghai super factory is officially energized and put into operation at full swing. In October 18th, the construction of Shanghai super factory in ushered in another important mileage node, the first line of the 220 thousand volt power matching pro

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Trump or HUAWEI will be allowed to restore Google services; apple or plan to launch 5G baseband chips in 3 years; ink weather response IPO failed.

Foreign media: Trump or HUAWEI will be allowed to resume Google services in October 11th. According to the New York Times, Trump plans to issue a permit in the near future, allowing HUAWEI to cooperate with some US suppliers. This has also led many media

geekpark @ 2019/10/14

Cool Company defines new world

If art creation can express this era, the pioneers of science and technology are leading the way of life and thinking style in this era. There are many reasons for the coming of an innovation. In December 2016, Elon Musk was driving on the road in Silicon

geekpark @ 2019/10/13

Dyson wakes up from the dream of building a car

An inventor's trial error and error correction. Today, James Dyson, inventor of the British billionaire inventor and dust-free vacuum cleaner, announced the cancellation of the electric vehicle project because it was "commercially unworkable"

geekpark @ 2019/10/12

The US Ministry of commerce expanded the list of entities, and Chinese enterprises responded to the "plan".

The reason why these companies prepare ahead of schedule is that this is the fourth time that BIS has included Chinese companies in the "entity list" this year. According to the documents released by the US Department of Commerce in October 7th, a

geekpark @ 2019/10/09

Three Surface squirrel: to express your understanding; Tesla is a registered sole proprietorship company in China, and the geek knows it early. Duo

A lot of responses to "three squirrels without shops": to understand the news in the afternoon of October 2nd, according to the previous "three squirrels' statement: no more official flagship stores were opened, and no authorized dealers a

geekpark @ 2019/10/03

Apple intends to produce new Mac Pro in the US; the electronic cigarette giant Juul has been under criminal investigation; Google has launched a software subscription service.

Google launched the software subscription service Google Play Pass: $4.99 per month. In September 23rd, Google launched a software subscription service called Google Play Pass, which charges us $4.99 per month, and Android users can use it.

geekpark @ 2019/09/24

WeChat tests the new function, "finding the public number"; evidence shows that apple is still developing AR glasses, and air travel responds directly to user identity information leakage: the

Air travel responds to user identity information leaks: the function closes on September 21st by default. According to a netizen, strangers can see their names and avatars after being selected on the air and crossroads. They can also query strangers'

geekpark @ 2019/09/23