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Musk is worth 70.5 billion US dollars, which is more than the God of shares Warren Buffet; the Ministry of industry and information technology supports the overseas listing of Internet companies; the

The launch of bilibilibili response satellite failed: the launch plan will not stop. At 12:17 on July 10, kuaizhou 11 rocket made its first flight at China's Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, carrying "bilibilibili video satellite" (Jilin No.1

geekpark @ 2020/07/11

All iPhone 12 series adopt OLED screen; American executives consider banning tiktok; meituan enters the Bureau; geek knows

Tiktok is facing the dilemma of internationalization. US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo is answering Fox News Host Laura Ingraham's question: is the trump administration exploring actions similar to India's on social media such as tiktok? He repli

geekpark @ 2020/07/08

No longer rely on you to buy video card recharge belief, NVIDIA has changed.

The 100 billion scale server chip market is the second growth curve of NVIDIA. Jen-hsun Huang, the "fur coat leader", may wake up with laughter. When the new crown epidemic brought "deep recession" to electronic consumption, retail, manufa

geekpark @ 2020/07/07

Wen Yuan Zhihang Han Xu: you see the autopilot is just the tip of the iceberg.

"More than five, less than three years, three hundred million to five hundred million dollars, we can do it. His anticipation of technological growth seems crazy, but he is firm. From University of Missouri lifelong professor to Baidu autopilot divisi

geekpark @ 2020/06/26

Dr. Shen Xiangyang: future technology, imagination is the biggest productivity.

A scientist who likes science fiction is also a "Chinese light" in the world science and technology circle. What kind of future will he see in the future? All the half of the Chinese scientists and technicians have worked in the same institution,

geekpark @ 2020/06/26

Rebuild 2020 conference cumulative popularity breakthrough 13 million 260 thousand; Luo Yonghao: officially entered the talk show; WeChat: friends circle has been repaired, geeks know early.

Rebuild 2020 technology all star summit cumulative popularity 13 million 266 thousand by the geek Park and B station jointly held the Rebuild 2020 conference ended last night, the General Assembly broadcast live popularity broke 13 million 266 thousand, y

geekpark @ 2020/06/22

Baidu Jing Kun: it's still a little early to fall in love with AI.

For the ideal world, intelligent voice assistant is only the starting point. Theodore Tombri (Theodore Twombly) is a lonely introverted man. His job is to write love letters to those who can not or unwilling to write letters. Outside of work, Theodore'

geekpark @ 2020/06/21

Zhou Jian: All in robot, how do you do if you are not sensible or a little bit axial?

How does a mechanical fan become the father of the Chinese humanoid robot? Talking about the wonderful scenes depicted in robots, sci-fi movies and novels is often enjoyed by people. 8 years ago, the original intention of Zhou Jian to create the best choi

geekpark @ 2020/06/21

Will public cloud manufacturers miss the age of short video?

Short video manufacturers are brewing the strength of the cloud platform. Public cloud needs innovative services to retain these "potential stocks". Some people have stepped up the layout, and some have accelerated the retreat. The cloud computing

geekpark @ 2020/06/16

HUAWEI, which does not build cars, runs with the auto industry.

The auto industry is not afraid of the emergence of a new car manufacturer, but the HUAWEI that wants to create 70% new values. Recently, some media have revealed that BYD has signed a cooperation agreement with HUAWEI Kirin chip, and will provide the fir

geekpark @ 2020/06/15

Robot dog's troubles: net red exercise is easy, business interns are hard.

On a vast expanse of prairie in New Zealand, sheep flock slowly while eating grass, followed by a shepherd dog. It is conscientiously completing its daily work to ensure that no sheep run away. Blue sky and white clouds, a group of sheep and a dog, the sc

geekpark @ 2020/06/10

"Initial tone" is coming to live in Taobao. HUAWEI bought full page ads in many British newspapers: responding to 5G's query; CCTV named tiger tooth and other live platforms: online course

Jingdong: if the United States fails to check the audit situation, the company or the US stock market delisting on the morning of June 8th, Jingdong today announced details of the prospectus in the HKEx, Jingdong said in the risk factor formulation of the

geekpark @ 2020/06/09

Catch up with Slack, sniper Zoom, Microsoft Teams is such a successful counterattack.

The competition between Teams and Zoom is far from over. As Teams tries to penetrate the hinterland of the other party, Zoom also enters its core area. The war in online office has evolved into a close fight in the past few months. Zoom has sprawled rapid

geekpark @ 2020/06/07

China will carry out its first Mars exploration in 7 and August; WeChat will never listen to users; B station will launch video satellites, aerial photography, and geeks will know early.

China will carry out its first Mars exploration mission in 7 and August. According to CCTV, according to the plan, China will carry out its first Mars exploration mission this year. According to CCTV, the name of the first Mars exploration mission, "T

geekpark @ 2020/06/02

The "open source revolution" of new energy vehicles

"Open source" was once the concept of the software industry. But recently, the new energy brand of Geely Automobile Group had a new movement in geometry, but announced that it had to open and open the technology of the bottom of the box. What is t

geekpark @ 2020/06/02

LG apologized for the advertisement of "old man's candid beauty" mobile phone. The global tourism industry lost more than 1 billion US dollars and returned to Zhou Hongyi in 80s.

NetEase and Jingdong confirmed that the two listing date in Hong Kong could raise $5 billion in May 25th. According to Reuters reports, four people familiar with the matter said that NetEase plans to go on sale in Hongkong two times in June 11th and will

geekpark @ 2020/05/25

Wouldn't you be surprised if you didn't need a hard drive in the future?

The technology you see is still evolving. In such a deep sea area, disruptive innovation will bring a new wave. "Ten years ago, if anyone said that there would be no hard disk in PC, no one would believe it. But in fact, many of the PC now have no har

geekpark @ 2020/05/22

Rui Xing was sold off, the market value had dropped 90%, the byte beating estimate exceeded 100 billion dollars; in 1-4 month, the Chinese mobile phone traffic reached 46 billion 200 million GB.

Apple Google jointly launched the epidemic tracking App Beijing time on the morning of May 21st, apple and Google released an epidemic tracking App on Wednesday to automatically notify people whether they have been exposed to coronavirus. The two companie

geekpark @ 2020/05/21

Google suddenly went to the online office market.

The epidemic has speeded up the pace of Google's product optimization, and the flow of traffic and user opportunities in online office has made Google realize that she can no longer "slow down". Now that you open Gmail, you will find that the

geekpark @ 2020/05/21

Apple pushes AR glasses for 499 dollars this year; SONY: PS5 host will soon be launched; the highest law: minor Internet rewards can be returned to geeks.

NASDAQ: Rui Xing coffee will resume trading in May 20th. On May 20th, NASDAQ said Tuesday it plans to resume trading at Rumei coffee at 7 a.m. Eastern time (7 p.m. Beijing time May 20th). NASDAQ stopped trading in the company in April 7th.

geekpark @ 2020/05/20