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Your Guangdong song PLAYLIST, "look for Mozart".

Looking for Mozart: -Twins: Albert: Wu Lecheng doesn't talk much about records. You are very fond of sending me to your place on weekdays. I will sit and watch you constantly. You are not far away from always looking after yourself. You have too many

gdyuechaozhan @ 2020/06/28

In retrospect, legend has it that puppets have finally been saved.

When I looked at the album, I found the following screenshot. This micro-blog was sent to 2014/07/29. At that time, because of being forwarded by the @ people, he was very happy to cut out a picture space. To this day, I believe there are still a lot of p

gdyuechaozhan @ 2020/06/07

The beauty and the beast in the swing music world

Hello, everyone. I am Chen Shaobao. Friends who listen to swing music should not know Deep Purple. Today we catch up with stars and see how the guitar player Ritchie Blackmore is in the band. Before class, science mentioned Ritchie Blackmore in Britain.

gdyuechaozhan @ 2020/04/30

Looking back, or opening my mouth, will you breathe a sigh of relief?

Breaking up with the sun - Ken Hung's breakup and composing: Zeng Jia Wei / Feng Yanzhong's Lyrics: Guan Xiao Long is actually hesitating to call you. You happen to have a meeting place to emphasize that something is going to happen. It's a li

gdyuechaozhan @ 2020/04/20

The master band, Taylor, wants to learn from them.

Hello, everyone. I am Chen Shaobao. I have been tracking all the stars and bands in 70s for weeks. They are all focused on "country rock", which is what we call "country rock". Today, let's talk about the originator of "country roc

gdyuechaozhan @ 2020/04/16

Looking back, I never had the luck to love you next time.

Next time I love you (Live) - Ivana Wong (Ivana Wong Fragrance of Music with Alex Fung & Hong Kong Hong): Ivana Wong's CI: Albert:

gdyuechaozhan @ 2020/04/12

What does the 7 million dollar MV look like?

Hello, everyone. I am Chen Shaobao. This week we will continue to tell you the story of MTV. This time we must nominate the most expensive MV in MJ. Before class, Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958 June 25th 2009) is an American singer, pop singer, record p

gdyuechaozhan @ 2020/03/20

Look back on those songs that you never forget.

MTR Article 1 input Title 2 input title 3, there is always a love for you. -Boy 'Z word: Albert: Wu Lecheng listen to this song will always remind me of some associations: for example, think of a play called "eight bus stop feeling", or they s

gdyuechaozhan @ 2019/12/22

LU Hong Tai chorus, those unexpected cooperation.

Stimulating me to write this topic is the scene of Hacken Lee and Zhou Shen singing a Half Moon Serenade. So I started to find out. Is there any similar cooperation between the two sides? "Silly girl" - Chris Wong / rocket young girl 101 Li Ziting

gdyuechaozhan @ 2019/12/19

Now the retro trend is what parents left in those days.

To listen to NewJack Swing, first of all, make sure that there is nobody around you, then make room for your limbs to jubilate, remove all the things that restrict your actions such as high-heeled shoes, and finally plug in the earphone / stereo, Let'

gdyuechaozhan @ 2019/12/18

Even Michelle Wai: a long premeditated breakup.

CB partner is open today. "Breaking up lover" is even the impression that Michelle Wai gave me. Ten of her masterpieces, eight of which are parting songs. Therefore, she sang "break up", I am not surprised. Instead of an unexpected acciden

gdyuechaozhan @ 2019/12/05

Do you still listen to Guangdong songs after the age of 30?

Rainie Yang entered the threshold of the age of 30, and produced an album that was related to the age of thirty. It seems that life will be completely different. I love Guangdong songs before I am 30 years old. After I am 30 years old, will I still listen

gdyuechaozhan @ 2019/12/03

In retrospect, let's not be lovers, be friends for life.

Two times in life, you will be lucky to meet you once and go all the way to the end. Do you think I'm going to have sugar again? But this time, you're wrong. This time I want to go to the end not lovers, but friends. Many people always want to hav

gdyuechaozhan @ 2019/11/30

Recalling the breakup of Buddha? Our fans tell you: there is no!

Now the Internet buzzwords come and go, and the "Buddha style" is the latest net red, mainly for the 1990 to 1995 birth group. It is clear that they have been abandoned by the tide, and their heart is like a water stop. Although I have several sho

gdyuechaozhan @ 2019/11/24

Is the red hall dead?

Looking at the red hall push written nearly 3 months ago, I was surprised that most of the concerts that seemed to be expected have been cancelled or canceled. At first, I thought the cancellation of the frenzy began in November, but later it was discover

gdyuechaozhan @ 2019/11/23

This singer has the most heart.

When Vincy Chan was on the masked singing king, he cried on the scene and told himself why he had not sung for three years: he could not bear the heavy burden of the singer. The negative experience can always maximize the growth of the heart, and the new

gdyuechaozhan @ 2019/11/22

Why do I quit the player when I see Zhang Meixian and Zhang Jiacheng?

A few days ago, I introduced a song to my friend. No more than one second, she replied, "two songs and songs? Farewell. " I said, "you haven't heard..." She: "ah, conditioned reflex, see Zhang Zhang combination, can not help but qu

gdyuechaozhan @ 2019/11/14

How difficult is it to recall a qualified Cantonese song?

The word "-C" AllStar: Jane / Cousin: Fung@goldEN, "Cousin Fung@goldEN", "I want to write a song about a singer." in fact, I am serious, but I am serious about writing, but I am not afraid of writing.

gdyuechaozhan @ 2019/11/02

Review: butterfline: the butterfly route left by Cantonese song world

(Note: butterfline in the title translated the butterfly route without authorization, and came from the song title of Lin Jing, who occasionally saw composer.) If you want to ask, when was the last time you saw butterflies? Recently, I received a gift. Th

gdyuechaozhan @ 2019/10/27

Have you seen the night time of 12 o'clock in the morning in Hongkong?

The film was once the front card of the Hongkong film and television drama. From the peak period of zombie series to the period of the "nonsense" ghost, the zombies and the red shirt female ghosts dressed in the Qing Dynasty official uniform also

gdyuechaozhan @ 2019/10/09