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Is glucosamine effective for osteoarthritis? What is the difference between sulfuric acid and glucosamine hydrochloride? One article!

Author: gclive source: Drug Evaluation Center (do not modify the picture when reprinting) osteoarthritis (OA) is a kind of joint degenerative disease, usually 40 ~ 50 years old with symptoms, and over 70 years old is common. Glucosamine is widely used in

gcplive @ 2020/07/09

70% of people use moxibustion without knowing it.

Moxibustion seems simple, but it is a treasure to cure diseases. It is a gem of the Chinese medicine community. But now, 80% of Chinese doctors do not pay much attention to moxibustion, which is really a pity. Moxibustion is so great, you know? 1. Modern

gcplive @ 2020/06/30

Congratulations to the medical person who owns this certificate. The state officially notifications...

Recently, I suddenly found that more and more friends in the pharmaceutical industry are learning IELTS. What are the benefits of IELTS for medical practitioners? When I asked my friend, he said, "for many medical / pharmaceutical researchers, the mos

gcplive @ 2020/06/27

Infusion can not be used in a group of Clinical Prescriptions!

Collation: Gcplive source: Drug Evaluation Center 1, prescription: normal saline 100ml + omeprazole 40mg + vitamin B6 0.3g results: the infusion gradually turned yellow and finally turned black. Analysis: omeprazole is an alkaline drug that can increase t

gcplive @ 2020/06/26

As for calcium supplements, you should know at least 5 points.

Authors: gcplive source: the center for drug evaluation (reproduced without modification) shows that the average daily calcium intake in China is about 400 to 500mg, only 33% of recommended intake. Almost everyone needs calcium supplements. The source of

gcplive @ 2020/06/21

About levofloxacin, you need to know at least five points.

Authors: Gcplive source: the center for drug evaluation (no modification of images). Levofloxacin is a commonly used fluoroquinolone antibacterial drug. It mainly prevents the replication of bacterial DNA and plays an antibacterial role by inhibiting the

gcplive @ 2020/06/19

Commonly used antimicrobial interaction list, decisive collection!

1, beta lactam antibiotics, antibiotics, drug compatibility, drug interactions, the results were not resistant to enzyme penicillin or intolerant cephalosporin inhibitors, clavulanic acid or penicillin sulfone (three zolbactam) to prevent the destruction

gcplive @ 2020/06/18

Summer is coming: take these medicines and stay away from the sun!

Authors: Xu Deduo unit: source of Pharmacy Department of Shanghai Changzheng Hospital: Aunt Zhang of Shanghai pharmacology, suffering from upper respiratory tract infection, the doctor has opened 1 boxes of Levofloxacin Tablets. 3 days later, the conditio

gcplive @ 2020/06/14

How to choose antihypertensive drugs for young and middle-aged hypertension patients younger than 65 years old?

Collation: Gcplive source: the center for drug evaluation (reproduced without modifying pictures) hypertension is the most common and reversible risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Effective control and systematic management of hypertension in young a

gcplive @ 2020/06/01

You can't take these drugs with the antihypertensive drugs at the same time, do you know?

Author: the source of human life: cardiovascular channel of medical circles in recent years, the prevalence rate of hypertension in China has been increasing year by year. The latest survey shows that in 2012-2015 years, the prevalence of hypertension amo

gcplive @ 2020/05/31

Super detailed comparison between six kinds of sartan antihypertensive drugs.

Authors: Gcplive source: the center for drug evaluation (no modification of images), angiotensin receptor antagonist (ARB), including valsartan, irbesartan, losartan, etc., is a commonly used antihypertensive drug in clinic. Although they belong to ARB, t

gcplive @ 2020/05/29

The five picture is to master the medication and process of chronic heart failure.

Author: Gcplive source: the center for drug evaluation (reprint does not modify pictures) Heart Failure (HF) can be simply interpreted as ejection dysfunction, and the cardiac output can not meet the needs of the human body. HF * mainly manifested as dysp

gcplive @ 2020/05/25

Diclofenac, Bloven and paracetamol are different!

Authors: Gcplive source: the clinical application of non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) in the center for drug evaluation is very extensive. NSAIDs has anti-inflammatory effects and can be used for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, ankylos

gcplive @ 2020/05/22

Outpatient acute bacterial respiratory tract infections, how to correctly select antimicrobial agents?

Authors: Gcplive source: the center for drug evaluation (which is authorized first, not modified). There are acute bacterial upper respiratory tract infections and acute bacterial lower respiratory tract infections in outpatients. It is necessary to know

gcplive @ 2020/05/10

Why are gout patients getting younger? Is high uric acid a gout? Ten major problems of gout

Author: Li Qing unit: Director of Department of nephropathy, Tianjin TEDA hospital: nephrology popular science, this is a senior student's hands. Right hand gouache stone, now hand pain has been unable to grasp the pen. The student is 19 years old, 17

gcplive @ 2020/05/06

Jiangxi woman died of transfusion, the hospital paid 360 thousand of the family members!

Authors: Gcplive source: Center for drug evaluation January 26, 2020: Chen Yan, a 50 year old woman, went to Jiangxi Jinxian County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine for medical treatment because of sudden chest tightness. The doctor measured blood

gcplive @ 2020/05/03

Calcium carbonate, calcium acetate, calcium citrate, the difference between the three calcium supplements.

Authors: Gcplive source: calcium is the highest content mineral in human body, and is also a very important electrolyte. The average daily calcium intake in China is only 50% of recommended intake. Calcium supplements have become the most concerned proble

gcplive @ 2020/04/29

A text allows you to know all kinds of insulin (dry goods).

Author: he Qiong; unit: Shanxi Medical University: Source: Medical Endocrinology channel has just entered the family of sugar friends. They all know that they should follow the doctor's orders to timely injections of insulin. But in the face of the da

gcplive @ 2020/04/27

Illustration of drug selection and treatment options for urticaria (collections)

Authors: Gcplive source: the center for drug evaluation (no modification of pictures). Urticaria is a localized edema caused by expansion of skin and mucous vessels and permeability. Mast cells are the key effector cells in the pathogenesis of urticaria.

gcplive @ 2020/04/16

Don't go to the hospital again. This traditional Chinese medicine meridian point is superb. It doesn't cost a penny!

(Mr. Deng Tietao, who had been living before him), has been a master of Chinese medicine, Deng Tietao. He once laughed at himself. "If we don't pass the traditional Chinese medicine, we are the generation of" perfect man "and" the pers

gcplive @ 2020/04/11