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Unlock the best way to eat fat intestines! Spicy and spicy, fat and not greasy, the more chewing the more fragrant!

Fat intestines, commonly known as "pig intestines", for this food, they often show a polarized attitude. People who love can not stop. But often think of its Huang Liang's color, sweet flavor, tender and delicious, fat and not greasy taste. Wh

foooodies @ 2020/05/25

How can beans be tasty? Teach you a family practice, delicious nutrition, delicious and rice!

Summer is the season for eating beans. The beans that have just been bought are fresh and tender. There are many kinds of beans and there are many ways to do it. It saves time and effort and tastes good. The beans are stewed soft and rotten, and the meat

foooodies @ 2020/05/25

Summer fire! Diuresis, antipyretic, clearing away heat, detoxifying, and reducing weight.

Although there is a winter word in the name of wax gourd, it is the first summer melon in the eyes of Chinese medicine. Wax gourd looked flat, but it has diuretic, anti-inflammatory, clearing away heat and detoxification, but also sober up, weight loss an

foooodies @ 2020/05/24

Stir fried tripe to do this! Taste Q, delicious and enjoyable!

When it comes to cattle, many people are not familiar with it. Cattle are all babies. Beef is essential for eating meat, but in addition to the delicious beef, cattle's viscera is also delicious. As we all know, cattle have four stomachs, three can ma

foooodies @ 2020/05/23

How many bowls can you eat if you make dumpling skin? Tasty and easy to eat, simple and enjoyable!

Besides enjoying the taste, delicacy is also good at finding food and being bold in trying. Usually, cooking will inevitably have some leftovers, leftovers, leftover dough and so on. In fact, these leftover foods will be changed and become the new favorit

foooodies @ 2020/05/17

This is a dish of delicious food. Spicy sweet and sour, tender and tender meat, the table a few minutes on the disc!

The palms are spicy, sour and sweet. They are eaten in the mouth, tender and tender. They are very suitable for mixing rice or drinking wine. I believe you must be familiar with kung pao chicken. Many people are deeply in love with peanuts when they meet

foooodies @ 2020/05/13

Simple and quick Pleurotus abalone method, appetizing, refreshing, soft and delicious, 10 minutes can be done!

Pleurotus abalone is the most common mushroom food in our life. It is a rare edible fungus that integrates food, medicine and food therapy. It is called "Pleurotus abalone" because of its almond flavor and the taste of abalone. Pleurotus abalone i

foooodies @ 2020/05/11

Towel gourd is so tasty that it is super simple. Children eat names every day.

Shrimp and pickled towel gourd cups and cups 16-20 grams of fat, 30 grams of loofah, 1 eggs, 1 shredded ginger, a little green onion, 10 grams of salt water, 2 grams of white pepper, 2 grams of steamed fish oil, and 1.% of the main ingredients: shrimp cle

foooodies @ 2020/05/06

Nourishing the stomach and protecting the spleen depends on millet. Millet do this! The whole family loves it!

Millet is also known as millet, Xiaomi, and Huang Xiaomi. High nutritional value, rich in protein and fat and vitamins, since ancient times is the first choice for mothers, infants, the elderly and the sick. Xiaomi porridge is the most common way to eat m

foooodies @ 2020/05/01

The chicken claw is really delicious. The more you eat, the more you eat. You must try it!

Chicken feet are not only rich in calcium, but also high in protein content. It is a good food for calcium and beauty. At the same time, it is also the most spicy restaurant. Today, let's take a look at the delicious practices of chicken feet. Learn t

foooodies @ 2020/04/28

Quail eggs do this, tasty to licking fingers! Fresh and tasty, easy to do, one mouthful!

As the saying goes, "eat birds, dove quails." Quail meat and eggs are delicious and nutritious. Quail eggs are a good tonic. They are unique in nutrition. They are called "good eggs in eggs" and "ginseng in animals". They are nouri

foooodies @ 2020/04/24

"Eating beans in spring is better than eating meat!" Fine beans, delicious and nutritious!

As the saying goes, "eating beans in spring is better than eating meat". Legumes have the best plant protein, and their nutritional value is close to animal protein. So many nutritionists advocate using bean food instead of a certain amount of mea

foooodies @ 2020/04/23

This dish is known as "the king of vegetables", and stir fry at any time is nutritious and delicious. It's easy to learn.

Asparagus believed many friends have heard of the fact that asparagus has many functions. Asparagus is rich in vitamin B and vitamin A, and has all kinds of amino acids necessary for human body. Eating regularly is good for the body. And asparagus cooking

foooodies @ 2020/04/18

Fried noodles do this, delicious and tasty! Eat a big bowl at a big time, and you can't eat anything!

Fried noodle is actually very simple and can be fried at any time, saving time and effort, and the whole family loves it. It is not only easy to digest, but also various ingredients. It can add any vegetables, eggs and meat that you like, and satisfy the

foooodies @ 2020/04/12

There is a knack for lettuce, and learn how to do it, crisp and refreshing.

Lettuce is a common vegetable in our life. It tastes crisp and is suitable for both young and old. As the saying goes, "spring lettuce is like gold". Lettuce is most fresh in spring. It can be eaten raw, cold, fried, dried or pickled. Young leaves

foooodies @ 2020/04/11

It's a good time to eat tender beans. The smell of the fragrant face can't stop eating.

When you eat tender beans, the beans and beans are easy to eat. How can this tender bean be eaten? The tender Vicia beans boiled for a few minutes, and then a little cool, squeezed with the beans and squeezed, and the taste of sweet, cool, sweet and fragr

foooodies @ 2020/04/07

Pineapple can still eat like this! The sweet and sour pineapple flavor makes people salivate.

Now it's time to eat pineapple, walking on the road, smelling thick pineapple sweetness makes people drooling. You know, pineapple can cook a lot of food besides eating raw food. Moreover, each of them tastes fresh and fragrant, tasty, not greasy, sou

foooodies @ 2020/04/05

8 kinds of homemade dishes of coriander, delicious and rice! Coriander control Get!

The scientific name of coriander is called Y N Sui, which is a familiar vegetable. Coriander is the oldest and most used seasoning. The potable dishes will be thrown into a few coriander dishes, not only for the beautiful pendulum, the aroma of high tempe

foooodies @ 2020/04/01

Tomorrow's spring equinox health care heavy liver, light diet to prevent disease

The vernal equinox is a more important solar term in the twenty-four solar terms, because after the spring equinox, the weather enters the season of cold and hot alternation. Attention should be paid to nourishing the liver and taking a walk to nourish th

foooodies @ 2020/03/20

This curry rice must be eaten once a week. The sauce is strong and tasty to the licking dish!

Curry cooking is simple and quick. It doesn't have a sill. It tastes like the whole family. When you want to steal a lazy but want to eat well, the first thing you think of is curry rice. Curry rice also changes a lot in food, chicken, beef, pork, pot

foooodies @ 2020/03/19