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Cool down, prepare a few chicken soup for everyone! Nutritious Nourishing, warm stomach and warm heart.

As the saying goes, "in autumn and winter, spring can beat tiger." After the autumn turns cool, the appetite increases, it is the best time to regulate and nourishing the body. This is the best time to drink chicken soup. Stewed chicken soup is nu

foooodies @ 2019/10/14

Cold dew, autumn is thick! Keep your feet clean and eat more root vegetables.

As the saying goes, "White Dew does not expose itself, but cold dew does not show its feet." After the cold dew, the autumn is ripe and the night temperature will be lower. The heat preservation of feet is poor. Catching cold easily causes capilla

foooodies @ 2019/10/09

Cantonese morning tea must have snacks, lips and teeth are fragrant, delicious can not stop down.

Cantonese dim sum is an important part of the diet culture of the Han nationality. Based on snack food, the court and Western pastry techniques were developed from all over the north, including six ancient capitals. There are more than 1000 varieties for

foooodies @ 2019/10/05

I didn't eat these authentic Beijing snacks when I went to play.

There is a glorious history of the flavour snack. Anyone who has been to the restaurant is interested in snacks except for the mention of Quanjude roast duck. The snack can be divided into three types: Han nationality flavor, Hui flavor and court flavor.

foooodies @ 2019/10/02

There are so many kinds of mustard. It's simple and tasty to give you these homely practices.

Mustard is a very common vegetable in our life. In the southern part of the Yangtze River, there are many widely distributed areas, and the eastern and coastal provinces and cities, West to the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, South to Sanya, and north t

foooodies @ 2019/09/25

Taro and spareribs are perfect match! It's not enough to eat and eat.

Autumn is the season of taro ripening. Ripe taro eats noodles and is very big. It can make many dishes with it. For example, bacon taro, taro stewed spareribs, taro steamed meat, braised taro and so on are very delicious! Fragrant and glutinous taro, appe

foooodies @ 2019/09/15

Super detailed moon cake strategy! You can make delicious moon cakes easily at home.

The Mid Autumn Festival is coming. At this time of year, it is really full of mooncakes. Not only are there many kinds of moon cakes at the front of the supermarket, but even the bakeries are playing the advertisements of moon cakes, and they are all gidd

foooodies @ 2019/09/11

It is very important to nourish yin and moisten dryness, clearing away heat and tranquilizing the mind, and recuperation of the stomach and intestines.

Heat stroke is the "hot summer", which means the end of the hot summer weather means the autumn of meteorological significance. Heat stroke is the alternating period from heat to cold, and the temperature difference begins to change obviously. Sooner or l

foooodies @ 2019/08/24

Crispy, salty, spicy and salty and tasty. Adults and children love to eat! I can't stop.

Salt and pepper is a very common condiment in all parts of China. Pepper powder after frying and grinding is called Zanthoxylum bungeanum powder. If added to stir fry yellow salt, it will become Zanthoxylum salt, often used in fried foods. Spicy and salty

foooodies @ 2019/08/18

Thin meat tender meat pie, the proportion of all the way to tell you, eat goods collection! It's really fragrant.

What's for breakfast? Delicious meat pie is a good choice. The skin is thin and thick, the oil is flourishing, there are layers of meat, and the noodles are soft and tender, and the meat is fresh and tender. It's just fitting for breakfast. And the practi

foooodies @ 2019/08/13

Swimming season of swimming crab, every mouth is fresh enough to let eyebrows dance.

It's time to eat the portunus crabs, and say goodbye to the table for a few months. After a three month moratorium, the portunus once again regained the "C" position in the seafood market, returning to people's daily table and solving the "Acacia" of many

foooodies @ 2019/08/11

30 kinds of domestic practices of pickled mustard tuber are eaten in a different way. I admit, I am swollen.

Pickled mustard tuber is one of the most common pickles in our daily life. It is made from mustard as a raw material. It is one of the famous products in China. It is also known as the world's three most famous pickles. Pickled mustard tuber was first see

foooodies @ 2019/08/10

Tomorrow's autumn and early autumn should be refreshing and refreshing, eliminating dampness and relieving summer heat, nourishing yin and moistening dryness.

After autumn, it means the first solar term is coming. The temperature difference will gradually increase, but the temperature is usually higher after the beginning of autumn, and the humidity of the air is also very large. Therefore, it is necessary to i

foooodies @ 2019/08/08

When the rice is over cooked, the table will be robbed. Look at the potatoes lovers!

Potatoes often appear in our usual diet. They can be fried, stewed, or made into a dish, or cooked with other vegetables and meat. Now is the season for fresh potatoes to go public. Potatoes are chopped together with meat to stew. Every potato sucks full

foooodies @ 2019/08/03

Feed one's sight on! How could pitaya eat like this?

Pitaya, native to Central American tropics. Pitaya is not only sweet and sweet, but also has high nutritional value. As a low calorie and high fiber fruit, it has the functions of losing weight, reducing cholesterol, preventing constipation and colorectal

foooodies @ 2019/08/02

Extreme solar heat, stuffiness, loss of appetite? Try this dish quickly! Refreshing and refreshing.

Great heat is one of the twenty-four solar terms in the lunar calendar. It is said that "summer heat is not hot, but it is very hot." it is the hottest time of the year. Besides, the heat is not only hot, but also has many thunderstorms and rainstorms. At

foooodies @ 2019/07/24

What can be done for a black food? Foreign countries even set up the "anti caraway alliance".

The scientific name of coriander is [y n (Su), which is a common flavor vegetable on the table. The evaluation of coriander is very serious. Some people think that it has a pleasant smell, is an essential ingredient for embellishment and flavour dishes, a

foooodies @ 2019/06/22

Prepare a pot of good wine, a few dishes of wine and vegetables, to give dad a heart felt gift!

Father's love is like a mountain, deep and great. The father always pays silently, supports the entire family with the broad shoulder, protects our healthy growth. But to return to the depths of the heart, father's love is also hot and sincere, bu

foooodies @ 2019/06/15

The ribs do this, so tasty to cry to the hand to teach you to do good chops!

When it comes to spareribs, it's a favorite of fat, and it's going to be eaten almost every other time. We all know that sparerib is a common food in people's life. It contains rich nutrients, especially bone collagen and protein, which can su

foooodies @ 2019/06/14

100 common practices of Yuba! Fresh, tender, tasty and refreshing taste buds! The table is absolutely welcome.

Yuba, also known as rotten skin, is a traditional Chinese made bean food. It is also a common food material in the Chinese area. It has a strong bean flavor and a unique taste that other bean products do not have. Some people ask Yuba how to make it tasty

foooodies @ 2019/06/13