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A shares in 2019 is the end of the first red, big bounce though open market?

U.S. stocks fell in the background, A shares market tiaokongdikai directly to the day before repeatedly dawdling, worry the market area to 2449 seconds, and staged the index weight There's no making without breaking. trend, the brokerage sector led th

fengshengyanqi @ 2019/01/05

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange inquiry nanzu market rumors fermentation, LETV two consecutive days contrarian trading Biao

LETV has experienced the past scenery, the highly anticipated model from the GEM market value, a gem high growth stocks growth model to stock price 2 yuan has now fall beginning level, performance huge loss, public debt, and face delisting crisis is a sig

fengshengyanqi @ 2019/01/04

GREE electric to lively, Liu Shuwei intended as independent director of partner Dong Mingzhu

Because of various factors, GREE's tenth session of the board of directors has been extended service for 7 months (scheduled for May 31, 2018 at the expiration of the term), now in 2019, will have a big push forward, on the evening of January 1st, GRE

fengshengyanqi @ 2019/01/03

Summary of A stock operation overview 2018, more than 10 million per capita deficit

In 2018, the A stock market is disappointing, down the annual performance of A shares is weak, and the white horse stocks, blue chip stocks overall sell small record. From the data, the stock index fell 24.59%, a record after the second-largest decline in

fengshengyanqi @ 2019/01/02

A shares last year an equity transfer, offer a premium of 109% to win a controlling stake

One of the characteristics of the A stock market in 2018 than in the past is different, has undergone many equity transfer transactions, resulting in the change of ownership of listed companies, especially in the second half, with the listed company's

fengshengyanqi @ 2018/12/31

2018 the last batch of IPO documents or 3, the appearance of a story

With Friday's close, A shares market in 2018 has ended, although Friday to achieve red plate, but conceal the market downturn in 2018, the stock index fell 24.59%, a second decline in the history of the A shares after 2008, and the Shenzhen Component

fengshengyanqi @ 2018/12/30

A stock market at the lowest price earnings ratio of the enterprises to become the Shanghai 2018 annual disclosure of the first stock

2018 2019 opening soon, There is not much left., for the A stock market listed companies, but also to the hard to 2018 annual performance disclosure time window. Generally speaking, the first time to the disclosure of the annual report of enterprise often

fengshengyanqi @ 2018/12/29

Four and a half years long oil delisting early next year to determine the Encore A shares, private equity chiefs earn lying

A shares delisting issue has been much criticized for investors, not only because of the listed company if successful listing on the delisting difficult, or because even after the enterprise is forced to withdraw from the market can still go on Easy Acces

fengshengyanqi @ 2018/12/28

In 2018 the IPO audit is completed, annual rate of 6 over the last two months, significantly enhance

This Tuesday IPO will review the results have been released, with Xiamen Zongheng group Limited by Share Ltd chickened out, will review the night before the withdrawal of the application materials on the IPO, the Commission will review the arrangements of

fengshengyanqi @ 2018/12/27

In today's stock index tumbled under the long shadow of the view

Today, A shares out of people to change the scene, in Meiguzhongcuo drive peripheral plunged in the background, in the past, or habits with you or I would dare to fall than you Genghen A stock market, today's stock index as the representative have reb

fengshengyanqi @ 2018/12/26

IPO pre disclosure column is provided which update speed, and usher in a Jiangsu agricultural firm

In recent weeks, the Commission carried out on the IPO speed issue, last night announced the new issued 3 IPO approval, but does not mean that the lake alleviate the issue of A shares of the IPO, on the contrary the recent A shares IPO significantly incre

fengshengyanqi @ 2018/12/24

3 new companies to get IPO approval, of which 2 for Jiangsu Enterprises

This week's A stock market downturn downward, multi is without too much resistance, Friday is overcast in the end, the main stock index fell 0.79%, the week down stock index is down 2.99%, a relatively large decline. To a certain extent, which origina

fengshengyanqi @ 2018/12/23

The ten daily limit after opening, a huge amount of money hunters shot Shanghai Wallace

In the recently announced carrying nearly 40 billion level merger resumption has suffered continuous daily limit of Shanghai Wallace is very popular market, of course, is almost always watch the mind, see Shanghai Wallace will open daily limit. At the end

fengshengyanqi @ 2018/12/22

The years of the listed companies to sell the shell to wait for the right price to sell finally, controlling shareholders cash 1 billion departure

A stock market listed companies in recent years, popular equity transfer, frequently a controlling stake in a listed company the main event, and is moving the high premium, behind this is that some of the industrial capital of the coveted OTC stock market

fengshengyanqi @ 2018/12/10

The Commission issued 2 new IPO documents, a listing is defeated, another brokerage

This week the A stock market has made a good start in the positive detonated, Monday rose across the board, but then all the way down, the whole finished lower trend, Monday's upward gap also faces completely covering the signs of Friday, narrow shock

fengshengyanqi @ 2018/12/09

SUNAC LETV three days to 3 billion 200 million, the friendship of the boat overturned or ulterior motives?

The former A shares high growth model enterprise and the gem of the first stock market LETV self funding strand breaks since the days of the past two years is very sad, a sound of four, two market shares avalanche, although access to Sun Hongbin's fin

fengshengyanqi @ 2018/12/08

The A - share listed company has made the real control increase plan, the employee stock ownership plan, and the investors all shrivelled

In the downturn in the A stock market, there have been more than 4000 private liquidation this year. The management plan and the trust shareholding plan have been more uncommon. Now the domestic online tourism giant tengbang international is also confront

fengshengyanqi @ 2018/12/07

The losing of the first rich woman in Zhejiang has dragged the listed company to ST

In recent years, the A shares listed companies have been involved in the event of the holding shareholders, which eventually formed the Domino effect, and dragged the listed company. It may even lead to a listed company which has a high growth stock in th

fengshengyanqi @ 2018/12/04

Weekend two news bumps, big profit VS stock index futures are loosed

For the A share market, this weekend, the news is very exciting, on the one hand, as the big profit coming - to suppress the A shares and trigger the A share market in the second half of this year, one of the main factors of a panic acceleration down to t

fengshengyanqi @ 2018/12/03

The first foreign holdings of domestic securities brokerage business will welcome the birth of catfish effect

Let the foreign holdings of the joint venture was in recent years already had mentioned and discussed with the Commission announced last night by UBS Securities Limited liability company changes the actual controller, also means that the first in the dome

fengshengyanqi @ 2018/12/02