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It's going to explode! Ex wife running with the ball, he and the head change baby do it?

Do you remember Yu Na's childhood? A few days ago, a netizen ran into Yu Na and found that she was no longer what she remembered. Yu Na, who was born in 81, is also 39 years old this year. Judging from the birth chart, the overall maintenance is good.

fcwm520 @ 2020/07/11

Married again? Flash marriage, girlfriends, when did she get divorced?

Amy endured fear and finally brushed away the hidden corner. After reading the analysis of netizens, she felt that she had seen it in white and prepared two brushes. The last time I saw such a burning drama or "want to see you", the love between m

fcwm520 @ 2020/06/29

Both of them went off the rails and gave birth to a second child.

The "sister of the wind and waves" is a bit of a show. The program group is also 5G online editing. "Only Du Hua's personal women's group standard" and "subtitle Huang Xiaoming" and other subtitles have highlighted the stro

fcwm520 @ 2020/06/25

Official announcement! Admit secret marriage when Dad, children are so big?

Newspaper! Your bossy president is married, and the children are full moon! A few days ago, the media photographed the Ming Road with family members and a mysterious woman to go outing. Among the pedestrians, there was an exceptionally conspicuous baby wh

fcwm520 @ 2020/06/13

Li Xiaolu has picked up his brother again? Late at night to buy drunk, compound hopeless?

Li Xiaolu couldn't hold back any longer. In June 5th, a media photo showed her recent meeting with a group of friends. After three a.m. in the morning, Li Xiaolu seemed drunk and tipsy. A man took her to another mysterious man, and the second took her

fcwm520 @ 2020/06/10

Great! Both of them went off the rails.

Today is the June 1 children's day, Amy has prepared the welfare for you, the three points have a surprise. Oh, a few days ago, when Amy brushed micro-blog, she saw the news of Wei Xue. Qin Fen's introduction to Baidu encyclopedia is quite simple

fcwm520 @ 2020/06/02

Quietly cohabitation was filmed? The high sweet lovers were separated by the boss.

The couple were photographed again? Recently, some media photographed Xu Kai's assistant driving to the residential area of white deer. After receiving Xu Kai, he set off to start work together. After a while, the White Deer went into the basement and

fcwm520 @ 2020/05/10

Suddenly announced the divorce! Her first boyfriend doesn't want her?

In May 1st, it was Vivian Chan's birthday. The first two days of his birthday announced the divorce and gave him a big freedom. Although it was announced recently, she ended her 8 year marriage as early as last August. Vivian Chan, who is just over 46

fcwm520 @ 2020/05/09

It's too sweet! Quietly, parents are going to get married.

Since reading the love of hawthorn, Dou Xiao has become the white moonlight in A Mei's heart, and that restrained love makes A Mei fascinate. On the 1st anniversary day of Dou Xiao's Laurinda's love affair the first two days, Dou Xiao sent 17

fcwm520 @ 2020/05/06

New love exposure?! Now it's green, Li Xiaolu?

Chen Xiang was photographed. Recently, some media photographed Chen Xiang and a beauty drink coffee, the two people hot chat. In the photo, girls wear pink miniskirts and big long legs. And Chen Xiang wore a hat and masks, wrapped tightly. Then the two me

fcwm520 @ 2020/05/03

Congratulations on finding a little milk dog. She was washed away by the slap.

Last week, Rene Liu did a big event and organized a special online concert. Compared with other artists, the broadcast of milk tea was a great idea. The location was chosen at an old theater in Taipei, Hsinchu inner bay theater. The walls of the old poste

fcwm520 @ 2020/04/30

Zhou Yangqing hammered Show Luo. The derailment posture was too great!

Newspaper! Zhou Yangqing came to hammer Show Luo! At 9 o'clock this morning, Zhou Yangqing sent a long Hanaga Emihiro. In view of the huge amount of information in the whole article, Amy carefully laid the focus for everyone. 1, two people have broken

fcwm520 @ 2020/04/23

The hammer exploded and the sisters went off the rails. She was even more than Ma Su!

Recently, Jin Dong and Jiang Xin once again played the role of "if the time can be turned back" just ended. The drama has vividly interpreted the emotional crisis of three couples. Three middle-aged men (Bai Zhiyong, Huang Jiuheng and the blue sky

fcwm520 @ 2020/04/16

Hidden marriage can not be hidden. She wants live direct marriage?

Recently, Wu Qian, who had not seen for a long time, went to the live room of Wei Ya, and the two people brought goods to Hubei together. Wu Qian, who is a Wuhan man, eats the black duck from Zhou Dynasty. Just as Amy praised this technique, Wu Qian's

fcwm520 @ 2020/04/16

Forced marriage failure! Another pair of sweet siblings love be?

The latest episode of my daughter has been honored again. I can't remember that this is the first time that I have changed my guest. In the latest program, Kan Qingzi has been replaced for a long time. Compared with other guests who are being Tucao, K

fcwm520 @ 2020/04/02

Another Elva Hsiao? 10 year old brother and sister love is too sweet.

At the beginning of the month, Annie Yi posted a video celebration on his personal social platform, and wrote the text: Hi girl, 52 years old... At the age of 52, I was an old girl who lived better than ever, and smiled brighter than ever. In this lengthy

fcwm520 @ 2020/03/23

Flash marriage is pregnant, her emotional history is more than ever.

"Death Bobbi powder" has always been the nemesis of the lipstick industry. This color is very personal. It can not be picked by people. It is very dark to smear the old style. Sonija Kwok is one of the few women who can support this color. Sonija

fcwm520 @ 2020/03/09

After eight years of marriage, he broke his leg again?!

Source: late night entertainment circle (ID:zhongqiangboss), everyone is good at noon. For example, the 9.6 high score movie "Farewell My Concubine" is also adapted from the humanities. The prototype of Cheng Xiao Yi's small building is Hongko

fcwm520 @ 2020/03/08

Amazing! The resources are hidden by the hidden marriage of flowers, and they are kissed by the 30 year old golden street.

Is Yang Caiyu married? In the afternoon of 18, a blogger broke the news. Yang Caiyu, the heroine of Fanghua, was married to Chen Jinfei, her thirty year old boyfriend. More netizens replied, "not a godfather, but a husband", saying that Yang was n

fcwm520 @ 2019/12/22

Twins were born! He was dumped by a sister in the circle, and he looked for a ten year old Bai Fu Mei.

Please contact Sa Beining, who is a very popular CCTV host. He not only has a super professional ability, but also has a handsome appearance and humorous and interesting character. Therefore, he is also known as "arson arson" by everyone. Recently

fcwm520 @ 2019/12/21