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Female star's red carpet modeling puzzle award, is the stylist of "thirty just" very expensive?

The long-awaited spectacle of the stars is finally coming! Recently, two successive red carpet events have set off the topic. Last night, Mr. Xi's younger brother, dressed in the red carpet of Armani, was on the red carpet

fashionifeng @ 2020/08/04

Aircraft, yacht, lady lie down, the men and gods of Hong Kong and Taiwan are all good at this!

When it comes to the most explosive news in the entertainment industry in recent days, pan Weibai's marriage is the only one. He has been on the top of the microblog hot search list for a moment. It can be seen how sudden and explosive the news of Pan

fashionifeng @ 2020/07/31

Jin Chen, who was busy riding the wind and waves, even took time to plant these bags for me!

For girls, it's always a bag for girls. What should be used to describe their relationship with bags? Maybe it's the second life of girls, maybe it's the memory of a special period, or maybe it's the label of style and identity. Perhaps, w

fashionifeng @ 2020/07/15

Is haute couture still worth money without the fashion show that cost money to dream?

This week, France's Gaoding fashion week was held online as scheduled. For fashion brands who have always been addicted to dream making, online publishing is undoubtedly a new change in thinking mode. Members of nefcha are forced to come out of the ol

fashionifeng @ 2020/07/10

Not robbing the C position is being questioned, "the actress is not red," and the female star is really too hard!

The second stage of the elder sister variety shows that the sisters who have made a clear announcement that they want to "stand C" begin to wake up in the blunt words of their mentors. The focus of attention is only one. The light of C always belo

fashionifeng @ 2020/06/24

Youth pain literature also can not save Show Luo Zhou Yangqing's love view Zheng Shuang should learn!

Today is 520. Show Luo, who has been silent for nearly a month, once again issued a "boy, girl". He chose a picture that he embraced with Zhou Yangqing. In addition to being selected on the 520 day, the 9:12 release time was also very meaningful f

fashionifeng @ 2020/05/21

Mother's Day special, "when she met her mother, she was only 24 years old."

When the mundane and mundane forces force everyone to stop trying to fight back, they will always be mothers. How to define maternal love? Perhaps maternal love never needs to be defined. Phoenix net fashion mother's Day Special Edition [depending on

fashionifeng @ 2020/05/10

Want to know the secret of Ju Jing Yi's coming out of the circle? We have to ask Rosamund Kwan...

The place where the female stars get together is a battlefield without smoke, and the big flowers and flowers are trying hard to figure out how to create the shape. The front foot went on the red carpet, and the hot search on the back foot with the form a

fashionifeng @ 2020/04/20

Derailment derailed X drama online! Is she 53 years old enough to beat dregs?

To talk about the recent high score drama, "the world of couples" must have its name, and the two episode of the broadcast will beat the ratings of the "class" of the Pyrus Academy. The average Korean audience rating is 6.3%, which has cre

fashionifeng @ 2020/04/16

Only 3 times a year, every time it's the front page. Gianna Jun deserves it!

The recent Gianna Jun is a bit busy. The Korean hot drama "Kingdom 2" has just come to an end. The high-energy plot and excellent production have left countless audiences with untold attention. However, the most pleasant surprise must be Gianna Ju

fashionifeng @ 2020/04/06

BM the wind is really nice, but I can't really wear it.

Fashion is changing rapidly, and every year there will be a new trend of fashion. In 2020, the BM wind has been the first to explode. How many circles do the BM wind burst out of the ring? I believe that when you brush micro-blog's little red book, yo

fashionifeng @ 2020/04/05

Japan's palace class stylist has passed away and has been modeled by CHANEL as a great show.

Recently, Japanese model Mizuhara Kiko released a photo on his Instagram official account. In the photo, she posed with a middle-aged man in the dressing room for a picture, exaggerated and relaxed, and wrote the "you will always be in our hearts"

fashionifeng @ 2020/03/21

The knee was bleeding until two o'clock in the morning.

The month of 2020 autumn and winter fashion week has just ended. Due to the epidemic, the fashion week is different from previous years. In the "cloud watching show" mode, we did not need to travel long distances for the first time, only two or th

fashionifeng @ 2020/03/11

This year, Liu Wen and Ni Ni's bags are too high. Even if I bump into bags, I'll buy them.

In more than 10 days, 2019 will pass. To sum up the changes in fashion circles over the past twelve months, we must say that 2019 pairs of bags are really a year of blossom. Today, I am going to take a look at the bag that we have brought to us in 2019.

fashionifeng @ 2019/12/21

There are so many sexy women. Why is she always remembered at the age of 40?

Recently, the Korean version of "fashion COSMO" was released in December by the "national goblin" Lee Hyolee in Dengfeng. Red skirt with red lips, the goddess of the wind still looks like, to the station at that time has already been glamo

fashionifeng @ 2019/12/19

2019 Phoenix nets fashion choice Fan Bingbing for public welfare sound harvest Yan Ni Wang Jingchun strongest aid

On the evening of December 17, 2019, the choice of fashion of 2019 Phoenix Network ended successfully at the Beijing China World Trade Center hotel. The theme of this ceremony is "the highest aspirations, the new trend of praise", based on the Chi

fashionifeng @ 2019/12/18

What has gone through this year since I was a kid from a shift to a supermodel Bella?

Recently, a group of seaside holiday photos of Bella Hadid are being brushed. Look at this long legged waist. It is clear that it is a snap shot. However, it is a great sense to read a magazine. It has to be said that Bella had really been through the Int

fashionifeng @ 2019/12/16

Down jacket = fashion insulator? Really? I don't believe it!

The temperature of these two weeks can be said to be plummeting, and many sisters who are "healthy" around them have to bow down to their down garments recently. But when it comes to the single product of down jacket, many sisters still have some

fashionifeng @ 2019/12/15

Na Zai and IU swore, the name is blue sister flower!

Since Pantone released the popular color of 2020 in the past year, the blue flash of various elements has burst. The official explanation is: "we are entering a new ten year. This is an era of trust and confidence. The stable and reliable PANTONE 19-4

fashionifeng @ 2019/12/10

It took me only one year from "workplace white rabbit" to "workplace old stick".

Young people who walk out of the ivory tower have to go through a career education. Puzzling, collapsing, self denying, doubting life... The process of entry is a process of exploration. Every pit that your career predecessors have stepped on, you need to

fashionifeng @ 2019/12/09