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Wang Sicong's "four beauties of the capital" are too low key.

Source: Director of the film factory (ID: vipidy), without any hot search, the sister of the wind and waves broke up on the launch. There is no way, who let the group of grandma's Cafe, one more than a bluffing. In the face of 30 elder sisters' st

fashion_icon @ 2020/06/29

Show Luo came back strong and I saw the most disgusting scene behind him.

Show Luo, it will not cool. Show Luo will not paste! More than a month after the multi player movement, he took the C, the Butterfly Sister, to host Taiwan's just red show entertainment 100%. It is worthy of being a master of time management. No wonde

fashion_icon @ 2020/06/12

Deep brush South Korea's "double song" love story

Source: WeChat public address: ID:wanxiaodao1, 1990 and 1990. A couple divorced in South Korea. His daughter was 9 years old and followed her mother. Mother did not know what the future would be like, but she was very optimistic. She often dressed her up

fashion_icon @ 2020/04/27

Derailed? Group P? Zhou Yangqing sends a dear John letter: Show Luo, you really are too X100!

Source: ID:daxue101, please contact the original author, 01. As we all know, a couple who show their love to the high frequency explosion suddenly does not interact. That is not normal. It's like Show Luo and Zhou Yangqing. Love is divided into 9 year

fashion_icon @ 2020/04/23

Song Hye Kyo's new progress in divorce: two people were married at first?

Source: ID:eemovie, Song Hye Kyo and Song Zhongji's big psychedelic divorce suspense drama. Recently, Korean media revealed that Song Hye Kyo sold a luxury house worth 8 billion 200 million won, triggering an uproar in South Korea's netizens. Soon

fashion_icon @ 2020/04/16

Yueming Pan love exposure, 100 million worth with 18 line female star? "After being derailed, I only like silly white sweet!"

Source: Bamboo Rose (ID:zhuziqiangwei66) author: Bamboo rose recently, the TV series "Longling cave" was launched, causing many netizens to play call for him. At present, the score of the bean score is 8.4 points, which is regarded as the conscien

fashion_icon @ 2020/04/14

Lang Lang wife Gina collapsed? Is it simple or too cruel?

Pillow reading, click blue, and pay close attention to our author: Platycodon grandiflorum source: Pillow reading (ID:xinyuboss) 1 since Lang Lang joined the program, Gina has been constantly praised, but recently word of mouth has turned the trend. The r

fashion_icon @ 2020/04/02

Demonic reality show: she was forced to watch her whole process of sexual assault.

Recently, Aoki has also brushed a shameless act of shameless Art: forced actress watching her image of sexual assault. This is a Spanish reality game called Big Brother. The program group lets a group of strangers stay in the same room as roommates, and t

fashion_icon @ 2019/12/21

"For rent, I and the landlord slept 48 times in January": Meat rental housing exposing humanity to test the truth.

There is a man who is not derailed in this world, but no man will go off the rails once. 1 do you dare to test your husband or boyfriend's loyalty to you? A program in the United States helps women to test whether their partners are loyal or not. Wome

fashion_icon @ 2019/12/19

"Rent the uterus for 100 thousand nights."

Author: Chun Li source: entertainment new youth ID:iiiquan I am Chun Li. Chatting with my colleagues, my sister in X's eastern province said that the most memorable place for her hometown TV station was "Hong Hui Fu Fu". It is an advertisement

fashion_icon @ 2019/12/16

Yang Mi Wei Da Xuan Hotel private video was exposed: is this preparation official declared?

Psychological statement: fat jar fat source: psychological ID:xinlixuetang (01) Yang Mi and Wei Daxun burst again. Or because it was photographed "love" real hammer, and this time than the previous "suspected love" hammer more thorough. In

fashion_icon @ 2019/12/11

Tang Wei was exposed to the collapse of his body's privacy and cried bitterly: don't take your mouth seriously.

Psychological statement: fat jar fat source: psychological ID:xinlixuetang (01) the first two days of the day, Tang Wei cried. The reason is that Tang Wei and Lei Jiayin are in the live broadcast of the golden cock blue feather big coffee. When the host a

fashion_icon @ 2019/12/10

Cheating marriage, derailment, cold violence... The dark "three man marriage" behind the British royal family

ID:iiiher, the author of Qin Qin Jiang's monthly documentary "Diana: her self statement" has recently been spread on the Internet. Who is Diana? She is the first wife of Charles, the crown prince of Britain, the biological mother of Prince Wil

fashion_icon @ 2019/12/09

3 women and 5 men after the relationship: after pregnancy: feelings can not be blasphemous, scum has its own day!

ID:yegenights, the author of the marriage and love (recently), has been shocked by a recent news: "3 women and 5 men have a relationship, and they don't know who their father is." this is a real thing happened in a "paternity testing cente

fashion_icon @ 2019/12/03

Deng Chao committed suicide and Li Guangjie split up. She was divorced after being exposed to shrew's drinking.

At this time (ID:yiqikanshu), Lei Hao was caught in a hot divorce some time ago. Lei Hao, who was emotionally upset, was photographed unfamiliar with a strange man, thus speculating that she was suspected to be cheating in marriage. Just when many people

fashion_icon @ 2019/11/27

On the 198th day of derailment, Huang Xinying conceived Andy Hui's child? "You look like little three, so ugly!"

Source: ID:zhuziqiangwei66: Bamboo rose Huang Xinying announces comeback! More than seven months later, Huang Xinying first sent a message on the social platform: he told himself that he was happy and scared, and he also promoted the new play. However, th

fashion_icon @ 2019/11/14

Yang Mi, Wei Da Xin, suspected that love was real and empty: "a divorced woman is not worthy to fall in love again?"

Source: ID:zhuziqiangwei66: Yang Mi, who has never seen bamboo rose for a long time, has been caught up frequently in recent years because of his emotional problems. The day before yesterday, Wei Daxun, who was 3 years younger than himself, suspected of a

fashion_icon @ 2019/11/11

After Chen Sicheng went off the rails, he said that Liyan Tong was not clean enough. Net friend: "don't pretend, slag boy!"

Source: ID:zhuziqiangwei66: author of bamboo rose, a few days ago, CHEN Si Cheng, who had not been seen for a long time, made trouble again. In an interview, he said that his ideal woman is Gao Yuanyuan's pure. Liyan Tong is found to be simple. Interv

fashion_icon @ 2019/11/06

Janine Chang rejected Tang Yan's ex boyfriend in a high-profile way: stay away from the slag man for a while and stay away from it all the time.

Someone once commented on Janine Chang: "she has become a girl's dream, so beautiful that she can't be envious." As a learning tyrant in the entertainment circle, she received her master's degree from the national Centre College in Tai

fashion_icon @ 2019/10/09

Is Di Ali Gerba sexually harassed in the variety show? Please stay away from the man who has no sense of propriety.

ID:iiiher is waiting for the entertainers in North and has always been the favorite of variety shows. However, some people's sense of variety is to create joy for the audience, and some people's sense of variety is a topic for programming. For example, He

fashion_icon @ 2019/07/26