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Do not cancel your unlimited traffic card, or else it will be gone.

Hello Hello, everyone. I am super Leo. I wonder if you have received Leo, like mobile phone, Unicom, telecom, SMS and phone harassment every day. Today is free to send 5G traffic, tomorrow is to send text messages, the day after tomorrow is to change the

eprice_cn @ 2020/03/23

Good-looking! Millet sells 599 yuan 4G learning machine

In December 5th, NetEase launched a 4G version of the English learning machine. Now it has been sold in Xiaomi. Its original price is 799 yuan, and it now receives 200 coupons. It only needs 599 yuan. This is undoubtedly the best digital gift for students

eprice_cn @ 2019/12/12

Ministry of industry and Commerce: the national "carry number to network" on-line trial run.

Today, double 11 is officially started. Tmall is creating a 1 hour turnover of more than 100 billion yuan, and the major mobile phone manufacturers also have their own "glory" war reports. Just when everyone was busy buying, buying and buying, the

eprice_cn @ 2019/11/11

Steam the cake with sea salt cheese. Light sweet and soft, addicted to one bite.

Here, let me take a look. How many friends are there like me? Every afternoon, from one to 3-4, the mouth will begin to feel lonely. I always want to do things: I! Yes! Eat! East! West! But what exactly do you want to eat? This is a thousand year old prob

eprice_cn @ 2019/10/09

The market is full of English learning resources, and the hands are slow. (Prohibition of external Biography)

In the process of learning English, you must also encounter these troubles: the words can not be recite, the grammar can not be read, the pronunciation is too Chinese... It takes a lot of energy to remain at the beginner's level. Maybe, you just lack

eprice_cn @ 2019/06/16

Hot trill! This black & mat, the sole of a step on the clean, every day without home mopping!

It often rains in recent days, easy to "wet" do not say, more trouble is that every time I came home to the floor get dirty, and mopping the floor, haofan! Even if it usually does not rain, the basic home to "one day", because every day we

eprice_cn @ 2019/04/29

Intelligent automation in "no", repeated post challenge! Are you ready?

Shenzhen will become a "no" city! Everyone said today too fast development of science and technology development, thousands of people just out of Guangdong, artificial intelligence planning is, profound changes to the human life style and thinking

eprice_cn @ 2019/04/21

Come true! Xiehaozhuanwang the latest schedule released

Hi, I'm the captain! According to the disclosed communication network, the Ministry has issued a document to the three operators, requires three operators in stages completed xiehaozhuanwang work deployment, to ensure that in November 30, 2019, the nu

eprice_cn @ 2019/04/09

Harassing telephone fraud, 88! Just a text message

Hi, I'm the captain! 315 party reports, some advertising telephone call is actually a robot. This year, I believe that everyone has been harassing calls or messages!? From time to time will be financial, insurance, real estate and even serious fraud t

eprice_cn @ 2019/03/19

Let the office sister screaming Jinzuan pineapple, super sweet without thorns, a bite on the explosion juice

You may not believe, said yesterday, because of a fruit, a small series of office the first time ever raged! You guess, what fruit? "Ah, good times! There are? I also want to!" "Only the last three pieces, want to eat......" If not finishe

eprice_cn @ 2019/03/13

Detoxification: HUAWEI mobile phone R & D is not Japanese

At three months before the fifteenth session of the international forum Chinese manufacturing, Asia News Agency President Xu Jingbo in his speech clearly shows that HUAWEI mobile phone has been able to develop so well, the reason is Japanese hired to do r

eprice_cn @ 2019/01/20

The cold air now do the promotion? The full 30 degrees down 15 degrees?

The rain! Snow! Low temperature! These days, the country entered the "frozen mode", many places have snow. Even has always been not to face the winter in Guangdong, and also truly cool. You know, two days before the weather in Guangzhou is medium

eprice_cn @ 2018/12/11

The old driver used it "feet", the winter window no fog! A jet for three months

The weather is getting cold, even in the south, have to take out a coat. In winter, the old driver who will face a problem: the window glass, mirrors are particularly prone to fog. Why would the fog? Because the temperature difference between inside and o

eprice_cn @ 2018/11/27

Sweet burst table! Eat a golden fruit, you never look not on other Passionfruit

Speaking of passion fruit, believe a lot of friends like me, can not help but straight teeth sour, swallow slobber. Because it is too sour! If someone had told me that the passion fruit isn't acid, I certainly do not believe. Since eating a golden pas

eprice_cn @ 2018/11/21

Why can the winter dew thigh island girl?

As everyone knows, the island was a woman practicing this magical skill, it is freezing. Summer is wearing a white shirt skirt, stockings shoes, how fresh and lovely ah. But in the winter, they are short skirts and stockings, exposed thigh. Still, in a wo

eprice_cn @ 2018/11/13

26.9 yuan /5 kg, a packed juice orange jelly, juice rate as high as 90%!

To say that this year the new Wanghong fruit, orange is non jelly. Circle of friends are Shuabing, you haven't eaten? Like a jelly Q elastic and moist, no residue. The golden finger, a break away juice drips, dripping, dripping! The crystal clear, lik

eprice_cn @ 2018/11/04

Use it for 5 seconds, second-hand smoke, the smell of formaldehyde adsorption! The United States The Pentagon special, global berserk

Formaldehyde has been recognized as the "invisible killer". In 2004, formaldehyde by the world cancer institutions listed as a carcinogen, can cause nasopharyngeal carcinoma. In addition, there are plenty of studies have shown that formaldehyde ca

eprice_cn @ 2018/10/30

90 to health, even quietly played with this......

Sedentary office, who is not a little backache, shoulder pain, neck pain? Work roll off line computer, mobile phone, all bow, bow, look up, look up, click...... The neck is not ok! Recently the weather turns cool, in addition to the neck, other old troubl

eprice_cn @ 2018/10/24

The seven day national day happy meal, in addition to the game, fat house mobile phone and it..!

Hi sen! National day long vacation, friends are out to play? Is there a dog like uncle at home? The long holiday, the most worry about how to eat. Takeout, do it yourself, go out to eat, eat a N kind of way, but at the time, the most cool or make a savory

eprice_cn @ 2018/10/04

September is the month of reunion, something different!

In September, means that the Mid Autumn Festival is coming. But you have not found this year's Mid Autumn Festival is a bit different, actually did not go on holiday and National Day holiday, only 3 days! Of course, the Mid Autumn Festival is not just

eprice_cn @ 2018/09/01