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The summer wind is blowing warm. Why can't you wear your hair?

"The summer wind is blowing warm through the hair through the ears." I believe a lot of friends hear this song, and those are good memories that are related to summer. The female celebrities also tacit agreement to one after another with a summer

ellechina @ 2020/05/24

We got some exclusive information, and Yang Mi was in a hurry again.

Yang Mi is very busy recently, and the variety, the live broadcast and the blockbuster do not fall. After waiting for so long, madam Zhu Zhuo finally declared her name. Yang Mi's modeling, heroic spirit, looks like sword, big power power in opposition

ellechina @ 2020/05/22

Zhou Yangqing: I'm doing very well. CUE, what am I doing?

Zhou Yangqing and Show Luo will not forget it. We don't know, but one thing is certain: more and more girls will fall in love with her style. More and more girls will learn to be as free and easy as she is. When we all felt that the break-up of the tw

ellechina @ 2020/05/22

You two, me, this summer sandals are unparalleled.

Summer is here. Do you still wear sneakers when you go out? Looking at it, the girls out of the street had already changed the "BM wind", and the short jacket and high waist trousers were fresh and bright. Where are the shoes? What is the hottest

ellechina @ 2020/05/16

I just regret buying the red heels.

In recent days, are you still brainwashed by "red high heels"? But today we do not talk about songs, but really talk about shoes. I wonder if you have a pair of red high heels that you like best? Maybe it's a long house. Recently, fashion blog

ellechina @ 2020/05/16

This woman who deals with money every day is not vulgar at all.

Those women who earn millions annually, especially those women who are active in the world politics, are all practical and fashionable. At least for them, "putting on clothes" is more like a strategy to shape their own image. Like Merania Trump an

ellechina @ 2020/05/13

Liu Mintao went hip-hop, pink?

Beautiful skins are all alike, and interesting souls are all in one. Sister Liu Mintao, fire! Tell us loudly, how many times have you seen Liu Mintao's direct pen Gif? A few days ago, she was followed by the hot potato, the tea stalk of the tea making

ellechina @ 2020/05/10

Women ask women, are mothers happy?

On this mother's day, we do not want to brag about mother's greatness, though this is a fact. We want to explore what does "mother" mean for women? Children seem to be a fence for women. How do women in the fence and beyond the walls think

ellechina @ 2020/05/10

Rich and splinter, Yan value love double harvest, I said, do not envy this king of gambling, do you believe it?

Dou Xiao has been drying out a lot of photos with his girlfriend Laurinda and his girlfriend from the perspective of standard boyfriend. It turned out to be the 1st anniversary commemoration of the two people since last year's official announcement. I

ellechina @ 2020/05/09

Korean male god harvester, replaced.

After Park Hae Jin, Kong Liu and so on, Lee Min Ho also planted, "planted" to Kim Gao Yin. The most popular Korean drama "King: Eternal King" is finally launched. On this side, the male Lee Min Ho is riding on the white horse. It seems tha

ellechina @ 2020/04/26

How do one billion women invest in beauty?

In the latest Forbes's list of the world's ten largest billionaires, Kelly Jenna has become the youngest billionaire, becoming the youngest youngest person in history to own assets of over $1 billion. Kylie, who had been extremely self abased in a

ellechina @ 2020/04/21

Brush for 8 hours, just for this morning's "live long see".

The two words of "fantasy" mean that 2020 is not the same: it has gone through the global convid-19 epidemic and witnessed the Olympic Games in the odd years. Despite these frustrating bad news, there is finally a long life that can be cured and u

ellechina @ 2020/04/20

At the age of 4, she went to Crawford, and became a frequent visitor to Chanel at the age of 13. She was the first generation of Bai Fu Mei.

Referring to the 90s Hong Kong star, the key words we first came out were "fluffy hair" and "retro makeup." but in fact, in those days, there was also a hidden blogger of the first generation. If you look at these photos, you may not imagi

ellechina @ 2020/04/19

Li Jiaqi's assistant was thinner than 25 kilograms, and it was the face value of the Korean actor.

It is said that every fat person is a potential stock. Thin is the negative value of his face. As a matter of fact, Li Jiaqi's little assistant Fu Peng has lost the weight of 25 kilograms after a short time, and he has the face value of the male Korea

ellechina @ 2020/04/18

The first female prime minister in Serbia's history is "handsome".

For example, the height of 1.99 meters, personally met the Chinese anti epidemic experts at the airport and kissed the president of the five star red flag, Wu Qiqi, who sent the nickname "577" (from the name homophonic). His elegant and youthful s

ellechina @ 2020/04/15

Girls who don't wear skirts don't deserve C?

To tell you the truth, girls are handsome. The discussion about girls wearing skirts is derived from "youth has you 2". More accurately, about the theme song, C Liu Yu Xin did not wear skirts like other girls in the performance, but it caused cont

ellechina @ 2020/04/15

Please be generous with this beautiful thing.

Once upon a time, the term "medical beauty" is a natural enemy of artists. It can not be touched or touched. Now, however, this trend seems to have gradually reversed, and more and more artists are willing to face this once avoided topic. In fact,

ellechina @ 2020/04/12

Remember Guangxi's "village supermodel" brother? He really made his debut.

About half a year ago, we introduced a "village supermodel" from Guangxi, China. If I haven't seen him yet, I'd like to hurry up and shake it and brush it up. The sudden outbreak has disrupted the pace of the whole world. So far, fashion s

ellechina @ 2020/04/07

Surprise! Prada and LV are not selling bags!

With the completion of the first half of the country, the "second half" epidemic situation in foreign countries has not improved. First of all, many well prepared big shows have been postponed or even stopped. Originally scheduled for June, the me

ellechina @ 2020/04/02

If you want to be as confident and confident as Ma Sichun, start with the choice of perfume.

In the sunshine of Glass, Ma Sichun smiles like a flower. From the early morning at 5, the sun rises to the sunset. Ma Sichun shows the accomplishment of professional actress, and proves that passionate women always shine. Ma Sichun once said, the actor&#

ellechina @ 2020/03/31