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"My son has such an opportunity to experience, I am even more excited than he is!" Hangzhou today holds an evaluation of language learning ability

In 2020, the language learning ability test in Hangzhou was opened this morning. Many parents sent their children to leave, and some parents waited at the supermarket and snack bar around the school to finish the examination. A parent of a public school i

dskbdskb @ 2020/05/30

How about 23 yuan and one artificial meat dumpling? We helped you to eat and tell you a sad truth.

Another month is the Dragon Boat Festival, and the rice dumplings on the market are also getting up. When I was young, I could only eat Zongzi in Dragon Boat Festival only in a year, and I could hardly be happier if I went down with my mouth full of oil a

dskbdskb @ 2020/05/29

A 78 year old man with severe aortic stenosis died only in 30 minutes. Professor Wang Jianan's team did not operate.

If the heart is likened to a house, the aortic valve is a door connecting the heart and the aorta. If the door does not open or close, the heart will strike. Some patients with severe aortic stenosis can experience chest tightness, syncope or sudden death

dskbdskb @ 2020/05/29

Chicken rice flowers, chicken nuggets, Orlean chicken wings... "KFC semi-finished products" online hot sale, the price is half cheaper! How bad is it?

Do you like fried chicken? These days, Xiaobian discovered that the electronic business platform actually had "KFC semi-finished products" in hot selling, checking information, and some flagship stores are still very large, which is itself an offi

dskbdskb @ 2020/05/28

28 weeks, the second child receives the "critical notice" and is rescued by a tube at the crucial moment. First case in Zhejiang

When you click on the picture to see the picture above, the following is the text of the advertisement. Later, the lady lying on the stage opened her eyes. "I can feel that the liquid is flowing in the amniotic fluid. It is hot and warm, like a warm c

dskbdskb @ 2020/05/26

Fever 39 degrees! The Hangzhou man ate the pig's hoof in the fridge and almost died. Summer is coming, and such patients are much more.

Summer is here, and there are more things in the fridge. Mr. Wang, who is 50 years old in Hangzhou, has been walking in the "ghost gate" because he ate a pig's hoof that he took out in a fridge. It happened like this: at noon the other day, Mr

dskbdskb @ 2020/05/22

What happened? These days, a group of big mothers on the roadside are sitting on the roadside. No, my mouth is watering.

The elder sister came to the 85100000 hotline and said that now is the season to eat faba beans. Every day near my work, there are many people buying beans every day. They are bought in dozens of catties and dozens of catties, and then sit on the roadside

dskbdskb @ 2020/05/21

Over the past month, there have been many incidents in Hangzhou. After 15 years old, boys were diagnosed with stress fractures after school running, and this disease had "overwhelmed" Yao Ming

Recently, it has been reported that since the resumption of classes in primary and secondary schools, there were no fewer than 10 cases of stress fractures in a hospital in Changsha, of which 7 cases were received in 3 days in from April 25th to 27th. The

dskbdskb @ 2020/05/20

When his neighbor died suddenly, he was severely attacked for physical examination. Without symptoms, he found out big problems. The 10 sets of image contrast pictures tell you how terrible these cond

There is a class of diseases - vascular diseases, which cause no harm to the body than cancer. Coronary artery stenosis, carotid stenosis, abdominal aortic aneurysm, pulmonary embolism, aortic dissection, arteriosclerosis obliterans of lower extremities,

dskbdskb @ 2020/05/19

Blasting street, racing car, and even rushed to the card on the spot to escape! Tonight, a number of sports cars such as Porsche, Lamborghini, Mai Karen and so on are being checked.

"Please move to the side and be examined!" More than 10 o'clock this evening, on the Long Bang Road in the lower city area, a Porsche open roadster with Shaoxing license was stopped by the traffic police. After taking away the driver's dri

dskbdskb @ 2020/05/19

In order to train more than 8 Huang Zheng and Dajiang Wang Tao, the rules for recruiting students in 2020 were put forward: first, Yaohao and then evaluate, and recruit 320 students in class.

Just now, the Hangzhou Foreign Language School announced the enrollment plan for the first year freshmen in 2020. The Hangzhou foreign language school was founded in 1964. It is one of the first 16 foreign language schools recognized by the foreign langua

dskbdskb @ 2020/05/18

Too much meat, too much salt, too much oil, too little milk, little fish, little shrimp, little fruit! Lunch survey results of primary and secondary school students in Zhejiang

In order to further promote "healthy China's construction of student nutrition improvement action" and ensure the nutrition and health of students, the Zhejiang Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a student lunch sur

dskbdskb @ 2020/05/18

The city has no threshold to sign up, first Yaohao and then exam? Internet transmission 2020 overseas recruitment plan! School response

It was less than a month since the registration of Hangzhou small rise in June 4th. The first year freshman program of Hangzhou foreign language school, released in March, has not yet been published. At the end of last year, the Hangzhou school began to a

dskbdskb @ 2020/05/17

There were 1 new asymptomatic infections in Zhejiang (Wuhan entry), 5 new overseas cases imported from Shanghai, and 4 cruise workers.

At 0-24 hours in May 15th, no new imported pneumonia cases were identified in Zhejiang. As at 24 hours in May 15th, 50 cases were diagnosed overseas and 50 cases were discharged. At 0-24 hours in May 15th, 1 new cases of asymptomatic infection were added

dskbdskb @ 2020/05/16

Which school register do you choose? Can the children of overseas Hangzhou workers read private in Hangzhou? Do you have any doubts about the details of Hangzhou citizens?

Yesterday, the municipal government information office and the Municipal Education Bureau held a press conference to release the notice of the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of education on completing the enrollment and enrollment of compulsory education schoo

dskbdskb @ 2020/05/13

Newest! 2020 Hangzhou urban primary and secondary education service area (School District) announced

Today, the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Education announced the scope of each district's primary and secondary school districts in 2020. Let's see it together. The distribution of the local primary school districts and the educational service area

dskbdskb @ 2020/05/11

Through the draft, like the middle ten million lottery tickets, the 95 boy in Hangzhou once had once.

At 8 o'clock last night, the third phase of creative camp 2020 was launched on time. At the same time, the latest issue of "youth has you 2" also met with the production people. The creation of camp 2020 and youth have you 2 in this year's

dskbdskb @ 2020/05/10

A car in the Western District of Hangzhou stopped for half a month. There was a snake on the driver's seat mat. Maybe it's from here.

Ms. Mao called: my family lived in the spring house in Taoyuan, where the car stopped in the neighborhood for half a month. Today, if you want to use the car, your husband will be frightened when you open the door, and you will find a snake in the pedal p

dskbdskb @ 2020/05/04

Northeast ice pot stewed ice cream, pork, green onion, ice cream, squid ice cream, stinky tofu ice cream, crab fat ice cream...... These new products taste a bit heavy this summer.

In the twinkling of an eye, it was the season for eating ice cream. Look at the temperature in Hangzhou for the next two days! The ice cream industry will produce some new products every year, but do you dare to try some of these new products this year? N

dskbdskb @ 2020/05/03

Faye Wong, Na Ying, Lao Lang, Wang Feng, Cai Xukun, Wang Junkai, Wu Yifan, Yi Lian Xi Xi...... The biggest online performance in Chinese music history will be opened the night after tomorrow.

More than 100 Chinese music top singers gathered together to pick up musical instruments, sing songs, use the power of music to pacify their hearts and dedicate to ordinary people who work hard at ordinary posts. Just now, the express reporter learned tha

dskbdskb @ 2020/05/02