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Research on the construction of national air defense combat system based on mosaic war

The concept of mosaic war proposed by the United States is becoming the top guidance for leading the US Army in the innovative transformation of military operations concept, combat system architecture and combat effectiveness generation mode. In this pape

drc_iite @ 2020/05/27

From the "energy led" to "shale crisis", the epidemic has hit the "US priority" pause button.

The new crown outbreak has led to a decline in global energy demand, a loss of us energy exports, and a serious impact on the energy industry of Russia's crude oil price war. The US's long-term strategy of seeking global energy dominance through c

drc_iite @ 2020/05/23

Developing artificial intelligence should discard the idea of "investment industry"

The development of artificial intelligence into the "fast lane" has opened the "preface" of the new technological revolution and industrial transformation. To gain new advantages in the new round of global competition and cooperation, we n

drc_iite @ 2020/05/20

The United States set up a "space range" to tighten the global space arms safety red line.

Recently, the US information security technology service provider MATTEL Technology (ManTech) announced the launch of a reusable Space Range virtual combat system to protect the network security of US government agencies and satellite operators. This is n

drc_iite @ 2020/05/19

Three trends of global block chain application under epidemic situation

During the new crown outbreak, many new technologies have accelerated evolution, playing an important role in the fight against epidemics, and the block chain is becoming an important part. Overall, there are three major trends in the application of block

drc_iite @ 2020/05/16

Technical and economic observation monthly review of global financial technology (4 monthly)

In April, as the new crown epidemic continued to spread overseas, online economic activity became more active, which further promoted the development of global financial technology. First of all, as the cornerstone of the digital economy, all kinds of dig

drc_iite @ 2020/05/07

5G "new infrastructure", new scenarios and new models

Since the beginning of the year, the central level has introduced policies related to new infrastructure such as 5G. A new infrastructure construction boom has been launched across the country, and 5G has entered an accelerated stage of development. As th

drc_iite @ 2020/05/05

Strengthening the manufacturing flexibility construction to enhance the industry's immunity

The spread of the new crown virus epidemic in the world has led to a substantial increase in demand for epidemic prevention and control materials in the short term, and at the same time interferes with the normal production and operation of enterprises. F

drc_iite @ 2020/05/03

Analysis of anti submarine warfare technology development

The battle for underwater battlefields is always the direction of great powers. With the continuous development of marine armaments in various countries, the mode of underwater warfare has changed, and more emphasis is placed on joint operations of multip

drc_iite @ 2020/04/19

New perspective: the future of manufacturing industry

As for intelligent manufacturing, industrial 4, network physical system and many topics related to future manufacturing, previous research has made a lot of achievements. The purpose of this paper is to provide readers with a new perspective to discuss ot

drc_iite @ 2020/04/11

Congressional Research Service: the impact of geographical factors on US strategy and military design

World geography is an important factor affecting the US strategy, and it will also have an impact on the design of the US military power. In March 17, 2020, the Congressional Research Service issued the "geography, strategy and US military design"

drc_iite @ 2020/04/09

Research progress of DARPA UAV cluster technology in the US

After decades of development, the form of modern warfare has been gradually completed from mechanization to informationization, and the gap between military powers has gradually decreased. In order to maintain military superiority, the major military powe

drc_iite @ 2020/04/09

New changes and new opportunities in the global cyberspace situation under the epidemic situation

In 2020, the outbreak of a new outbreak of coronavirus pneumonia slowed down the economic development of the world and the normal operation of the society, and brought new changes and opportunities to the global cyberspace situation. In 2020, the impact o

drc_iite @ 2020/04/06

2020 technology trend report: AI and China will become the key words of future technology world.

Recently, the Future Today Institute released the latest edition of the 2020 science and technology trend report, including the prospect of a number of cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence in the coming year. According to the report

drc_iite @ 2020/03/31

The EU Security Institute released the digital divide? Report on cross the Atlantic defense cooperation in artificial intelligence

In March 5, 2020, the European Union Security Institute (ISS) released the digital divide. Cross the Atlantic artificial intelligence defense cooperation "(Digital Divide)? Transatlantic Defence Cooperation on AI) report. The report points out AI, qua

drc_iite @ 2020/03/29

Why does Russia pay so much attention to Arctic development?

In March 14, 2020, the North American air defense command said that F-22, KC-135 "stratospheric" tanker and E-3 "sentinel" early warning aircraft intercepted Russian -142 marine reconnaissance aircraft near Alaska. Russian maritime reconna

drc_iite @ 2020/03/27

A new field of strategic competition -- US and Russia focus on R & D hypersonic weapons

In recent years, the US and Russia have been increasing news about developing hypersonic weapons and intercepting weapons. Russia's "news" website on February 12 reported that Russia is not only developing hypersonic weapons, but also developi

drc_iite @ 2020/03/21

Japan's eleventh technology foresight method and experience analysis

Technology foresight is widely used worldwide as an important way to integrate technology and economy deeply and to develop national science and technology planning. Japan's technology foresight survey has a history of half a century. Since 1971, a la

drc_iite @ 2020/03/18

At present, the global spread of the epidemic, VPN vulnerabilities or become the highlight of a national hacker attack.

Using VPN vulnerabilities to launch attacks seems to be increasingly becoming a new hack for hackers to invade enterprises and layout the global network situation. Some time ago, a Foreign Research Institute issued a report, which broke out the Iran Fox K

drc_iite @ 2020/03/15

Technical and economic observation to build and perfect the network attack response system, and enhance the national security defense level.

In February 2020, the US Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against the federal court of Atlanta. It said that 4 Chinese military members "invaded" the Equifax of the US credit reporting agency in 2017, which affected nearly 150 million America

drc_iite @ 2020/03/07