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Do you know any strange little knowledge that is useless?

Asimov said: "human beings are animals with more useless knowledge and more happiness." Therefore! Today, I would like to recommend a small knowledge distribution center for you. As long as you feel strange and interesting knowledge, you can enjoy

douban @ 2020/06/26

As a listed company, HR, we share with you some facts about the interview.

This article is made by bean paste users @ @ Qinglong. The original title of the authorized release: don't worry about finding a job. Don't worry about your reasons. It's not necessarily because you are not excellent. Thank you for providing t

douban @ 2020/05/28

Ha ha ha ha ha, I laugh at the crazy wall, causing my family to become a single room.

As the weekend of May 1 is over, it seems that we just love us for a short time. Although we have reduced our rest, happiness can be doubled. The high energy warning in front of us suggests that everyone should play hahaha on the public screen. It is my o

douban @ 2020/05/11

My mother said, "Mom, I'll give you the money and eat it."

This article is published by the bean seed user @ tenth Mousika authorized original title: my mother said, I give you money to buy peaches, I want to eat and eat, thank the author to provide the best quality original content for the bean paste. My lucky t

douban @ 2020/05/10

Upstairs, the neighbor's pressure cooker exploded four times a year.

This is a series of operas issued by the bean paste user named mustard sugar, which is the original title: Ji you upstairs neighbor's home, a series of opera blown by the pressure cooker, thanks to the author for providing high-quality original conten

douban @ 2020/04/23

My mother fried the leek with the remaining French fries.

This article is authorized by the @ida of the watercress user: my mother fried the fried chips with the remaining chips of KFC, and thanked the author for providing the best quality original content for the bean paste. After the end of the meeting, the gu

douban @ 2020/04/19

I heard that you have entered the exhaustion period of cooking? 15 simple recipes to save you!

If you stay at home for so long, you must have made great progress in cooking. But as time goes on, many people have entered the cooking fatigue period, and they begin to miss takeaway and restaurants. The epidemic is not over yet. We must not relax at th

douban @ 2020/03/04

Ha ha ha ha ha I laugh to the office outside the security uncle rushed to the 29 floor, with explosion-proof clothes to cover my head!

Is it there? Is it there? A little bit miss you, ~168 hours missing, do you miss me a little bit? Ha ha ha ha ha! Louis haha hahahaha haha haha haha Hau haha Hau hah hah Hau hah hah Hau hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah h

douban @ 2019/12/23

Blind date.

This is the 1 month for the bean producer to provide the best original content for the bean seeds. The first generation of the 90s will be 30 years old. As a middle-aged generation after 90, my circle of friends has gradually entered the same age of the s

douban @ 2019/12/18

Chuckle, I laugh everywhere, and the roosters do not ring.

Hee hee ~ lovely I am on the line again, ready to pick up my big move? The correct way of flight of UAV: Lou Zhu: bean bean popular comment @ @ Ian, the master of the aircraft, is very calm when he walks away. Life is everywhere: "your performance is

douban @ 2019/12/16

Two years after accounting, my view of consumption has changed dramatically.

This article is authorized by the bean seed user @ Su Lizhen to issue the original title: the recent consumption concept, thanks to the author for providing high-quality original content for the bean paste. About 4-5 years ago, my consumption concept was

douban @ 2019/12/10

Ha ha ha ha ha, I laugh to the square dance of ten square miles, all by my accompaniment!

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, I'm coming. I'm coming with you. With a week's joy, I'm running to you. How do I wear the beret? Why do I wear it like the chef landlord: I have cancelled the popular comments. I have already cancelled it. Do

douban @ 2019/12/09

I laugh and shake into a sewing machine. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Hey, hey, did Monday's little kids miss me? Just follow me around and warm up. Then ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Up! More and more! Landlord: I am so big in the south for the first time to pinch this ball. It must be its problem. It's not my problem!!

douban @ 2019/12/02

When did you decide not to be friends with anyone?

Breaking away is probably a required course of life. Perhaps the two words of "breaking friendship" have never been exported, but two people are gradually moving away from each other. At what moment did you decide to stay away from your former fri

douban @ 2019/11/30

Welcome everyone to the Northeast wedding ceremony.

This article is authorized by the "bean paste" user ink. The original title: enjoy the fun of it. Liu Mo Wen, the young writer designer, the public number: liumowen1988, thank the author for providing the best quality original content for Liaoning

douban @ 2019/11/27

Garbage truck, don't go! I laugh around the hundred miles of garbage automatic classification ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

This cold weather, what else can make people happy except shaking legs and drinking milk tea? Of course... Ha ha ha ha with me! See meteors, come and make a wish! Landlord: a rabbit today's quilt do not want to dry ha ha ha ha! Landlord: unhappy or sa

douban @ 2019/11/25

Why can't my mother get away from marriage?

Thank you for giving me the best content for the bean paste. My mother has made many divorces in the twenty-five marriages with my father. But like most couples, most of them are divorced. The most important thing is "divorce" is the last killer o

douban @ 2019/11/23

Ha ha ha ha ha I laugh to a key empty shopping cart ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I believe you must be aunt sauce last night. Just like this morning's Xiaobian is aunt sauce. But when I think a big wave of express is coming to me, I can't help... Is there? Look at the landlord: every day you are very sleepy, NIM, you have mist

douban @ 2019/11/11

Friends who walk together, who is not sand carving, who is a dog?

As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. As sand sculptures, our friends around us are also nowhere to go. Even though they usually look like human models, they are not sloppy at all. Do not believe you see, @ @ canceled, ha ha ha, ha ha ha

douban @ 2019/11/10

Are those self disciplined people really tired?

Self discipline means to follow laws and disciplines and self discipline without supervision. When we say "self-discipline", what are we talking about? Is it a cup of warm boiled water after getting up every day? Or do you punch your card before going to

douban @ 2019/08/17