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Headline GMCC: smart manufacturing upgrading helps upgrade the appliance industry

On the opening day of the 2019 Guangdong international appliance fair, GMCC made a speech on Intelligent Manufacturing Upgrading in the "manufacturing upgrade international summit" held by "electrical appliances" magazine, and shared a suc

dianqiweikan @ 2019/11/14

Chinese household appliances technology conference held in 2019

In October 23, 2019, the general conference of China household electrical appliances technology conference was held in Foshan, Guangdong. As the biggest technology event of the household appliance industry in China, about 750 of the experts from the scien

dianqiweikan @ 2019/10/23

Headline Vetrerie Riunite and glass: the world's largest cost-effective home appliances glass.

Located in the southern edge of the Po River Plain and the northern foot of the Apennines, Verona is a famous historical and cultural city in the north of Italy, the birthplace of the famous story of Romeo and Juliet. Located in the outskirts of Verona, a

dianqiweikan @ 2019/10/13

How to solve the problem?

The kitchen has been filled with food and fragrance since ancient times. The delicious food that it produces does not know how many people are drunk. But because the kitchen space is limited, when cooking many household appliances running at the same time

dianqiweikan @ 2019/10/01

Speech by Zhang Chonghe, President of China Light Industry Federation, at the nine Executive Council of the six China Household Electrical Appliances Association

In September 19th, with the increasing haze of Sino US trade friction, the China household electrical appliances association held the nine Executive Council for the six time. Zhang Chonghe, President of China Light Industry Federation, spoke at the meetin

dianqiweikan @ 2019/09/20

Headline household air conditioning industry: farewell! Yesterday's triumph

When writing this article, the "electrical appliances" reporter is participating in the GMCC fifth billion compressor off line ceremony. When GMCC was founded more than 20 years ago, there was only one production line with an annual capacity of 100 thousa

dianqiweikan @ 2019/09/09

The new air conditioning special committee of China household electrical appliances association is established.

In August 21, 2019, the new air conditioning special committee of the China household electrical appliances association was established in Beijing. The special committee has been elected by the US air conditioner as the chairman of the special committee.

dianqiweikan @ 2019/08/22

The headline has invested billions of dollars in 8 years, and the digital transformation continues to increase.

Beginning in 2012, the digital transformation in the past 8 years invested tens of billions of dollars, and finally unveiled the mystery in July 25, 2019's "entering the beautiful" activities. The first external system of the United States released the st

dianqiweikan @ 2019/07/30

The headline |3 month industrial profit growth rebounded sharply

The financial data of the National Bureau of statistics released in April 27th showed that in March 2019, industrial enterprises, the national scale industrial enterprises total profit grew 13.9%, growth rebounded sharply than 1~2 months (1~2 months down

dianqiweikan @ 2019/04/28

The headline | Johnson Controls the overall solution and intelligent control Chinese debut

In April 9, 2019 Chinese Refrigeration Exhibition, in the field of water chiller Johnson leading position is different from the past to York as the leading exhibition brand strength, but the focus and wisdom control solutions, such as key environmental co

dianqiweikan @ 2019/04/25

The headline | build an effective team, leading talent appliance industry seminar to carry out leadership training

On April 2019 12~15 2017~2018, the annual "leadership" as the theme of the leading talent appliance industry senior seminar fifth course, in Hefei launched a three day training. As the fifth students of the second classes, the seminar invited expe

dianqiweikan @ 2019/04/24

The headlines | transformation in the beauty also more beautiful?

The evening of April 19th, the group of the United States (000333) released 2018 annual report. The report shows that, in 2018 years, the total revenue of 261 billion 800 million yuan, an increase over the previous year 8.23%; net profit of 21 billion 700

dianqiweikan @ 2019/04/23

Headline white material enterprises: be brave enough to meet challenges positively.

Looking at the pure MDI market data in 2017, the price rose in a cycle of 3 months, with a maximum price of 38 thousand yuan per day (ton price, the same below). The highest monthly barrel price exceeded 33 thousand yuan, much higher than the average pric

dianqiweikan @ 2019/04/18

The headline | refrigerant: the rising prices of each category were different

2018 years, affected by environmental protection, limited production of upstream raw materials cost, improve production quotas and other factors, the fluorine chemical industry from the refrigerant 2016 in the second half began rising prices are still hot

dianqiweikan @ 2019/04/15

The headline |AWE: leading technology, to create a global intelligence gathering

In March 14th 2019, Chinese household appliances and Consumer Electronics Fair (Appliance&Electronics World Expo, referred to as AWE2019) will be the grand opening of the Shanghai New International Expo center. "AI, the wisdom of life" as the

dianqiweikan @ 2019/03/13

The headline | brilliant, 2019 Chinese (Guangdong) International Household Appliances Fair will be held

In October 2019 24-26, to enjoy intellectual fusion, made the future "as the theme of the 2019 Chinese (Guangdong) international household appliance Expo in Shunde District of Guangdong city of Foshan province Guangdong (Tanzhou) held at the Internati

dianqiweikan @ 2019/03/04

The headline | smart refrigerator: emphasis on human-computer interaction, regression nature preservation

Micro electrical industry journal | | depth perspective with artificial intelligence, speech recognition, data analysis, sensor, networking and other home appliance technology unceasing development, compared with the past has undergone no small change. Es

dianqiweikan @ 2019/02/25

| dynamic attention overseas

Micro electrical industry published in 2019 the United States 8K | | depth perspective TV shipments will reach 200 thousand units in the United States consumer Technology Association (CTA) data show that in 2019, the U.S. market 8K TV shipments of approxi

dianqiweikan @ 2019/02/12

|2018 household headlines from coal to electricity in trouble, central heating into a new growth point

Micro electrical industry | published two years ago from the perspective of | depth compared to the industry development trend of the rash and too much in haste, 2018 coal to electricity market a lot of "quiet". Basically completed the transformat

dianqiweikan @ 2019/02/02

The upstream and | Technology: closely linked to industry beat, 2019 new start

Micro electrical industry journal | | depth perspective in 2018, and the Wuxi Polytron Technologies Inc was founded in 20th anniversary, the Department of the summary will be held at the beginning of the year is especially rich in content. 1 2019 22, the

dianqiweikan @ 2019/02/01