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Colorful, brilliant!

The collocation of whimsy brings vitality and freshness to life. Contrast collocation makes space more lively and hopping. Color matching is also the best method in many color matching methods. Good color matching makes space no longer gloomy and bright,

decorcn @ 2020/05/22

98 small apartment, simple and beautiful in design.

The fascinating aspect of home design is its infinite reversion to the stories and emotions of the occupants. From the definition of aesthetics (sensual), it is intuition like vision, space feeling, art appreciation, and emotion is inner level. Integratin

decorcn @ 2020/05/10

The soft reading column begins.

Hello Hello, everyone. I am tone master. Starting today, we continue our previous intensive reading of soft clothes and color filling patterns, and read a piece of interior design works every day, hoping to enlighten you in your design. Everyone should be

decorcn @ 2020/05/01

4645, private residence, this is too exaggerated!

Source: Milan design trip (ID:Milano04) super luxury house, which is 4645 square meters mansion, has just been built. Its owner is hip-hop hot character Drake, designed by top designer Ferris Rafauli, private custom house style. Layout map: this mansion c

decorcn @ 2020/04/26

The new Chinese, the more concise, the more tolerant!

New Chinese style Boulevard to Jane's 10 Zen Design Cases with oriental aesthetics. The perfect combination of new Chinese classical aesthetics and modern aesthetics is one of the hottest Jiezhuang styles nowadays. It expresses the Oriental feelings o

decorcn @ 2020/04/23

Appreciation of furniture in Italy

Italy furniture has rich historical roots. After its development from Baroque, Rococo to Tuscany, classical and other modern styles, its design ability is known all over the world. The design style has two charming faces, classical and modern, which combi

decorcn @ 2020/04/16

Create a sense of superiority.

In the past two years, the home world has been swept up by the madness color. The low saturation color makes the space more textured, more advanced, and gives people a sense of tranquility and warmth, so that the whole space is practical and elegant. Befo

decorcn @ 2020/04/15

Remembering the dead and salute the hero

Without being born without fear, you just choose to go retrograde. Xie Jun is all over the place, wishing to be a cherry tree. May the dead rest in peace and hope that the mountains and rivers will be safe. We were trapped for only two months, but the her

decorcn @ 2020/04/04

How cool is a girl living in the 190 million luxury house of a bossy President? Net friend: is this the happiness of the rich? I'm getting jealous.

Did you hear about the story of Li Jiaqi, who spent 130 million years buying a mansion? Although it has been proved to be a rumor, it has aroused many people's curiosity about the top luxury house. Recently, the TV series "home" from Shanghai

decorcn @ 2020/03/21

Color fill in the air and match the colors well. Work earlier than others.

No color, no design. In the next period of time, the tone master will go into the exploration of color space with everyone, and enhance aesthetic appreciation is the only way out for design. Most of the aesthetic depends on color. First use color to attra

decorcn @ 2020/03/21

The balance between Studio MILO and minimalist art aesthetics

The following works are from Studio MILO, Italy design office, and Studio MILO is a boutique interior and architectural design company. It was co founded by Italy designer Federica Gosio and architect Arianna Crosetta. The two are good at exploring avant

decorcn @ 2020/03/19

Italy Studio MILO works beyond the beauty of color space

This case is from Studio MILO, Italy design office, and Studio MILO is a boutique interior and architectural design company. It was co founded by Italy designer Federica Gosio and architect Arianna Crosetta. The exhibits incorporate two different design c

decorcn @ 2020/03/17

4 million buying a dangerous house as a wedding room, changing 78 yuan to 240 yuan, too valuable!

In the history of overthrowing reconstruction, the old house, which is most thrilling and transformed through the narrow streets of the old city, has been vacant for 30 years, and the house is dull and gloomy. The walls were already cracked and the roofs

decorcn @ 2020/03/15

Hey, I heard that you like the new Chinese style.

In recent years, the new Chinese style of design has been very popular. The new Chinese style has blended the cultural background of China for thousands of years. At the same time, it keeps pace with the times and combines organically with modern elements

decorcn @ 2020/03/09

A set of dark color matching schemes

In front of us, when we talk about judging customers' color preferences, we detailedly divide the twelve tones to produce what kind of spatial style they can produce. They are roughly classified into four categories. Today, we mainly see how the deep

decorcn @ 2020/03/05

To understand these things is to understand Nordic wind.

In the front, we talked about four tones that can create quiet color effects. They are light pink tones, light colors, light grey and light gray tones. Today I look at a new style, which is also a quiet color effect. What are the characteristics of Nordic

decorcn @ 2020/03/04

Sources of Chinese style (Part Two)

Taoism stresses the unity of nature and human beings, and tells us that everything is natural. We should not destroy it. We can not cut trees into special shapes like foreign gardens. For example, we can cut small rabbits into shape, and our Chinese garde

decorcn @ 2019/12/20

Mystery of flowers blooming

The elegance of the Chinese wind and the combination of Chinese and Western styles is from elegance to flower and bird to local customs. From the pavilions to the palace streets, the beautiful patterns blend the spirit of Oriental culture. Let's take

decorcn @ 2019/12/14

Designer's "soft install" typesetting tips for customers (Part Two)

Next, there may be a kind of, that is, we use a lot of renderings, we in some 3D of this kind of effect diagram application, this time we can through the effect map with this matting way to combine expression, because we also know that in the effect pictu

decorcn @ 2019/12/13

Designer's "soft install" typesetting tips for customers (Part 2)

Well, sometimes I mean, although I have a white map, I may not have time to combine it. I have not even seen the original space. What should I do? We simply put these products in this form, photo typesetting form, I put it to the customer when looking at,

decorcn @ 2019/12/11