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What's the difference between Chinese and foreign brands?

01 what is the difference between Chinese brands and foreign brands? This is a problem worthy of serious discussion. If you don't know the answer to this question, you may never know why Chinese brand products still can't be sold when their config

dear_auto @ 2020/08/14

"Super national treatment" vs "hard Kung Fu", the top match between Tesla and Ian

Traditional fuel vehicles have already entered the stage of survival of the fittest, and the shuffle of new energy vehicles is also in progress. According to the data of the passenger Federation, in the first half of this year, the cumulative sales volume

dear_auto @ 2020/08/13

What about triplex + torsion beam? Is the new generation of 2008 not fragrant? Da test drive

After the test drive, I randomly selected a few live pictures, sent a micro headline, and received a lot of comments. "Undeniably, the design of this car is really good-looking, but it's a pity that it can't be sold well." "seriously,

dear_auto @ 2020/08/12

The speed and passion of Evergrande

Six new cars are released in one breath. On August 3, an event that makes the domestic automobile circle boil happened -- hengchi automobile released six new models. These six new cars are not six different configurations and models, and they are not base

dear_auto @ 2020/08/06

You don't have to worry about buying a car. It's just a car

As the first A-class auto show in 2020, Chengdu auto show has resumed the scene of a large number of people. Most of the citizens come to see and buy cars, and the "pregnant" demand is slowly bursting out. Chengdu is not the first auto show in Chi

dear_auto @ 2020/08/05

The brand, power and price range are the same. Should we choose car or SUV? The key is the model level

Car or SUV? This is a very complicated problem for many people. If the condition of "the same price range" is added, the choice is undoubtedly more difficult. From the perspective of market share, at present, the market share of cars and SUVs is v

dear_auto @ 2020/08/01

Quality is a hurdle that Chinese cars must cross. Imperial GL proves itself in the most boring way

My friend ah Hao is ready to buy a car. Not long ago, he took a fancy to a newly launched Chinese brand SUV. All aspects of the car are in line with his wishes, but he has been hesitant. "For Chinese brand cars, I am most worried about the quality, es

dear_auto @ 2020/07/29

From China to the world? The official orders of the third generation Haval H6 on the first day of pre-sale exceeded 1000

In 2011, the first generation of Haval H6 came into the market. With the characteristics of moderate atmosphere, it soon became a star model with monthly sales of more than 10000 yuan. At the same time, it broke the monopoly of three joint venture vehicle

dear_auto @ 2020/07/28

After watching these six new cars, Chengdu auto show is not a waste of time

On July 24, the 23rd Chengdu International Auto Show opened grandly. As the first Class-A auto show in China this year, the Chengdu auto show attracted more than 120 well-known domestic and foreign automobile brands to participate in the exhibition, with

dear_auto @ 2020/07/25

Trumpchi gs8 family successfully challenges the world's longest glass bridge, demonstrating once again the charm of China's high-end intelligent manufacturing

If you ask me what is the most impressive impression of trumpchi gs8? The car owner of trumpchi in 2018 should be Mr. Ye. I don't have the right to comment on the car! In that interview, Mr. Ye summed up the use of trumpchi's gs8 a year later by u

dear_auto @ 2020/07/24

Honda? Oula Mengchong pure electric car white cat is on the market with sales of 75800 yuan

Pure electric vehicles can also be "good looking, easy to drive, and easy to use". When Honda e was first launched in the world in the early years, my colleagues at the Frankfurt Motor Show saw the real car and said, "this is how pure electric

dear_auto @ 2020/07/17

The resurgence of Jianghuai needs a Jiayue X7

Jianghuai needs "Star". After years of rapid growth, China's car market has entered a new stage. People have become more cautious in buying cars and have higher requirements for automobile products. The era of price only and configuration only

dear_auto @ 2020/07/15

The investigation results will be released after sorting out the incident of bus falling into the lake in Anshun, Guizhou Province

At noon on July 7, a bus No.2 in Anshun, Guizhou Province, crashed into a reservoir. After searching, 37 people were rescued. Among them, 21 people, including the driver, had no vital signs. The national college entrance examination, the accident, also af

dear_auto @ 2020/07/11

GAC Mitsubishi enters a new era of "joint R & D", new energy products are worth looking forward to

There are more and more news about new energy vehicles, but few of them can really attract high attention of the industry. Except for the following: "on July 8, GAC Mitsubishi new energy vehicle project start-up activities and R & D building compl

dear_auto @ 2020/07/11

How many cars can be sold to become Bugatti's top selling car?

Today, if you ask which model is the best selling model of a certain brand, I believe many people can give the answer quickly. Since the establishment of the brand, it may take a long time. Recently, autocar, the British Automobile media, made a statistic

dear_auto @ 2020/07/09

"Stepping on the ideal one accelerator, I feel that the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is accelerating". What about stepping on the ai'an LX and Han EV?

This is probably the most exaggerated advertisement. Compared with the 16.24 million yuan advertisement that Tencent recently (unintentionally) made to Laoganma, it is much more valuable. When it comes to a car that is related to the rejuvenation of a nat

dear_auto @ 2020/07/08

The most beautiful Jianghuai JIAYE A5, the quality of the public, the price of the Teng half.

To buy a car is to "face" or "Li Zi"? Two days ago, a friend who had a car buying plan contacted me. I hope I can give you some advice. He wants to buy a good class A-class sedan chair with a budget of about 7 or 80 thousand yuan, but he i

dear_auto @ 2020/07/07

The automatic driving which has made people "look down" has begun with the help of corolla.

01, who let the special drivers work ten hours a day without feeling tired? "Well, master, can you drive your cell phone?" Yesterday, I sent my car to 4S shop for maintenance, and I got an express train to go back to the company. I plan to pick up

dear_auto @ 2020/06/29

If Mercedes Benz G is a dream, hav's big dog is "life".

"Believe it or not, I once had a big G dream. And I believe you've had a big G dream. " Mercedes Benz big G, countless fans Dream Car. As one of the most powerful cross-country SUV, it has been circulating on the rivers and lakes that it has b

dear_auto @ 2020/06/25

Sitting on the "Honda Dafa", civic C debut.

Sitting on the world's largest auto market, China's Shenzhou cars come forth in large numbers. For example, the Wuling Hongguang, known as the "Autumn Mountain God car", has gained 84 monthly SUV selling hover H6 monthly sales, often over

dear_auto @ 2020/06/23