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Yang Mi is worthy of being the queen of goods. The swallow tailed fur coat with lotus leaf skirt is full of screen and practice.

When it comes to Yang Mi, obviously he can eat by his face, but he has some acting skills. He has appeared in many excellent films and TV shows, and has created many memorable classic roles. Whether it is the Qingchuan in the palace or the snow meet in Le

dapeijineng @ 2019/10/14

Jolin, a girl of this style, went straight to max.

"The sun never falls" and "love thirty-six plans" should be familiar with all these songs. We all know Chinese pop singer Jolin, but few people know Jolin, the fashion designer. Jolin was invited as the only Chinese singer of "fashion

dapeijineng @ 2019/10/09

Li Dan's wife is high, but this dress is too capricious, and the temperament is doubled!

Li has been on fire in recent years, but his wife, Li Dian, is rarely known. In fact, Li Dian is also like a small net red, with a good face value, with hundreds of thousands of fans, open his own net red shop, and lead a happy life. Li Li's personal

dapeijineng @ 2019/09/26

HD Chingmy Yau, still 51 years old still many beautiful women, the skin tender "blowing bombs can be broken".

Speaking of Chingmy Yau, I believe many netizens will not be unfamiliar. When Chingmy Yau was young, he had a high reputation, and his acting skills were good. The films and TV plays that he had performed were quite a lot, leaving behind many memorable cl

dapeijineng @ 2019/09/04

Ju Ping's sister was strong and strong, but she didn't care a little. She was still very calm.

Speaking of Ju Ping's elder sister, I believe that many netizens will not be strangers. Ju Ping's elder sister can be said to be a very famous host. Especially the children's programmes that she presided can be recalled in the hearts of one generation. Th

dapeijineng @ 2019/09/03

Xiao Qiang was too suspicious to dress up and dressed like a girl. Unfortunately, she was betrayed by her neck.

In this age of value, everyone can be quite fond of their own value. Especially for girls, the beauty of nature can be regarded as a more important value, especially for women in entertainment circles.

dapeijineng @ 2019/08/30

Guo Jingjing's legs are thick, waist and thick, all rely on the gas field to win people.

Speaking of Guo Jingjing, I believe many netizens will not be unfamiliar. Guo Jingjing can be said to be a very famous diver. He has won the Olympic Games many times for the country. He is a national level athlete. He is also known as the Diving Queen by

dapeijineng @ 2019/08/29

Kara Hui's acting is absolutely superb, but Grandma's age is no longer beautiful.

Speaking of Kara Hui, I believe many netizens will not be unfamiliar. Kara Hui has been playing many films and TV shows for many years. It can be said that the classic roles for netizens are numerous. When young, Kara Hui is also a face killer of a female

dapeijineng @ 2019/08/27

Hong Tao's clothes are very "mother's money", but good temperament is still good to wear.

It is said that women in love will become beautiful. But having a happy marriage and family can prolong the shelf-life of a woman. Now Hong Tao's good looks and figures reveal that her marriage is very happy. For a 47 year old person, she still has such c

dapeijineng @ 2019/08/23

Irene Wan is 53 years old. She is still wearing a little girl's Sling Dress. Her heart is too strong.

Speaking of Irene Wan, I believe many netizens will not be strangers. When Irene Wan was young, he was really quite tall, and his acting skills were quite solid. It can be said that there is no substitute for the goddess of the generation. In particular,

dapeijineng @ 2019/08/20

Wu Wanfang, the "frozen age Hong Kong elder sister", is a well deserved reputation. The 52 year old, 20 years old, looks very envious.

Talking about the frozen age goddess of the entertainment circle, it can be numerous. The most amazing thing is Wu Wanfang, a 51 year old Hong Kong elder sister. Wu Wanfang, who is the runner up of miss Hongkong in 1986, is really not saying anything. Her

dapeijineng @ 2019/08/19

Monica Chan is over half a hundred years old, but his face is still young.

Over the years, many old Hongkong goddesses are almost no longer filming, but the development of social networks also allows their lives to be displayed in front of everyone from time to time. Compared with the young stars now, many old goddess life is go

dapeijineng @ 2019/08/16

At the age of 42, Zuo Xiaoqing wore a pink suit and was tender and wrinkled. He was looking at 20.

The attention of the entertainment stars to Yan value can be said to have reached a very high demand, especially for the higher women, which is quite surprising for the pursuit of the value of the face, and the decline of the value brought by the rise of

dapeijineng @ 2019/08/09

Zhang Yuqi was wearing a bubble sleeve jacket with a hip skirt. His body was bloated and his waist could not be seen.

Speaking of Zhang Yuqi, the most impressive thing should be the big sister in the mermaid. Zhang Yuqi is very handsome, rather sexy, but he wears all the wrong clothes. Zhang Yuqi wears a bubble sleeve jacket and a hip skirt. He can't see his body in a bl

dapeijineng @ 2019/08/07

Ying Er's fashion classics really don't understand. The new trend of retro flower dresses with two large yards of heels?

Many women in the entertainment industry are good clothes, but many of them are not very cold in fashion. Clothing has been in a very normal state, but Ying Er is different. Her clothes are always looking up and down. It's really hard for people to think

dapeijineng @ 2019/07/30

Wang Luodan, who is 35 years old, can resist and fight.

With the rise of street shooting, almost all the major airports in the country have become the stars of the stars. However, in the era of intensive training, women who really dare to appear in their faces and are not afraid to take pictures are few and fa

dapeijineng @ 2019/07/27

Xun Zhou would really take a purple bow and add vitality to the dull one.

Speaking of Xun Zhou, I believe many netizens will not be unfamiliar. When Xun Zhou was young, Yan value was quite high. Especially when she played the princess of Taiping, she was really fascinated by a dozen net friends. Even now, she still occupies an

dapeijineng @ 2019/07/11

This is called "frozen age"! Jin Chengling, 52, looks like a 20 year old girl.

The frozen age goddess in entertainment circles is not a minority. It can even be said that it is very common. The meticulous maintenance of the day after tomorrow, as well as the exquisite make-up and the daily exquisite make-up and the strict management

dapeijineng @ 2019/06/23

Song Jia's high waist and broad leg pants with "short suit", legs stretched 10cm, but not with fashion!

Although Song Jia is not very standard melon face, but it is very atmospheric, coupled with their straightforward and frank character, can be said to be loved by netizens. Especially his acting is also very good. In the movie "Xiao Hong" and "

dapeijineng @ 2019/06/21

Vivian Wu plays the fashion to not lose young female stars, and crash Qi Wei, Han Xuesi.

I believe that for every little fairy, it is not a rare thing to do a crash shirt, whether it is in the ordinary daily life or in the spotlight stage, it is a very common thing to wear a crash shirt, especially for women who are similar in aesthetics or s

dapeijineng @ 2019/06/16