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Zheng Shuang appeared in his red boots, bright and rustic, and his footsteps were clearly behind him.

Speaking of Zheng Shuang, I believe that many netizens will not be strangers. In those days, a "meteor shower" was also popular among many stars. Zheng Shuang, who played the role of a female master, was also familiar with the play and was surroun

dapeijineng @ 2020/05/10

Vivian Chan is worthy of the responsibility of Qiong Yao's drama. At the age of 46, he still wears a powder skirt like a young girl.

Qiong Yao drama can be said to accompany many people through their youthful years. Those who like Qiong Yao opera must be very familiar with Vivian Chan. As an old actor in Qiong Yao's drama, she can be called the "pretty woman" in Qiong Yao&#

dapeijineng @ 2020/05/05

"Jianning Princess" Rain Lau has not changed a bit. Su Yan has a good self timer, that is, the stars are much lighter.

Rain Lau acted in the martial arts drama "dragon eight" in the ancient costume. In the play, A Zi played a very important role in the play, and the princess Jianning in the deer tripod gradually began to develop to the mainland movie and TV drama.

dapeijineng @ 2020/05/04

Is Ran Yingying in line with Kardashian? The waist is worn on the body, the small waist waist buttock does not lose a bit!

Speaking of Ran Yingying, many netizens will not be strangers. Ran Yingying's feelings with boxing Zou Shiming can be said to be quite envious. After so many years, both of them are still so affectionate and sweet, and Ran Yingying has given up many o

dapeijineng @ 2020/05/02

Big Hong Tao has a steady temperament. He wears black shirts and black trousers. He looks beautiful except for his stiff face.

We should all know about the importance of hairstyle. Choosing the right hairstyle has great influence on the appearance of a person. Many people think that hairstyles can be harnessed as long as they are beautiful, and some people even say that beautiful

dapeijineng @ 2020/04/27

Niu Li's temperament is not going down. Dancing in the red wave shirt, the vitality is like a young girl.

Speaking of Niu Li, everyone is very familiar with it. Before the debut, Niu Li was a very good athlete. Although the entertainment circle was mixed up again and again, but in the audience's impression, Niu Li was once an athlete more popular with the

dapeijineng @ 2020/04/25

Coco Lee appeared in a fluorescent suit, and came out of the waist, but his height was much lower.

In 2016, Coco Lee won the title of the 4th season singer of the Hunan satellite TV reality show, "I am a singer". In addition, it won many awards. Once Coco Lee was a generation of music queen. She was a real leader in the Chinese language circle,

dapeijineng @ 2020/04/24

Jiang Mengjie went out to protect himself. The goggles are so fashionable that people can't read them.

Because of the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, many people are staying at home and unable to go out. Life is like a pause button, and so are many stars. With the improvement of the domestic epidemic situation, many places have begun to resume work, a

dapeijineng @ 2020/04/18

Scarabi Liu Chunyan maintains "childlike innocence". His hair style is unchanged since his debut. Unfortunately, the age is not enough.

When it comes to scarab, I believe many netizens will not be strangers. Scarab can be said to be a lot of memories of childhood after 8090. The lid of the pot has always been matched with the exaggerated children's clothing. The scene of laughing and

dapeijineng @ 2020/04/15

Lee Young-Ae can't escape the mid life crisis. He has a lot of eyes on his double chin, but he is very confident that he will not do so.

Speaking of Lee Young-Ae, I believe many netizens will not be unfamiliar. You should have fine features, high value and good temperament. In those days, the excellent performance of Dae Jang Geum has even confused many netizens. So far, it is also a very

dapeijineng @ 2020/04/11

Ariel Lin is in good condition, can not see age, no wrinkles are like girls, no makeup looks like 18 years old.

Speaking of Ariel Lin, I believe many netizens will not be unfamiliar. Ariel Lin's facial features are exquisite, especially the recognition degree is very high. The small and small face is more charming and charming, and no matter temperament or acti

dapeijineng @ 2020/03/15

Amy Sun is just a hot girl. How can a woman look like a 41 year old girl?

Amy Sun can be said to be the first in Taiwan, and is one of the many women who want to be. Speaking of Amy Sun, we mainland people may not be familiar with her. She can be called a star but closely linked with this circle. Her background is also shocking

dapeijineng @ 2020/03/07

Ni Ping is not only thin, but also very fashionable.

As we all know, Ni Ping has no conception of fashion. Once I also reported by netizens that Ni Ping was wearing sex on her lap, so Ni Ping did not have much modification in putting on his clothes. Now Ni Ping is not only thinner, but also very fashionable

dapeijineng @ 2019/12/23

Yang Yingna's self-confidence, dark circles so heavy, still dare to filter self timer!

For Angela Baby, I believe you will not be unfamiliar. In the running boy, the performance also attracted many netizens. But after the red, they let fly a little bit of themselves. After fighting the performing arts circle, they were destroyed by a netize

dapeijineng @ 2019/12/21

Faye Wong was dressed up in light colors, dressed in headgear and zebra stripes.

Faye Wong is a famous singer. I have heard many of her songs. I heard all those songs, such as "hurriedly", "meet 98" and so on. But these are not the key points. I am more interested in the gossip of her and Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheun

dapeijineng @ 2019/12/19

Chang Sisi ascended the "Jewellery Design Award" performance, wearing a sling long dress to suffocation.

Speaking of Chang Sisi, maybe some netizens will feel strange. Chang Sisi, a famous young coloratura soprano singer and a solo artist in the maritime Arts Troupe, has a special charm, which can be said to be unforgettable. Moreover, her facial features ar

dapeijineng @ 2019/12/19

Wang Lin is definitely a woman of age and stature. She is 49 years old, but her figure is 30.

Who, like me, did not know who it was when he saw the name of Wang Lin, but saw that the real person was immediately on the bright side. I think most of them are like this. Is this snow aunt in love and rain? It's the snow aunt who says, "don'

dapeijineng @ 2019/12/17

Zeng Li's brief appearance of the airport proved that it was meaningless to wear any skills at the absolute value.

Speaking of Zeng Li, we should not be very familiar with each other, but we should all know the beauty of Yan, as the man looks like. Zeng Li's appearance is very natural, and it looks very comfortable. Recently, Zeng Li appeared in the airport simply

dapeijineng @ 2019/12/17

Zhang Xinyu is not stingy when he shows up. Bare shoulders are not worth V.

Last August, Zhang Xinyu baked out the wedding dress on micro-blog and announced that he wanted to get married. The news was also blessed by many friends and friends in the circle. Her husband is an active officer of the armed police force, and the two me

dapeijineng @ 2019/12/12

Alyssa Chia's wrinkles on his face are obvious. Netizens: after all, they are already 45 years old.

Alyssa Chia recently attended the event. His face was haggard under the lens. He was tucking out by netizens. Alyssa Chia, 45, was wrinkled under the lens of the media. He did not look too good. But after all, aging can not be done without age. All kinds

dapeijineng @ 2019/12/11