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There are 2 new primary schools in Haining. When does it start? Is it near your home?

Yesterday, the spring tide reported good news. 1 new schools will be built in downtown Haining. We have variable classrooms, modern academies and cages. (click the underline part to view links) when the article is issued, many netizens are expecting the n

dachaohn @ 2020/05/26

Haining villa model area open, Wu Xiaobo has come! Amazing scenes.

Do you know Wu Xiaobo? He broke the Chinese habit of writing, but he was good at writing, but he was good at business. He was engaged in publishing as well as his habit of writing more than 6000 words a week. He was handsome, optimistic, modest and brilli

dachaohn @ 2020/05/24

This year, Haining city public park small class second registration notice.

The name of the kindergarten is coming out. Today, the Haining Municipal Bureau of education has announced the second enrollment registration of public kindergartens in the 2020 academic year. When will the second time be enrolment? The parents who have n

dachaohn @ 2020/05/17

I don't want to go home! Haining is too cool today: paragliding, motorboat performances, all kinds of delicious food.

Early this morning, Haining's gray tide is still worrying about whether there is a heavy rain coming, because today is a big day. There are more than 300 citizens gathered at the big Jianshan paraglider base in Jianshan New Area (Huang Wan Town). They

dachaohn @ 2020/05/16

Newest! Haining online enrollment time for primary and secondary schools is coming! The enrollment of private schools has changed greatly.

In recent days, parents often run to ask the tide king, "when the tide rises, when can you sign up online?" Just got the latest news from the Haining Education Bureau. The online registration time for primary and secondary school enrollment in Hai

dachaohn @ 2020/05/15

Mask has "business opportunities"! Some people have started the boss of Xu village. Two people are friends!

At the moment, everyone's life is unshedding. But some people aim at this "business opportunity" to start a friend's work. This is the case. In the first act, the Jiangsu people, Jiang Mou, now run a garment factory in Haining. Affected by

dachaohn @ 2020/05/11

Haining's "frozen age Mom"! 54 years old, she looks like her daughter's body. Identity is more admirable.

Today is mother's day, do you say "happy holiday" to your mother? Today's story starts with photos. Small partners look at the picture. Is this "beautiful flower" beautiful and beautiful? If the tide doesn't say, can you guess

dachaohn @ 2020/05/10

The highest price in history! This thing is going up! Someone in Haining bought 2 kilograms for 1 million yuan.

In recent months, the consumption of gold market has been increasing rapidly. [fans have been told to tide over the tide] "bought 2 kilograms of investment gold bars roughly estimated to spend 1 million". Is that true? Is the gold market really ho

dachaohn @ 2020/05/09

Just now! The opening hours of kindergarten in Haining have been confirmed.

The latest news has just been issued by the leading group office of the new type of coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work in Jiaxing. The spring tide is linked to the opening hours of kindergartens in Haining, Haining Education Bureau

dachaohn @ 2020/05/07

Make up lessons during the holiday? The latest news from the Ministry of education is coming.

How did the children's shoes go during the May 1 holiday? Recently, "the Ministry of education does not propose to take up vacations to make up for missed lessons" has aroused heated debate about the hot topic of resuming classes. The Ministry

dachaohn @ 2020/05/06

Specific to the district! The new school districts of Haining primary and junior high schools are coming! Another important reminder!

Be careful! Be careful! The new school districts of Haining primary and junior high schools are coming! Specific to the district! In addition, the Haining Education Bureau issued the latest document "Notice of enrollment guidance plan for compulsory e

dachaohn @ 2020/05/06

Monitoring and photographing! In broad daylight, this scene is too cruel.

Exposure! Angry! Some people have done such cruel things in Haining in broad daylight. Monitoring scenes captured a cruel scene today, the public Liu to report to the spring tide: her dog was shot dead by the deadly dart. Estimated time from poisoning to

dachaohn @ 2020/05/03

Newest! Haining, the 2.1 square kilometers, is a new benchmark for ancient town tourism in China.

The latest development of salt official music town is in February 20th this year, salt official music town project officially resumed. As a major service project in Zhejiang Province, the salt industry music town project has been affecting the hearts of H

dachaohn @ 2020/04/23

Haining students, the latest online timetable is coming!

"Ding Dong - please check" your class schedule. Today's spring tide has received the last class schedule of the second stage of the cloud master class in Haining, which involves students from grade one to grade three. This means that after a f

dachaohn @ 2020/04/15

Official announcement! These 18 villages in Haining are famous! Will also carry out PK! Is there any village in your village?

Over the past few years, our beautiful countryside construction in Haining has been doing better and better. There are villages like this. And village like this is called "Rural Revitalization and Party building first". In April 14th, Haining Vill

dachaohn @ 2020/04/14

A woman in Haining has been diagnosed with advanced cancer. The culprit stayed in the body for 40 years. Doctor urgent reminder!

Zhou Nainai, who lives in Haining, has never thought that she will be diagnosed with cancer. Later, the culprit died in her body for 40 years. And all this she could have avoided... 79 year old grandmother's face and trunk turned yellow. In recent day

dachaohn @ 2020/04/10

Newest! The beginning time of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in Haining is coming.

The latest news! Haining's opening notice has come. So what should Haining's schools do before and after school starts? The office of the leading group of new type coronavirus infection and pneumonia prevention and Control Bureau of Haining Educat

dachaohn @ 2020/04/05

Just now! Haining issued red alert for enrollment.

Just now, the Haining Education Bureau announced the "early warning information for first grade children in Haining household registration in 2020", of which some schools in Haining have reached the red warning of enrollment. (that is to say, the

dachaohn @ 2020/04/01

Newest! Haining Rong Hang's big move! Build a flower and youth style line, Italy leisure style street.

Yesterday, the great tide Jun told you a piece of good news! Haining Changan town (high tech Zone) will build world-class waterfront area. Create the industrial highland of Qian Tang new district. (click on the scribing text for details) just now! There&#

dachaohn @ 2020/03/29

Coming! Coming! All primary and secondary school students in Haining, please check!

Coming! Coming! Just recently, the Haining Education Bureau released the latest news. In the second stage of the seventh stage (March 30th to April 3rd) teaching schedule of the famous teacher cloud classroom in Haining, the teaching schedule is coming. T

dachaohn @ 2020/03/26