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Newest! 56! Haining 37 units open recruitment business development! It should be noted that...

The latest news business recruitment! 37 institutions in Haining have launched 52 positions, 56 staffs and 56 staffs. Let's see if there are any jobs you need. Haining talent network recently released 2019 announcement of public recruitment of Haining

dachaohn @ 2019/10/09

Proud! Unexpectedly, 7 people appeared in parade and mass procession. 5 of them came from...

Proud! Just tide, Jun realized that 7 people appeared in yesterday's parade and mass parade. It's too burning! Air force boy! The voice of the Chinese military net has recently released a video of parade training. One of the boys shouted out in a

dachaohn @ 2019/10/02

Be struck with fright! 52 years ago, a plane crashed in Haining! Today, we witnessed the rain coming to the scene.

Today, the spring tide is going to tell you a story of 52 years ago in Haining. A year ago, an airplane was hit by a missile and crashed in Haining. Today's personal experience came to Haining. The person who came to Haining came to Haining. Today, ni

dachaohn @ 2019/09/21

Super burn! Just a shocking scene in Haining! 900 policemen! 120 UAV lifts! 6 rounds of flares.

It was just a shock in Haining!!! 120 UAVs took off 6 signalling shots and raged through the clouds. 900 policemen gathered. The scene of the scene was exploded. The assembly is over! First of all, let's see the orderly battle array for bode. Today, we ar

dachaohn @ 2019/09/09

8 points of the incident! Monitoring captured the thrilling scene of Haining! The doctor ran wild.

The incident occurred at 8 a.m. in Haining central hospital. A man suddenly fell down in the examination window. There was no rush of doctors to rush. These kinds of people need to be careful! The man fell suddenly! At 8 a.m. on September 5th, a man came

dachaohn @ 2019/09/07

Cow! The president of Haining boarded the people's daily to be named as the State Council's commendation list. His speech exploded the whole audience. It's worth listening to.

The people's daily announced that the State Council was going to commend a Haining headmaster's list. At the opening ceremony yesterday afternoon, the headmaster said, "my life is my destiny!" To encourage all the freshmen to speak, his speech exploded al

dachaohn @ 2019/08/30

Watch out! Haining aunt poisoning! Just because of this homely dish! Someone will turn purple all over the body. Even if they smell too much, something will happen.

Recently, Aunt Wang (a pseudonym) in Haining suddenly felt dizzy, nauseous and rushed to the hospital after lunch. When the doctor checked, Aunt Wang was poisoned by eating a lot of local dishes that Haining people loved to eat. Dizziness, nausea and pois

dachaohn @ 2019/08/15

Watch out! A fish farm in Haining bought a fish! The belly is full of "white noodles"! All of a sudden...

Recently, Ms. Wang (a pseudonym), who lives in the Haining skew bridge, met a strange thing. When she bought a crucian carp from a vegetable farm and went home to kill fish, she had a group of "white noodles" missing when she went home to kill fis

dachaohn @ 2019/06/22

Burst! A man on the road was attacked by this thing in Haining. A large number of them appear! Doctor: you will die within 1 hours!

Burst! Gu Da Bo, a pseudonym in Haining, was suddenly attacked when he was working outside. In just 10 minutes, uncle Gu had rash all over his body. Itchy! What's more frightening is that he starts hoarse and chills. This is happening at the moment! A

dachaohn @ 2019/06/18

Scene crash! A man riding an electric car in Haining hurt himself! Traffic police: full responsibility for electric vehicles!

In many people's minds, collision between motor vehicles and non motorized vehicles and pedestrians should be compensated for non motorized vehicles and pedestrians even if motor vehicles do not violate the law. Because many people will think this gro

dachaohn @ 2019/06/12

Self-Improvement! Haining 3 births into the mother goddess! For the sake of the children! She made such a decision...

There are a lot of people have dreamed of having a daughter that would take her dress up a comb hair shiny Meng wear skirt is the father of the "little lover" is the mother's intimate small cotton padded jacket and Haining a couple actually on

dachaohn @ 2019/05/12

Only 31 years old! Haining guy rushed to rescue ICU! Even the machine index are measured out! You have this habit!

An index to exceed the standard 10 times! A high index to even the machine are measured out at 0 a.m. in Haining a 31 year old guy named Wu (a pseudonym) was rushed to the hospital! After Xiao Wu was transferred to the rescue of ICU! The situation is very

dachaohn @ 2019/05/05

Give the thumbs-up! Haining city children has a holiday! The 2 schools have specially prepared...

Our childhood is beautiful and the memories of a time in Haining yesterday 2 schools for the children for a special ceremony! Touched, joy, playfulness and growth into this ritual...... Yesterday afternoon, Haining City Yuen primary school and Haining Exp

dachaohn @ 2019/04/21

Maxed circle of friends! Haining "cuckoo Maldives" fire! More are expected soon will also have a...

Qingming small holiday Haining these days the weather is good weather sunny we believe that the circle of friends is a local scraper! You're right! We are Haining people in front of the Maldives"! Refresh my circle of friends "juan Maldives

dachaohn @ 2019/04/09

First released in Haining! The red warning came!!

Red alert! Emergency diffusion! The latest news! Haining City Bureau of Education published a notice on the "primary school children in the household registration in Haining city the first grade enrollment warning information" which Haining 4 scho

dachaohn @ 2019/04/03

Important notice! This child to kindergarten, primary school, junior high school parents must see! Please spread!

Haining parents must guide the important notice! Today that WeChat is very important to a child to kindergarten, primary school, junior high school this year must read! I remember reading the collection please tell all parents diffusion! Article -15 April

dachaohn @ 2019/03/31

Sigh! After multiple boyfriends! Haining 16 year old girl and full of the things! There are people removed...

This is a youth spend the same age but also not blooming brilliant life suffering from the disease afflicted because of premature tasting the forbidden fruit...... Recently, a 16 year old girl in the family who came to the doctor Second People's Hospi

dachaohn @ 2019/03/24

Send money! Haining, the 5 schools in a school on a big move! Exciting scene!

In the first week of school has passed the students have win their hearts? The two day Haining 5 school students! There is a big harvest! Just happy to fly! The school gave them money scholarship!!! Exciting scene! Come and see which specific schools? Wha

dachaohn @ 2019/03/02

The latest news! Create future school"! The 2 Haining school to the expansion of the! There will be a campus...

School soon! This is not just about Haining education tide you to get the latest news! Haining has 2 schools to expand! To see what 2 schools? The new campus looks like? What time is completed? Haining City Yuen primary school primary school period to the

dachaohn @ 2019/02/17

200 billion! Just 2019 of the new Haining theme! There they boarded the honor list! Have you met?

Open! Work! Big! Luck! Collect! Heart! Work! For! Today is the first day of work every year on this day of our people in Haining are very "ceremony" because every year on this day in Haining will have an important meeting! This afternoon, Haining

dachaohn @ 2019/02/11