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The owner noticed! The Dragon Boat season, these knowledge points must be remembered.

A heavy rainstorm the day before yesterday made Guangzhou the focus of the whole country. And the biggest fear of waterlogging is probably the vast number of owners. Every time there is a heavy rainstorm, there will always be a large number of cars that h

czznwx @ 2020/05/24

Abolishing the ban and promoting public figures to buy domestic cars, what did the ring drivers say during the two sessions?

2020 is doomed to be a tough year for all industries. For the automotive industry, how to make up the sales volume before sale in the next six months has become a top priority for all brands. In recent days, with the convening of the two sessions of the w

czznwx @ 2020/05/23

No "D+" block is allowed in the urban area? What is wrong with Hangzhou traffic police enforcement?

The relationship between traffic police and drivers has always been very "delicate". On the one hand, the road environment does need to be protected by traffic policemen, but on the other hand, some of their practices sometimes cause controversy f

czznwx @ 2020/05/22

Do you feel uneasy about new forces? GAC new energy AION LX is worth choosing

There are 3465 words in the text. About 20 minutes of reading will take 13 minutes to buy a new energy vehicle. Is it the latest car brand that has gained fame in recent years or will it continue to choose in the new brand of new energy vehicles? Presumab

czznwx @ 2020/05/19

Quit overseas market! Ford Mondeo will become a "special Chinese model".

In recent years, under the impact of the SUV boom and the deluge of luxury brands, the market share of the major brand B grade cars has been severely hit. The mid size car market, once regarded as "a hundred flowers bloom", is now in addition to t

czznwx @ 2020/05/18

Ling gri mixed technology parameters exposure, fuel consumption 4.1L, China insurance research results fear of the biggest short board.

At the end of last month, we had reported that the news of Guang Ben's Lingling truck was exposed at 4S shop, which aroused heated discussion at that time. After all, for most consumers, the traditional HEV hybrid vehicle is not much different from th

czznwx @ 2020/05/15

In 2020, is there any need to manually block family cars?

Let me first ask you a question: how long has it been since you've opened manual blocks? First, I would like to answer: I can't remember. Nowadays, the brand names of newly listed brands, except for one hundred thousand or below, may occasionally

czznwx @ 2020/05/10

Junwei GS and Wei long GS were badly "castrated". Can the performance cars be eaten in China?

As a brand of the US Department, Buick has been pursuing "Sports" all the time except for models such as lacrosse and GL8. Even in the Chinese market where sports cars are hard to sell, Buick has been pushing the "GS" model for many years.

czznwx @ 2020/05/09

Triumphant news! A number of car companies announced April sales, the time of bottoming out has arrived?

Since May 7th, all high-risk areas in the country have been cleared. In the blink of an eye, the duration of the epidemic has lasted for half a year, and the news of "clearing up" is no doubt inspiring. After the May 1 holiday, many car companies

czznwx @ 2020/05/07

Parallel import car new deal exposure! The Middle East version of the car will be a history.

As we all know, our "state 6" emissions are the most stringent emission standards in the history of automobiles. Take the particulate matter, carbon monoxide and nitrogen hydrides as the main components of vehicle exhaust pollutants, for example,

czznwx @ 2020/05/03

You'll lose your car if you buy it. These cars may be more fragrant.

Looking at the number of cars on the market, the best sellers and the most popular customers are always those cars. Because these models have a fairly good configuration on the one hand, and on the other hand, the premium is much lower than that of the to

czznwx @ 2020/04/29

Xiaopeng P7 listing, 229 thousand and 900, who is nervous, who support, who appreciate, who does not accept?

Hello, everyone, I am the president of tram. I am following up the trend of new energy and smart car. Welcome everyone to search for the same name micro-blog to communicate with me. In order to congratulate Xiaopeng P7 listing, the president has prepared

czznwx @ 2020/04/28

259 thousand and 900, Chevrolet's large SUV was officially launched and entered the 7 car strangulation board.

Yesterday, SAIC GM Chevrolet announced its new 7 large and medium sized SUV pioneers on the Internet. The new car price range is 259 thousand and 900 -32.99 million yuan, the whole department provides five configurations and two four-wheel drive vehicles.

czznwx @ 2020/04/17

Net friend: 150 thousand budget to buy home SUV, smart run, Haff H6, collar 02, and how to choose the smart?

As more and more users ask questions in the background message, we will gradually start to pick out some representative problems and solve the problem of buying cars in the form of articles. Some time ago, I saw a netizen asking for a classic car purchase

czznwx @ 2020/04/16

Do not doubt that the new "old music" may become the biggest selling force in the future.

Tracing back to history, the development of new energy vehicles in China's automobile market has entered fifteenth years. Since the TOYOTA Prius hit the door of China's new energy vehicle market in 2005, some consumers have experienced the advanta

czznwx @ 2020/04/15

240 thousand less than the high "big after super" listing! What Benz a grade are you buying?

The flow star, the anchor anchor, the entertainment sector has considerable strength of the host. Cadillac's new car conference in April 8th looks like two different kinds of press conferences in past years. Although it is online, it may be because of

czznwx @ 2020/04/09

Four cylinder return, exit global layout, GM paid the price for boldness.

GM is undoubtedly the largest car company in the domestic joint venture brand. In addition to the well-known Cadillac, Buick and Chevrolet's three major radios to luxury brands, joint venture high-end, young sports, the main joint ventures with differ

czznwx @ 2020/04/06

Electric cars without subsidies, no one to buy? New energy subsidy + free purchase tax policy will be extended for two years.

In order to vigorously promote new energy vehicles, the state has always provided subsidies and exemption from the purchase tax for new energy vehicles such as pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid cars and fuel cell vehicles, and also has "made a gr

czznwx @ 2020/04/03

Can 6.7 seconds break a hundred 254 horsepower SUV? Can collar 05 become a "burst"?

As the largest high-end brand of Geely, the largest autonomous vehicle company in China, Volvo has always been the biggest selling point of Volvo technology, and many of them are Volvo's common platform and engine gearbox technology. However, after th

czznwx @ 2020/04/01

Global sales are broken by 3 million. Why is Haff H6 so "bold and unreasonable"?

Referring to the most familiar type of Chinese consumers, Haff H6's name should be once in everyone's mind. Indeed, Haff H6 is one of the most famous Chinese brands SUV in the past 9 years. As a "slaughtering list" in the long term ranking

czznwx @ 2020/04/01