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After hearing these high school entrance examination results, I'm really excited

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czhualongxiang @ 2020/08/04

@Changzhou people, summer delicate health hot pot to know?

Advertising welfare fire legend surprise welfare scan code to get voucher 38 yuan for 100 yuan voucher public comments only sell July 31 to August 7 eight days mentioned fresh fungus, the impression of food is natural and delicious, but when it comes to b

czhualongxiang @ 2020/08/01

Enrollment expansion of Pugao! Changzhou parents attention! This high school is in the process of being admitted to the University

Advertisement △ campus environment △ library △ opera house △ restaurant △ Basketball Hall △ fencing hall △ natatorium Nanjing East Jurong country garden high school enrollment guide [enrollment object] Jiangsu Province junior high school graduates [admiss

czhualongxiang @ 2020/07/30

Real shot! The first day of high school entrance examination, the real scene outside the examination room

Nine years of hard study in the cold window is only to realize a bigger dream. Now, with a satisfactory answer paper on the road of life, the college entrance examination seems to be still fresh in my mind, and the high school entrance examination is comi

czhualongxiang @ 2020/07/17

Roll out the list! Changzhou 9 private junior high school enrollment list came! There are foreign languages, Zhengheng, etc

coming! coming! Changzhou 9 private junior high school enrollment "lottery" results out! On the morning of July 13, the computer random allocation of enrollment for private junior high schools organized by Changzhou Education Bureau and implemente

czhualongxiang @ 2020/07/13

Look! Changzhou 2020 school district announced, involving bell tower, Xinbei, Tianning, Wujin, economic development zone!

It's the enrollment season again, and the school districts that parents care about are coming again. Since June 22, Changzhou's primary and secondary schools have announced their enrollment policies. In 2020, all schools have finally announced the

czhualongxiang @ 2020/07/11

Coming! Jiangsu volume, the last!

Today is the last Jiangsu volume college entrance examination in July 7, 2020. More than 1.7 candidates from Changzhou started their own college entrance examination. This third year is really a legendary one, born in SARS. There is no chance to study in

czhualongxiang @ 2020/07/07

This "demon" gas finally came to Changzhou! Tianning Wyatt & Wujin Wanda two shops open together, as low as 58% off!

The half baked monster fish in the roast fish industry is only a direct battalion. It's not worth saying that it doesn't join the fame and strength. Now TA finally comes to Changzhou, and it brings a full welfare to the roast fish lovers. The fans

czhualongxiang @ 2020/06/28

The breakfast ecological record of garden new village is hidden from Changzhou Xiaonan from a snack to a big breakfast stall.

"Boss, two flax cakes!" Good morning is always awakened by food! The breakfast in Changzhou is so varied that they are not greasy with soy bean fry, dumplings, wonton and fried dumplings. As for breakfast, I believe that every old new village has

czhualongxiang @ 2020/06/28

Parents look quickly! 2020 Changzhou public primary school enrollment notice came! It involves finding small businesses, small businesses, and small businesses.

And then the annual "enrollment season" netizens have drying out their own baby school admission notice below, together with Xiaobian together to see the Changzhou district public primary school enrollment notice information summary in 2020. Tiann

czhualongxiang @ 2020/06/23

The dumplings began selling lobster?! Thirteen fragrant PK spicy! Who are you standing?

The advertisement "no lobster summer is incomplete". "The lobster that needs to peel is no soul". It saves the trouble of shelling. The whole shrimp tail is wrapped in orange dumplings, and the taste of shrimp mixed with pork is simply too

czhualongxiang @ 2020/06/20

99 yuan =1680 yuan? What are you waiting for? Quick ~

The advertisement has Tianyuan education, has had this summer vacation this summer vacation, brings the children to come here, certainly is right! Click on the applet below to buy (each provides 8 classes per hour) Tianyuan education, take children's

czhualongxiang @ 2020/06/19

618 Road hair welfare! Gourmet 60 regiment 150! Retail 200 regiment 300! Wujin's consumption coupon is reduced.

Advertising in the past 1 years, the tide remains unchanged. On June 18th, -6, 27, Changzhou preferred online gourmet 60 group 150 fold up! Better! More force! Click on the bottom applet to make an appointment for details. See the details of the merchandi

czhualongxiang @ 2020/06/16

WOW! This C frog frog is still unknown.

Advertising Frog: Oh wow charcoal bullfrog welfare 1: $19.9 yuan 50 yuan voucher looks delicious! At last, you can not see the full 100 can also stack Oh ~ welfare two: storage value 200 gift 66 storage value 300 gift 99 storage value 400 gift 132, and so

czhualongxiang @ 2020/06/12

Speed up and burn! This music restaurant has become a stronghold of the tide. You can drink, you can jump, you can also turn Karl duck!

Advertising benefits 50 to grab 100 yuan mysterious music dinner bar voucher welfare two 19.9 to grab the original price of 110 yuan, Karl duck double package benefits three set of activities gathered "mysterious night life come!" You can get 0 bo

czhualongxiang @ 2020/06/10

After the Changzhou entry policy was released in 2020, the parents of the 25 year old school, which were not limited to household registration, knew the sooner the better.

In June 3rd, the Education Bureau of Changzhou held a press conference to explain the enrollment policy this year. It was explained that free entrance examination, citizen recruitment and fair regulation were summarized by emmm.

czhualongxiang @ 2020/06/05

Do not run to the tea card Saline Lake, Changzhou has 7D glass sky mirror! And welfare, what are you waiting for?

Advertisement [at the end of the article, don't miss it.] Changzhou's new net red card hit the camping valley of Taihu Bay. There is also a rising romantic hot air balloon in Changzhou Taihu Bay Valley Valley + sky mirror. The original price is 70

czhualongxiang @ 2020/05/25

Look at it quickly! Provincial institutions recruit 708 people, over 90% into the series! Involving multiple posts in Changzhou!

Jiangsu 2020 provincial institutions recruitment notice issued! Recruit 708 people, sign up from May 23rd! The temptations of this post this year are too great! It involves 48 management departments, such as management post, general technical post, job sk

czhualongxiang @ 2020/05/23

Hidden in the streets of Changzhou net red snacks, less than 20 yuan to eat to support!

Changzhou people love to eat, and Changzhou's special snacks are a must! Aunt Hongmei Lu said that the roast roast duck and the top of the chicken chop at her door were famous, so she could not help bringing her grandchildren to school every day. In t

czhualongxiang @ 2020/05/17

Yearning kindergarten! Probably not seen by parents. Changzhou has such a campus!

The deeper advantage of advertising is actually the set of educational security system that is widely concerned, perfected and scientific at home and abroad.

czhualongxiang @ 2020/05/16