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The founder is "old Lai". 4 billion 100 million assets are frozen and billions of liabilities are in debt. "Juice king" was "dried"?

Once known as "national juice", it has been exposed to the "avant garde" storm. Huiyuan Juice (01886.HK) and its founder, Zhu Xinli, are exposed to the new crisis. Article source: Sales and management (Marketing360) author: son Qi December

clc10001 @ 2019/12/14

Internet HR: we are laying off workers like this.

After a week of continuous fermentation, NetEase's violent layoffs finally came to bear fruit. Source: finance editor: Wei Jia, in November 29th, NetEase announced that the two sides had reached a compromise on the departure of their former colleagues

clc10001 @ 2019/12/05

Buffett's "secret of success": simplicity and complexity, and a story telling the truth.

Mention Buffett, people think of the first title is "stock god". Hot blooded youth are attracted by the wealth of their enemies, and investors value their investment philosophy. Some people think that when he was a teenager, he had a very inspirin

clc10001 @ 2019/11/22

Jin Yinan shocked the speech: studying entrepreneurship with the Communist Party

The founding of new China, 70th anniversary, is also the last hundred years of the Chinese Communist Party's trials and hardships. Every step leaves traces. The history of yesterday is a reference for today. Professor Jin Yinan spent 2 hours to enumer

clc10001 @ 2019/10/14

Frying pan in financial circles! 700 billion HUAWEI "borrow money" brush screen, more "cosmos" escort! For four years, a Chinese private enterprise! The investment organization is very thorough.

Last night, a piece of fire broke out. The attractiveness of the bond market has gradually increased. China's largest private enterprise and global communications giant HUAWEI announced the first trial of domestic bond financing. According to the website

clc10001 @ 2019/09/12

Pig prices have hit a record high, the strongest pig cycle is too strong, raising a pig to earn 1500 yuan! These A share companies are trying their best to expand their capacity.

A "pork real estate regulation" news, recently exploded friends circle. Today, the average price of domestic pig has exceeded 26 yuan / kg, which is more than nearly 5 yuan / kg compared with the highest in 2016. However, in this context, market analysts

clc10001 @ 2019/09/04

The company's listing has contributed hundreds of millions of revenue to the law firm.

In the capital market, the law firm acts as an intermediary to escort the sponsor and the accounting firm for the first (IPO) project. After the birth of the science and technology board, the law firms and lawyers' teams that had the advantage in IPO busi

clc10001 @ 2019/08/15

Strength brush screen! China's main board value 100, small and medium board gem 50 series list released! (with the award photo)

In August 11th, the thirteenth China listed company value forum and the first most respected investment bank forum of listed companies held by the securities times and the China listed company development alliance were held in Shenzhen. The theme of this

clc10001 @ 2019/08/15

The United States regards China as a currency manipulator, and the Central Bank of China responds strongly.

Photo source: TW creative people's Bank of China has just issued a statement: Beijing time on August 6th, the United States Treasury listed China as a "currency manipulator", China deeply regrets. This label does not conform to the quantitative standard o

clc10001 @ 2019/08/06

Google suspends service to China? The Ministry of foreign affairs and HUAWEI responded to this.

20, according to Reuters, Google has suspended some of its business with HUAWEI, including the transfer of hardware, software and technology services. In response, my ministry of foreign affairs and HUAWEI responded. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: suppo

clc10001 @ 2019/05/21

Trump signed a "emergency" order against HUAWEI, HUAWEI responded: limiting HUAWEI will not make the United States more powerful.

Local time 15, according to a number of media reports, President Trump signed an executive order calling for the United States to enter "a state of emergency". It is reported that under such a state of emergency, American enterprises should not us

clc10001 @ 2019/05/16

Meng late boat sends HUAWEI's latest letter: activity is only in the square, but the heart is rich.

Today, HUAWEI announced a letter written by Meng late boat to all HUAWEI people in May 9th. The letter says: during this period of time in Vancouver, although my activity range was only in the "square inch", the color and the world in my mind were

clc10001 @ 2019/05/14

The Chinese side on the formal implementation of the tariffs statement! The 14 billion route through ETF funds into the city!

Washington time on Thursday May 9th, the CPC Central Committee, vice premier of the State Council, China US comprehensive economic dialogue led Liu He arrived in Washington held the eleventh round of Sino US economic and trade negotiations with the United

clc10001 @ 2019/05/10

New media operation report of Chinese listed companies (2019)

Last year, the first domestic listed company's new media operation report (click to see the diversity of new media operation of listed companies) was released and received better feedback from the market. On this basis, the Securities Times "Tianm

clc10001 @ 2019/05/08

Ten main points: a paper read six hours Buffett shareholders

Beijing time 5 4 April evening, the 54 session of the general meeting of the Boxill Hathaway company officially kicked off, 89 Warren Buffett and 95 year old Charlie Munger were again on the podium, over 3 million people on site to answer questions congre

clc10001 @ 2019/05/06

"Tianma Award" list of investor relations in the Tenth China listed company announced

In April 26th, "new vision of new pattern and new path" -- the first China listed company's high quality development forum of the securities times 2019 and the Tenth China listed company investor relations award presentation ceremony held in B

clc10001 @ 2019/04/26

The biggest misunderstanding is wrong for Buffett, regard him as "god"

A huge number of investors, "Warren" Buffett propped up the head, but it actually cover he brought to commercial social value. Buffett does not teach you how to "speculation", the real value of his idea is to teach how to treat the enterpr

clc10001 @ 2019/04/17

The visual Chinese into a "black hole", the night being interviewed, the site shut down for rectification

We always say that the world is bitter Qin long, this time, the world is suffering China long vision. If it is not a piece of black hole photos, if not the administrative micro-blog Central Committee of the Communist Youth League led the multimedia rose,

clc10001 @ 2019/04/12

TOYOTA: started from the loom to the automotive industry and the world champion industry benchmark

The source of | stone business think tank | highlight: 1. author Liu Guohua Toyota Auto Body Co was founded in 1937, has been 82 years of history. In 2018 "fortune" magazine's Global 500 list, TOYOTA ranked sixth, revenues and profits were ran

clc10001 @ 2019/04/11

Lei Jun: partner is more important than system!

This is a close call business. But now, you hear and see is 9 students dead, see is Jobs, Rebs, Mabuse, Zhou Buss, a successful entrepreneur IPO aura side magnify. Therefore, cover up in every day in high streets and back lanes, the collapse of bankruptcy

clc10001 @ 2019/04/04