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Heavyweight: Statistics of national outstanding young students, master's and doctoral students in 2020!

On August 11, the National Natural Science Foundation of China officially announced the list of applicants for national outstanding young scholars in 2020. As a support project for high-end scientific and technological talents, national outstanding young

cingta-com @ 2020/08/12

Heavyweight: the first person to complete the preliminary evaluation project of national science and Technology Award in 2020, and the statistical results of undergraduate alumni are released!

Recently, the national science and Technology Award Office officially announced the preliminary evaluation results of 2020 National Science and technology award. 46 National Natural Science Award projects, 47 National Technology Invention Award general pr

cingta-com @ 2020/08/10

Go to Northeast University!

No matter you are from Guangdong or Beijing, Shaanxi or Yunnan, you should have at least one classmate or friend who is going to university in Northeast China. According to the official statistics of the Ministry of education, in 2019, a total of 6089 doc

cingta-com @ 2020/08/07

Meet Jiazi Yunju University of technology, a powerful "double first-class" university to attract talents!

The "Rixin forum" of International Young Scholars of Beijing University of technology aims to gather outstanding young scholars at home and abroad, explore the frontier of science and technology, promote exchanges and cooperation, and attract tale

cingta-com @ 2020/08/06

Speed up the "double first-class" construction, this province and ministry jointly built university talent training strength is strong!

There are many colleges and universities in Beijing, and the strong are like clouds. However, such a school has successfully broken through with its own strength and entered the ranks of "double first-class" universities. In 2017, only four colleg

cingta-com @ 2020/08/04

Two ministries and commissions: the number of papers and impact factors can not be linked with the reward and bonus, can we solve the "only thesis"?

On July 29, the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China issued a further notice on the scientific research work style of the Ministry of science and technology and the Ministry of science and technology. It is clearly requ

cingta-com @ 2020/07/31

"Double first class" potential stock! The old and famous school is strong

In the field of engineering and construction in China, there is an institution of higher learning which enjoys a high reputation and is often mentioned by the top architectural designers: she is one of the famous "eight old schools" of civil engin

cingta-com @ 2020/07/23

Difficulty in scientific research, employment and Employment: the dilemma of biochemical ring material personnel

When searching for "biochemical materials" in Zhihu, the Related words will automatically pop up: "dissuade", "change careers", "four tiankengs". It seems that the first position in China is to persuade the biochemical indu

cingta-com @ 2020/07/22

Annual salary of 300000! Global recruitment of "Dingxin scholars" support program in 2020

Have you ever heard that a university has six campuses and seven campuses in a city? This university is Jilin University, which is the favorite of the northeast people. Jida is very big. How big is it? There is a joking saying: beautiful Changchun is loca

cingta-com @ 2020/07/21

More than 30% of the advanced students enter the top 10 universities in the world! The new university is in the spotlight

At the beginning of school, Tang Yifan will be a senior, which will be his second year in the UK as a "2 + 2" student of Nottingham University in Ningbo. Although he is still in the undergraduate study stage, he has been able to talk about the ong

cingta-com @ 2020/07/19

Is it necessary to occupy a hole in the history of university career compilation?

As early as March 23, 2011, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the guiding opinions on promoting the reform of public institutions by categories. The opinions pointed out that by 2020, it is necessary to establish a new management syst

cingta-com @ 2020/07/12

If there is no one district thesis, can I teach in 211?

(click on the picture to view the latest job information of master's degree and doctoral degree) it is the dream of many doctors to be able to teach in 211 universities. First of all, platform means the allocation of resources. The level of the school

cingta-com @ 2020/07/11

True! This "double first class" University reclaims more than 200 graduate students.

The quality of postgraduate education has always been the focus of attention. At the beginning of this year, a number of graduate schools of chemistry, law, electrical engineering, life science, and Economics School of Sichuan University announced the lis

cingta-com @ 2020/06/25

International rankings are rising year after year. Which university is the darling of the university rankings?

In June 10th, the QS Education Group officially released the world university rankings in 2021. There were 83 universities in China, including 51 universities in the mainland, 32 universities in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The overall rankings of Chinese

cingta-com @ 2020/06/17

Talent first! This "double first class" school invites talents to embark on a new century journey.

What can a University stand for hundreds of years in the top universities in China? Nankai University, which is over a hundred years old, may give us some inspiration. Nankai University has always regarded the strategy of "strengthening schools by tal

cingta-com @ 2020/06/13

This university is fortunate for the western educational cause.

In the most difficult western region of China, there is a huge team that is brave and hardworking. The scale of this team is one hundred thousand, and for more than seventy years, it has always been rooted in the front line of education in the West. It ha

cingta-com @ 2020/06/09

Strength beyond imagination! These universities are indeed the cards of the three eastern provinces.

In the three northeastern provinces, the "eldest son" of the Republic, the Linhai snowfield is the cradle of new China and the most important industrial base in China. It has indelible mark and outstanding contribution in the development process o

cingta-com @ 2020/06/03

Strong foundation plan VS University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, choose and train future scientists, which is better?

In the top universities, we should concentrate on a large number of teachers and other resources to train top notch students to solve the current urgent scientific and technological problems in China. The undergraduate training of the Chinese Academy of S

cingta-com @ 2020/06/01

Why do more and more doctors escape research?

There is a topic in mind: "why do more and more doctors escape research? "The heat has always been very high and there are tens of millions of views. Indeed, from many years ago, "Peking University Graduates sell pork" to nearly two years,

cingta-com @ 2020/05/31

Impact "double first class"! The strongest local universities invite talents to develop together.

The centenary of the founding of the school, independent school running, known as the leader of local colleges and universities, will soon usher in the centenary of Yanshan University. Standing at the starting point of the new historical development, Yans

cingta-com @ 2020/05/30