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When it comes to spring blossoms, will you accompany me to Tibet?

Recently, Tibet has entered winter. Many places have started to snow. Although there is winter Free Tibet free policy, although Tibet is not cold in winter, many small partners still do not want to choose to enter winter. Therefore, many small partners ma

chongzixiaobian318 @ 2019/12/23

The snow mountain sacred lake is very difficult to forget.

Snow mountain in Tibet has always been a favorite place for photographers. Some people say that the snow mountain here is white and sacred. It's hard to forget. Some people say that snow mountain here is full of spirituality. Behind every snow mountai

chongzixiaobian318 @ 2019/12/22

How much is Shanghai?

What do you think of when we mention Shanghai? Skyscrapers! There are 1700 skyscrapers in Shanghai, 1500 in construction and planning, and 3200 in total. The total number of skyscrapers has surpassed New York and ranks first in the world. Fashion people,

chongzixiaobian318 @ 2019/12/20

The ten most beautiful islands in China are fresh! You've been to fifth.

I have always wanted to travel, see the prosperous world, experience different daily life, and feel the freedom and vastness of the wind. Always wanted to travel, to a very beautiful place, to see the beauty of the world, to meet the better one. If Weizho

chongzixiaobian318 @ 2019/12/16

The 10 islands, which are overbursting with value, come to a winter trip, to contract the warmth of winter.

The island has always been a treasure place for winter travel. The sea and soft sand are the most beautiful elements of the island. Instead of shaking in the winter, they may invest in the warm island. Weizhou Island is a volcanic island. Even in cold win

chongzixiaobian318 @ 2019/12/12

Sorry, you really don't deserve to travel!

Travel can grow and broaden our horizons, but it can also irradiate the beautiful scenery and beautiful people behind a bright circle of friends. Sometimes there are low language quality and no fear of nature. If you take a "destructive" attitude

chongzixiaobian318 @ 2019/12/10

The 15 most suitable places for girlfriends travel, is it good to go there every year?

Know all your worries, know all your emotions, and a glance will understand you. The person who is accompanying you to laugh, to accompany you to cry, to accompany you, to accompany you crazy, may not be your boyfriend, but your dearest sweetheart. If I c

chongzixiaobian318 @ 2019/12/07

When it snows, Mount Emei becomes a fairyland on earth.

1 when it snowed, Mount Emei became a fairyland in the world. Mount Emei welcomed the first snow since the winter of this year. Compared with last year, though some are late, 10 centimeters of snow also gave everyone a big surprise. Suddenly, the heavy sn

chongzixiaobian318 @ 2019/12/03

Forget Lijiang Dali! These 15 forgotten villages are the real heaven.

Traveling, some people like the broad ocean, some love the boundless grassland, some people love the lofty snow mountain, but I love the quiet of the village. Although they have no traffic in cities, they have a kind of simplicity that makes people calm a

chongzixiaobian318 @ 2019/11/28

2020 the latest holiday calendar comes out! Don't miss those places where a person is going.

Originally thought that 2020 is very far, now only a month or so is coming. Time always unwittingly takes you to a certain time and then suddenly realize that the years have not changed. It has become a new year for us. We can be invincible, invulnerable,

chongzixiaobian318 @ 2019/11/26

Invite friends to these 15 places!

Friends are always around you, crying with you, laughing with you, knowing all your worries, knowing all your emotions, shopping together, eating together, chatting together. Of course, traveling together should go to different atmosphere to hide differen

chongzixiaobian318 @ 2019/11/14

Travel is a disease, and I am already in a state of illness.

"When you decide to start, the most difficult part of your journey has been completed." but for some people, the most difficult part is not "leaving" but "coming back". They are "patients with severe travel disorders". Do n

chongzixiaobian318 @ 2019/11/12

During the National Day! The list of nearly 200 free attractions nationwide should travel.

In 2019, most of you have seen the eye calendar. Today is less than 100 days from 2020. Did you achieve your goal in 2019? Did you start a new life? If you feel that life is too much, go out and walk. You will find that there are many wonderful tours in t

chongzixiaobian318 @ 2019/09/29

What happened to those who love to travel?

Among the one thousand people, there are one thousand kinds of Hamlett; among the one thousand, there are one thousand kinds of travel meanings. Occasionally, there is an explanation for travel: "traveling is an unexpected encounter in a boring life." All

chongzixiaobian318 @ 2019/09/13

In autumn, Tibet wants to resign at a glance.

Autumn in Tibet, how can it be described as a beautiful word? It can make people quiet and can be insane. Every year, countless friends from all over the world embark on this pilgrimage in different ways. Here you can see endless grasslands, snow capped p

chongzixiaobian318 @ 2019/08/18