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"Forgetfulness" is driving young people crazy

"Forgetfulness" is not a simple "inattention". Your cognitive function may have begun to decline. You may be calling all over the world looking for a mobile phone; you can't remember what you want to say when you get to the mouth; open

chinanewsweekly @ 2020/08/11

Can "summer of the band" still ignite this summer?

In the face of music, everyone has a ruler, but variety shows are not standard. Last year, with the popularity of the popular variety show "the summer of the band", it seems that such a problem has been browsed 740844 times. "After watching th

chinanewsweekly @ 2020/08/09

No one listed on the market with a scale of 300 billion. Can China tea win the first share of tea?

There may be more pressure after marketing. Chinese tea needs to make deep changes in its production and management mode. Among the seven things that "Chai MI, you, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea" were opened, most of the first six things relate

chinanewsweekly @ 2020/08/07

Learn mathematics and chemistry well, can you travel all over the world?

The beneficiaries of these traditional education are making it possible for higher quality science teaching and more and more inclusive education through a network cable and a screen. Recently, many candidates have received their college admission letters

chinanewsweekly @ 2020/08/06

Nanjing No.1 middle school admits mistakes for "low score college entrance examination". Is quality education playing with fire?

It seems that everything is nothing without score quality education. High marks enter the school with high scores and the college entrance examination with low scores. Because there are not many students with more than 400 points in the college entrance e

chinanewsweekly @ 2020/08/04

Jiangsu is the first in liberal arts, why not in the north of Qing Dynasty?

One school of Arts ranked the first in Jiangsu Province in terms of life and death. Because of its B + grade in history, it was not selected by famous schools such as Tsinghua University and Peking University, which aroused public indignation. Jiangsu col

chinanewsweekly @ 2020/08/02

"Shenzhou Department" was punished in Ruixing's investigation, and the CSRC announced the transfer of 10 suspected securities crimes to the Public Security Bureau on the same day

Ruixing's troubles are far from over. Ruixing coffee, a reporter of our journal / He Bin, has been disgraced by financial fraud in the US stock market. Ruixing coffee will face the investigation and treatment of the Chinese regulatory authorities, and

chinanewsweekly @ 2020/08/01

Hype can't be stopped, No.1 player has stopped, and "high score screening" is on fire

In order to prevent hype for the top students in the college entrance examination, 70 candidates' scores were blocked during the release of the college entrance examination in Guangdong Province this year. The outside world can't know who is the n

chinanewsweekly @ 2020/07/31

After we got married, Xu Guoli asked Xu Guoli to find her, and they were together again

The case was identified as "a premeditated case of intentional homicide". On the afternoon of July 25, a seal had been pasted on the door of the missing woman's home in Hangzhou. In front of the door, some people sent flowers and other items.

chinanewsweekly @ 2020/07/26

Before you volunteer, you should know about the major of "ten million yuan a year"

Keep up with the game of "keep yourself in love with your major in the future" "Mom, I can do video commentary. I can earn more than 10 million a year." "Do they want to play mahjong? Mom, try it, too Recently,

chinanewsweekly @ 2020/07/25

Because of them, positive changes are taking place

BOC Beijing Branch escorts the future with responsibility. On July 16, China's economic semiannual report was released, and the national GDP increased by 3.2% from negative to positive in the second quarter, and the economic operation recovered steadi

chinanewsweekly @ 2020/07/23

200 million primary and middle school students are taking online classes. Who will determine the standard of "good teacher"?

The key to online classes is to follow the right teacher into July. The major TV stations, variety shows, radio stations, elevators and bus stop signs across the country have been occupied by the advertisements of online education institutions. Last year,

chinanewsweekly @ 2020/07/21

Tsinghua's annual budget exceeded 30 billion! Is "Big Mac" a good thing?

First class universities have first-class funds, and only 10.71 million candidates have completed half of the journey. Voluntary choice also tests the strength of students. As of July 30, 2020, there are a total of 300 colleges and universities in China,

chinanewsweekly @ 2020/07/11

In the post Tesla era, the national team enters

The pure electric automobile industry is facing a new "catfish", which either subverts or subverts the old competitors. Tesla, which enters China with the momentum of breaking through the bamboo, dominates the domestic pure tram sales volume in 20

chinanewsweekly @ 2020/07/09

Anhui Shexian college entrance examination language and mathematics examination delay experts: the preparation examination paper is consistent with the test paper difficulty.

"The state is very well prepared, and there is no need to worry about" the impact of floods affected by 50 years. In July 7th, most of the 2 entrance examination points of Shexian middle school and Shexian second middle school in Shexian, Huangsha

chinanewsweekly @ 2020/07/07

Is the bull market coming? Be vigilant for short term mad cow!

Short term surge should be vigilant against collective trading of 230 stocks, 3858 listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities, 3620 rise, only 208 down, the stock market staged a crazy "Red Star flag", and the volume of transactions has

chinanewsweekly @ 2020/07/07

How can film and television industry survive, lose money and bad debts?

As of the first quarter of this year, A shares of 20 listed companies in the shadow market, 15 are in a state of loss, another film and television leading stock performance changed face. In June 19th, the the Great Wall film and television (002071.SZ) ann

chinanewsweekly @ 2020/06/27

Overseas study industry: serious blood loss in large organizations, and shuffling speed up

How can we catch the tickets for the next station? The two seasons of spring and summer in previous years are the peak season for studying abroad. A whole industrial chain began to operate: in February, students began preparing for language tests, reporti

chinanewsweekly @ 2020/06/25

Jia Yueting's bankruptcy reorganization: feelings first or delaying tactics?

With the success of Jia Yue Ting's personal bankruptcy and reorganization, he will no longer own any shares of FF. FF will also formally enter the new stage of corporate governance. In November 25, 2019, Jia Yueting (left) creditors' conference wa

chinanewsweekly @ 2020/06/19

"Citizen Recruitment" landed, squeezed into a good school or bought a school district room, parents were more anxious.

Some people have already begun to worry that citizens' recruitment and private lock-in areas under the new deal will raise their parents' anxieties to a new height. In fact, the attention of school districts has become even more crazy. In June 2nd

chinanewsweekly @ 2020/06/18