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Suddenly! A notice, double bull stocks were hit limit! Million hand sealed board "China God mud", the boss was arrested, a share soared 270%! The foreign capital adds 4 billion, the central mo

China Fund News reporter Wu Yuchong falls back! It's gone again at 3400. In the morning trading today, the three major A-share indexes rose and fell. As of the midday closing, the Shanghai index rose 0.33%, and 3400 points were lost. However, on the d

chinafundnews @ 2020/08/11

70000 shareholders boiling, bet restructuring success! Once financial fraud, revenue of 0, only 2 employees left, management lost contact! Just announced the resumption of listing

The 70000 shareholders of China fund daily Taylor have no sleep tonight. This time, it is not because the listed companies have burst into thunder, but because they want to resume listing and their eyes are full of tears. After nearly a year of listing, t

chinafundnews @ 2020/08/11

Netizen frying pan! Microsoft's renewal agreement "no supply to China"? The truth is Byte skipping also urgently clarifies tiktok rumor

China fund daily Taylor's tense Sino US relations have made a lot of noise about tiktok these two days, and every move of multinational enterprises has been amplified. On the 9th, a news about Microsoft was widely spread. What is the truth? Micro news

chinafundnews @ 2020/08/10

Collective collapse! Trump government threatens to withdraw stocks in the United States and China by force if it does not meet the special requirements! The SFC has just responded

China fund daily Taylor trump government's repeated bad calls! On August 6, another plan was put forward to require Chinese companies listed on the US stock exchange to comply with us audit requirements or be forced to delist. But to comply, Chinese a

chinafundnews @ 2020/08/09

80000 investors are boiling! 250 billion pounds of restructuring, A-share cement a new brother! Production capacity of more than 320 billion, social security public private placement ahead of time! Ne

China fund newspaper Jiang You central enterprise restructuring again! On the evening of August 7, Tianshan shares, which had been suspended for many days, issued a reorganization announcement. The company plans to issue more shares to China building mate

chinafundnews @ 2020/08/08

be caught off guard! Just now, China's general stock market fell sharply! Bull stocks were short again, suddenly plummeted nearly 19%! Trump's wechat ban may damage iPhone sales, with apple do

China fund daily Taylor US Eastern time on Thursday night, the US president signed two executive orders announcing that it would prohibit any US individual or enterprise from trading with tiktok parent company byte skipping and wechat parent company Tence

chinafundnews @ 2020/08/08

Suddenly! Trump's tough hand, wechat is blocked! Tencent plummeted and its market value evaporated by 320 billion! A shares fell, the new leader rose against the market!

China fund newspaper Mo Fei just now, wechat also had a big event! US President trump has signed an executive order to "address the threat posed by wechat", which is another big stick of the United States against Chinese Internet companies after t

chinafundnews @ 2020/08/07

It's heavy at night! Net profit soared by 644%, and the performance of 300 billion chip giant reached a record high! 25.7 billion over raised to do these big things!

According to the hope of China Fund News Taylor, SMIC disclosed its latest report card less than a month after its A-share listing, and its net profit growth in the second quarter exceeded expectations. As a big star representing the most cutting-edge lea

chinafundnews @ 2020/08/07

Sure enough, A-share new leader! Just now, the military industry unit was on fire again, and the tide of trading was raised violently! Gold on the urgent risk! RMB's rare surge of 2300 points, the

China fund newspaper Mo Fei recent A-share market changes! On August 5, the State Council issued a big positive, chip stocks early collective carnival, and led to a wave of small V rebound. In the afternoon, "king of nonferrous metals" rare earth

chinafundnews @ 2020/08/06

Just now! Welcome to the State Council and software! The highest 10-year exemption from income tax, 3 trillion concept stocks, funds are to hi

China Foundation news Taylor just now, the State Council issued a big positive, comprehensive called "a number of policies to promote the high-quality development of integrated circuit industry and software industry in the new era"! The chip indus

chinafundnews @ 2020/08/05

It's crazy. Winning a lot of $440000! Super big meat sign comes again today, the first share issue of registration system on GEM, the highest price in history! 5 do not set up the rise and fall, t

China fund newspaper Jiangyou gem registration system first shares to create the history of the highest issue price, as expected extraordinary! On Tuesday, August 4, A-share was a big day in the history. Under the gem registration system, 300860 Fengshang

chinafundnews @ 2020/08/04

A shares are on fire again! Just now, Kechuang 50 soared nearly 6%! 300 billion big Mac suddenly pull up, military industry shares all erupt! A powerful country must build a strong army. A new leader

On the first trading day of China fund newspaper Mofei in August, A-share once again ushered in a good start! In the early morning of August 3, smic-u, the leading chip maker, rose sharply in the opening trading, and its share price once soared more than

chinafundnews @ 2020/08/03

Hundreds of thousands of shareholders have no sleep? Trump's sudden hand, these jitter concept stocks should be careful on Monday! Let's go, young Americans!

China fund daily Taylor top word on Friday, Monday direct nuclear button? This weekend, the United States suddenly started to put pressure on tiktok. On August 1, according to media reports, byte hopping agreed to completely divest tiktok's business i

chinafundnews @ 2020/08/03

Morning is heavy! U.S. stocks reverse, tech stocks Crazy: apple, Amazon The market value has just increased by 1.6 trillion yuan!

China Fund News reporter Li Dimei shares ushered in the quarter's "heaviest earnings day.". Early this morning, Amazon, apple, Facebook and Google released quarterly reports. U.S. stock GDP plummeted by 32.9% in the second quarter, but the tec

chinafundnews @ 2020/07/31

Regarding the economic work in the second half of the year, the central government has made a heavy deployment!

The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting on July 30 and decided to hold the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee in Beijing in October this year. The meeting also analyzed and studied the current economic situati

chinafundnews @ 2020/07/31

Reach a settlement! A big news for Huawei, the chip giant soared 80 billion

China fund newspaper Taylor Huawei a big news, the chip giant stock price on the U.S. side soared 10%! On July 30, the third quarter of fiscal year 2020 (the three months before June 28) was released. During the reporting period, the company achieved reve

chinafundnews @ 2020/07/31

Suddenly! McDonald's also can not withstand, announced the closure of 200 stores

China Foundation news reporter Wu Yu's shock wave has a far-reaching impact on the U.S. economy, and even McDonald's can't stand it. Recently, McDonald's second quarter report, the second quarter of McDonald's total sales fell 30% year

chinafundnews @ 2020/07/30

Fuse 20 times a night! The company is completely hot: the new "drug God" is soaring by 650%!

Trainee reporter Wenjing: Kodak, the former film king, is now "corpse fraud" soaring! After soaring 350% in the intraday trading on Tuesday, Kodak's share price soared by more than 650% in the U.S. stock market on Wednesday (July 29), hitting

chinafundnews @ 2020/07/30

A shares are boiling again! Trillion transactions, 100 shares limit tide: Science and technology innovation board up 5%, gem 4%! More than 100 billion chip giants also limit

China Foundation news Taylor continues to play music and dance! Due to the conflict between China and the United States, after a few days of adjustment, the stock indexes of major markets today (29th) began to rise collectively. Moreover, more than 7 bill

chinafundnews @ 2020/07/30

Just now, Mr. Buffett "magnified his moves"! Spend 8.5 billion to buy this stock for 6 consecutive days!

China Fund News reporter Wang Jianqiang in others fear, greedy God of shares again. Berkshire bought more than RMB 5.5 billion shares of Berkshire's local company for nearly 2.7 consecutive days and invested more than RMB 5.5 billion in local shares o

chinafundnews @ 2020/07/29