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The two phase of the big fund, the weir and the top 100 billion companies are listed.

SMIC disclosed the announcement on 5 th, the company decided that the issue price was 27.46 yuan, the purchase was made in July 7th, the net purchase time was 9:30-15:00, and the online purchase time was 9:30-11:30, 13:00-15:00. SMIC has issued a strategi

chinaflashmarket @ 2020/07/06

Jiang Po lung Electronics announced the whole story of technology theft: strengthening technology protection and striking corporate independent intellectual property rights alarm bell.

Recently, Jiang Po lung electronics issued an official statement that Lu Hao, Zhao Ying and Shenzhen Jingcun Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Lu Hao and crystal storage technology") were suspected to infringe on their major commercial secrets

chinaflashmarket @ 2020/06/26

The storage market is on the "ice and fire day". The channel market continues to "change the price". How does the market follow?

Just after the May Day holiday, domestic consumption ushered in a wave of "small peak". According to the data released by the Ministry of Commerce in May 5th, on May 1-4, the daily sales of key retail enterprises were 30.1% higher than that of the

chinaflashmarket @ 2020/05/06

Get a micro merger big heart electronics, won the international famous chip IP company fund Alphatecture leading B round financing.

In April 2020, Shenzhen YEESTOR announced the successful acquisition of EpoStar, Shenzhen. At the same time, a microelectronics B round of financing has been achieved, and it is sponsored by the famous chip IP company's US dollar ecosystem fund Alphat

chinaflashmarket @ 2020/04/15

Storage market demand outside the "cold" inside "warm", channel prices continue to "hang upside down", SSD prices are slow down trend!

The outbreak of overseas "outbreaks" broke out from March to April and reached a peak in April. The deteriorating development situation led to the continued weakening of overseas market demand. Especially after the "closed city" measures s

chinaflashmarket @ 2020/04/14

Under the epidemic situation, the domestic channel market is "hanging upside down", and the overseas market orders are delayed. The short-term global supply chain is facing great challenges.

Since the outbreak of the "new crown" outbreak in the world, following the Chinese mainland, more than 50 countries and regions have taken part or all of the measures to "seal the city" and upgrade the control of entry and exit. This has n

chinaflashmarket @ 2020/03/24

Market value evaporated 62 billion 500 million US dollars! Mei Guang, western data and Intel's stock price panic plunged, making it more difficult for the company to operate.

The global spread of the epidemic and the collapse of oil prices have triggered a crisis, and global stock markets are suffering from panic selling. Last night, the US stock market experienced the worst day since black Monday in 1987, triggering the third

chinaflashmarket @ 2020/03/13

NAND price trend is stable, the "epidemic" impact is expanding, overseas demand is also "cool"!

Although the "epidemic" in mainland China has improved significantly, the rate of resumption of enterprises and factories is also rising. However, because of the "epidemic" prevention and control work has not yet ended, personnel travel, l

chinaflashmarket @ 2020/03/10

Western data replacement, David Goeckeler take the lead to open a new journey

Recently, western data announced the appointment of David Goeckeler as chief executive and will become a member of the western data board in March 9th. Western data before CEO Steve Milligan announced his retirement plan, and Mr. Goeckeler will take over

chinaflashmarket @ 2020/03/07

Marvell's latest earnings are turning around, and it is expected that the market will recover after the epidemic subsided, with a slight decline in the next quarter's revenues.

Marvell released the fourth quarter results for the 2020 fiscal year ending February 1, 2020. The data show that the fourth quarter revenue was 718 million dollars, a 8% increase of 8%, a 4% decline compared to the same period last year. The sale of Wi-Fi

chinaflashmarket @ 2020/03/05

Mei Guang got all the licenses for HUAWEI's shipment, and its earnings exceeded expectations, after which the stock price rose 5%.

In December 18th, micron technology announced the first quarter results for the 2020 fiscal year ending November 28, 2019, and revenue and earnings exceeded market analysts' expectations. Analysts had expected an average revenue of $4 billion 990 mill

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/12/19

The price of storage chips is getting warmer again. Samsung's market value has reached a record high.

According to the latest news, as of December 17th closing, Samsung shares rose to KRW 56700, a record high, with a market value of up to 376 trillion and 790 billion won. In addition, the share price of Mei Guang, western data and SK Hynix is also rising,

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/12/18

Technological innovation: Armor Knight first 3D semicircle split floating grid flash unit "Twin BICS Flash"

Kai Xia announced the launch of the world's first 3D semicircle split floating gate flash memory unit "Twin BICS Flash". Compared with the traditional charge capture storage unit, the "Twin BICS Flash" is expected to achieve better per

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/12/13

Moore's law of life: what exactly is EUV lithography technology?

For more than half a century, the semiconductor industry has been developing in accordance with Moore's law, driving a series of technological innovation, social reform and production efficiency improvement. As device sizes are getting closer to physi

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/12/12

PCIe accelerated to replace SATA, western data release new NVMe SSD SN550

Western data releases new NVMe SSD Blue SN550 for content creators and computer users, and indicates that its speed is 4 times that of SATA SSD, and its reading speed reaches 2400MB/s. Its upgraded cooling system can guarantee performance in frequent use.

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/12/11

South Korea has accelerated the localization process of semiconductor materials, financing RAM for 18 million US dollars, or expanding the supply of SK Hynix.

According to Korean media, RAM Technology will invest more than 20 billion won in the field of semiconductor raw materials, or will provide support for SK Hynix to increase the supply of high purity liquid hydrogen fluoride. RAM Technology said that the p

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/12/09

SK Hynix has a major reorganization in 2020 and will merge DRAM and NAND Flash development team.

According to Korean media, SK Hynix will carry out a series of personnel redeployment and business restructuring in 2020, which will integrate DRAM and NAND Flash two development departments to achieve unified management from development, manufacturing, a

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/12/06

Hui Rong has accumulated more than 6 billion main shipments in 10 years. In 2020, Q1 will ship PCIe 4 SSD in full.

Introduction: Although the storage industry in 2019 was in the doldrums, the original technology developed rapidly. Not only the 96 tier 3D NAND was gradually mass-produced, but QLC began to scale up, and it was also moving towards the 128 tier 3D NAND. T

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/11/29

National big fund formally shares in Jiang Po long Electronics

Flash market news, recently from the commercial main body credit supervision publicity platform system in Shenzhen, the national big fund has officially become a member of Jiang Bo Long electronics. Source: Shenzhen commercial main body credit supervision

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/11/14

Heavy attack! Mei Guang first released 3D XPoint technology SSD, exceeding 9GB/s speed three times faster than NAND products.

Today, micron has announced the launch of a faster SSD-- X100 SSD, which is a breakthrough in the field of non-volatile memory based on 3D XPoint technology. X100 SSD will provide limited samples for some customers this quarter. Micron X100 SSD is the int

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/10/25