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List of trade imports and exports, economic downturn, which countries and regions are the hardest hit areas!

Affected by the global economic slowdown, uncertainty in semiconductor prospects and tight trade relations, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) reduced global economic growth in 2019 to 3%, the lowest level since the outbreak of the international financ

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/10/19

Flash prices and markets are both in the doldrums at this stage, but will the future recovery be accelerated?

With the continuous development of the market and industry, the storage chip occupies the largest proportion in the whole chip. The international big factories and other companies dominate the market development, and China's storage chips are also acc

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/09/27

Without expansion, it will die out. How do the world's three major hard disk manufacturers view HDD and SSD development?

In the era of big data, SSD and HDD are the leaders of large capacity data storage, and are also competing fiercely. So how will the storage mode change in the future? What will the fate of HDD be like? How do Toshiba, western data and Seagate's three

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/09/24

Hui Rong technology will launch the latest enterprise storage master chip solution in CFMS 2019, and create the new force of 5G/AI.

In the first half of 2019, weak demand for smart phones, high inventories, uncertainty in Global trade and slow economic growth led to another round of challenges in the storage market. However, due to the wide market potential brought by 5G, many countri

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/09/12

CFMS2019: Western data will release new products and share the ZB era, data storage innovation framework!

With the rapid development of applications such as Internet of things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and 5G, information data will grow exponentially, especially the demand of data center has been showing explosive growth. It is estimated that

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/09/05

Expose the new progress of flash memory technology. Toshiba memory CTO will address CFMS2019 in person.

In the first half of 2019, the prices of NAND Flash and DRAM chips continued to fall. In the second half of the year, although the market reversed, they were still filled with the whole industry with weak demand, high inventories, continuous production cu

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/08/23

Chai, Intel and other US chip makers lobbied the US government to relax the ban on HUAWEI.

Since the US Department of Commerce in May 15th joined HUAWEI in the "entity list" on the grounds of US national security, the US suppliers have cut off their links with HUAWEI and are not allowed to sell products to China without approval. This b

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/06/18

Hefei Changxin: domestic LPDDR4 research and development test completed, into the mass production preparation stage

Recently, Anhui issued the notice of the 2019 provincial dispatching major project plan, referring to the first phase of R & D stage of the Hefei Changxin 12 inch storage wafer fabrication base project. All the monomers have been completed, and the el

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/06/06

In May, Korea's semiconductor chip exports dropped by 30.5% compared with the same period last year, and the industry will recover at the earliest in Q3.

South Korea's customs office data showed that imports in May fell by 1.9% compared with the same period last year, while exports dropped 9.4% to 46 billion 180 million US dollars over the same period, which has been on the decline for 6 consecutive mo

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/06/03

Industry observation: adhere to professional and quality industrial storage

After 2 years of price inflation, the NAND Flash and DRAM demand and price fell in 2018, and 2019 continued to be decadent. The storage industry ushered in a cyclical inflection point. Compared with the consumer storage market, the relatively stable marke

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/05/23

长江存储将发布Xtacking™ 2.0,或导入128层3D NAND,合肥长鑫亦进展顺利

在GSA会议上,长江存储宣布将在今年8月正式推出Xtacking 2.0技术,合肥长鑫DRAM亦进展顺利,长江存储和合肥长鑫分别在3D NAND和DRAM上寻求突破, 不仅能快速应对全球数据量增长对存储器的挑战,更体现了中国在存储领域的迅猛

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/05/16

SK Hynix announced first 96 layer QLC 1Tb 4D NAND sample, and by the Hui Rong certification

Hynix SK has announced to the main SSD (SSD) controller provides 1Tb QLC NAND samples, also developed the QLC software algorithm and the controller itself, plans to expand the product portfolio of 96 layers of 1Tb QLC 4D based on NAND, to strengthen the n

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/05/10

China due to weak market demand, Hui Rong Q1 net profit fell 64%!

Hui Rong announced as of March 31st in the first quarter of 2019 earnings, according to GAAP standards, in 2019 Q1 quarter revenue of $94 million 700 thousand, a decline of 23%, down 27%; net profit of $8 million 300 thousand, a decline of 45.2%, down 64.

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/05/05

WD earnings losses, pure Flash original difficult, the follow-up will face greater pressure

In April 29th, WD announced as of March 29, 2019 third quarter earnings, total revenues of $3 billion 674 million, an operating loss of $394 million, a net loss of $581 million. WD earnings is the main source of Flash and HDD, WD third quarter HDD revenue

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/04/30

Ponled innovation announced Q1 earnings forecast 2019, first half net profit fell more than 50%

4 month 29 days, Zhao Yi innovation released 2019 in the first quarter report, the quarter revenue 456 million yuan, down 15.7%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 39 million 675 thousand yuan, down 55.6%; attributable to share

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/04/30

Apple intends to acquire Intel mobile phone chip business, trading billions of dollars!

According to "the Wall Street journal" reported that Apple intends to acquire its mobile phone chip business, the potential transaction may sell billions of dollars, including patents and design staff, multi generation wireless technology related.

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/04/28

Intel's 2019 capital spending has shrunk, and reduced the annual earnings forecast, after hours stock price fell 7%

The company released as 3 December 31, 2019 first quarter earnings report. In accordance with GAAP (GAAP) calculation, the quarter revenue of $16 billion 100 million, unchanged from the same period last year; a net profit of $4 billion, $4 billion 500 mil

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/04/26

The HUAWEI 2019 Q1 revenue of 179 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 39%, mobile phone has completed 24% goals

HUAWEI released the 2019 first quarter operating results, the quarter revenue 179 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 39%, net profit rate is about 8%, a slight increase. In 2018, HUAWEI achieved total revenue of 721 billion 200 million yuan, an incr

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/04/22

Qualcomm and apple signed 6 years chip supply agreement, and to cancel all patent litigation, or with Intel?

Qualcomm and Apple Corp announced an agreement to dismiss the two companies in all litigation worldwide, and payment settlement Apple paid to Qualcomm. The two companies also reached a six-year agreement, with effect from the 2019 year 4 month 1 day, incl

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/04/17

Samsung DRAM from the Amazon server returns on the waiting list or SK Hynix

According to Etnews reported in April 9th, because of Samsung DRAM server quality problems, Amazon asked Samsung 1xnm process recovery DRAM chip, and may turn to SK Hynix DRAM procurement. Hynix SK is second only to Samsung second DRAM supplier, but due t

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/04/10