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What about less than 80 thousand of pure trams? The 2020 one is N01.

Previously, the old style N01 in Guangzhou has been accompanied by the red dot of the car market and the new energy Xiaobian of red dot for a long time. Its performance in energy consumption and endurance is excellent. It left a very deep impression on Xi

cheshihongdian @ 2019/12/23

How to conquer the 45 degree mountain ridge? The new Rui Qi 6 hit the nail on the head.

When it comes to cross-country, Xiaobian's mind often emerges such a picture: the vast Hoh Xil no man's District, several hard off-road vehicles rolling up the dust and roaring past. At the end of the convoy, there is always a pickup truck with a

cheshihongdian @ 2019/12/21

Luxury brands do not dare to promote lifetime free warranty. Why did Changan Auchan X7 dare to take the lead?

In order to cope with the upgrading of consumption, it is beyond reproach that the manufacturers offer various preferential financial or service policies. But it is still the first time that Changan's Auchan car has launched a life-long free basic mai

cheshihongdian @ 2019/12/12

Two cars shine! Geometric brand blazed the first round of the Pearl River Delta China new energy auto Tour

Recently, the first round of the Pearl River Delta new energy vehicle tour was successfully concluded by the Guangdong Provincial Department of transport, the Guangdong new energy vehicle development service center, the Shenzhen new energy application pro

cheshihongdian @ 2019/12/12

The first class + five awards, the EV460, the new energy tour of the Pearl River Delta.

After 6 days of intense competition in 700km, the first round of the Pearl River Delta China's new energy vehicle tour ended in Guangzhou, and the 30 models gathered in Yangcheng to wait for the final result. Changan's new energy EV460 has become

cheshihongdian @ 2019/12/09

Latecomers reside in the "E family" to boost Changan's new energy into the fast lane.

The year 2019 is approaching. Looking back on the development of China's automobile market this year can be said to be mixed. On the one hand, the market continues to descend. The new energy sources on the draught seem to be crumbling, but on the othe

cheshihongdian @ 2019/12/08

New car solemnly unveiled in the Great Hall of the people, Changan, what is the contribution of Ou Shang to the people?

In November 29th, the capital of Beijing ushered in the first snow since winter. Under the background of the "white elves" falling down, Changan Auchan also started the latest masterpiece in the Great Hall of the people, the city's SUV Changan

cheshihongdian @ 2019/12/06

Behind the high hedge rate is good word of mouth city SUV consumers recognize CR-V!

Will you consider hedging when buying a car? In fact, the automobile value preservation rate is also an important parameter of the automobile. The rate of vehicle value preservation not only determines the cost of your replacement car purchase, but also c

cheshihongdian @ 2019/12/04

Why did the Great Wall gun sell out half a day?

As a heavy weapon, guns are powerful and powerful. In all previous wars, it played an extremely important role. With the process of military modernization, the role of artillery has not weakened after the attack of more precise weapons. It is reported tha

cheshihongdian @ 2019/12/01

Car market downward, listing only 1st anniversary of Haff F Department why fly against the wind?

The cold air is coming. This winter is still cold. The time came to November. When we recall the past two months, the market is still not so friendly to the automotive industry. All kinds of data show that, in addition to the first half of the car market

cheshihongdian @ 2019/11/27

Wei Jianjun All in WEY to see the change and invariance of WEY brand

In November 20th, on the eve of the Guangzhou motor show, WEY celebrated its three birthday celebration. It not only successfully divided the history of the past three years, but also opened up the "user centered, technology driven and globalized visi

cheshihongdian @ 2019/11/27

What is the bottom line for TOYOTA to challenge the 1 million 600 thousand sales target in China this year? Answer: TNGA

As a car brand with more than 80 years of history, TOYOTA has a strong technical reserve, the engine and gearbox match is very mature, and in research and development, regardless of the cost, in the vehicle changes are to meet the actual needs of users, a

cheshihongdian @ 2019/11/24

Found that more than that, GAC MITSUBISHI unveiled Guangzhou motor show.

In November 22nd, the seventeenth Guangzhou motor show was officially launched as the end of the car market. It is not only a summary of the whole year's work but also a prospect for the development direction of the next year. On this auto show, GAC M

cheshihongdian @ 2019/11/23

How far is life from quality? Only a shadow can be reached.

This "double eleven" let Xiaobian hit. In order to get the best value, Xiaobian gave up his regimen, and chose to hold the cell phone at twelve in the morning to refresh the page again and again. He couldn't avoid going to work in the dark of

cheshihongdian @ 2019/11/22

Does the history of the longest auto signing contract show the "Hengda car" all?

Buy whatever you want! Harmony! Circle! Big! Good! These five reduplicated characters were painted in the circle of friends yesterday. This is the Hengda construction logic summarized by Xu Jiayin at Hengda new energy vehicle global strategic partnership

cheshihongdian @ 2019/11/14

How do you choose the best pure electric mini SUV? BEIJING-EX3 VS BYD yuan EV535

The price is close to the people, the practicability is strong, suits the city to take the walk, these merits gather together, after the market and the consumer's level test, the pure electric small SUV finally ushered in its own spring, started to st

cheshihongdian @ 2019/11/11

Double 11 buy, buy, buy, fourteenth generation Xuan Yi is the best value you can't miss.

It's the annual double 11 shopping carnival. Is the old fellow like the Xiaobian, facing the double 11 major businesses so much discount, they are buying and selling chopsticks ceaselessly? But "credit card for a while, the repayment of two lines

cheshihongdian @ 2019/11/10

"Climbers" keep on rising, auspicious autumn harvest season

With the end of the "golden nine silver ten", the domestic market did not expect the recovery. According to data from the Federation, 1 million 843 thousand passenger cars were sold in the country in October, down 5.7% from the same period last ye

cheshihongdian @ 2019/11/10

F: confidence in the Chinese market. Stick to deep tillage and be different.

In October 25th, Renault brand strategy released and correy's launch conference was held in Beijing. In addition to the brand new "Easy Life life" product strategy of Chinese brand, the upgraded "TOE Nuo" service strategy has also been

cheshihongdian @ 2019/10/28

Zero emissions and intelligent travel, Si Hao's dual layout

Editor's note: Volkswagen Group once again came to the forefront of China's automobile development strategy transformation. Facing the huge scale of new energy industry and intelligent travel market in the future, as a new brand of Volkswagen Grou

cheshihongdian @ 2019/10/25