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Visvim, # everyone how to shoot #

Visvim, today I finally talked to my love for the brand, it consists of the village century founded in 2000, and in 2013 developed regional women's WMV and experimental extension ICT (Indigo Camping Trailer) in 2014, and established the concept of the

chaowanyi2007 @ 2019/01/17

Here is the thePark Wes Chen: "some people want to know what is the real Hip-hop culture, they may find us."

Welcome to tide things not regularly updated figures in chat forum [persON] eighteenth, 2019 the first phase of this column is also the last one, because I was the black rim of the eye has been very heavy so called black eye black eye. "In the public

chaowanyi2007 @ 2019/01/15

2019 "new year" shoes together and force, but also face the embarrassment can not wear?

Enter the second week of 2019, I hope everyone toward their new year plan steadily. Although the winter cold is not completely over, but a year long, most of the brand has basically been waiting to publish their 19SS series brand shoes, also not idle, sho

chaowanyi2007 @ 2019/01/08

C.E x Nike The Conveni on sale soon, Teng Yuan Hao signed a small new

Cavempt recently, Cav Empt and Nike jointly announced the picture. C.E Nike classic style and steam wave motion series combination of showing a unique retro atmosphere. In addition, the back of the knees pants also added elastic design, the ordinary strai

chaowanyi2007 @ 2019/01/05

2019, the trend will be "forward" or "reverse"?

It has been 2018. This year, we witnessed the rising trend of the brand. The other has also witnessed the classic. At the end of last year, fashion data platform Lyst has given a degree of concern in 2018 ranking, GUCCI, Nike and OFF-WHITE firmly occupy t

chaowanyi2007 @ 2019/01/03

Doublet, # everyone how to shoot #

Doublet / D BL. T/, this won the LVMH Young Designers Award in Japan in 2018 will be the brand founded in 2012 by Ino. From the huge posters to the one and only "hand torn shirt", and then to 19SS in the impressive PVC Yokosuka, it seems keen to s

chaowanyi2007 @ 2019/01/02

The last day in 2018, a small target this year, what have not reached?

Today is the last day of 2018 December 31st, a few hours will officially enter 2019, you are already planning to the new year, a good start to the new year. But in a pleasant usher in the new year, I suddenly thought of a question: "in 2018, you creat

chaowanyi2007 @ 2018/12/31

The implementation method of topic, the electricity supplier, will produce what kind of change in your life?

The implementation of post city electric method, and how this change in your life? Everyone in the US first before each one airs his own views, talk it to our change. In October 30, 2015, under the tide. Renamed and consignment platform officially launche

chaowanyi2007 @ 2018/12/30

Teng Yuan Hao himself denied the existence of fragment x AJ1 Black Toe, the Spanish retailer "exposed" The Ten series wrap

Hanzuying recently, Instagram discovered a pair of design and Jordan by fragment Air Jordan signed a 1 "Black Toe", and revealed its ongoing sample production, is expected to be officially on sale in early 2019. But the news

chaowanyi2007 @ 2018/12/29

Air Fear of God, the future will be?

Speaking of Fear of God, what would you think? P.J Tucker I'm afraid your head was almost it recently and Nike signed a series of firmly occupied. Nike Air Fear of God "Shoot Around" Nike Air Fear of God

chaowanyi2007 @ 2018/12/28

Rooted in the Canadian Chinese shops, free and rigorous ANNMS

It is rooted in Edmonton the fifth largest city of Canada (Edmonton) of the street, with the north of the country's unique cold. The list of brands have no fixed style, or that its style is itself. Today we know is a Canadian shop, it is called ANNMS.

chaowanyi2007 @ 2018/12/27

C.E, # everyone how to play #

C.E, called Cav Empt, the famous designer Nakamura Shinichiro (Sk8thing) was founded in 2012 with its steam wave Street brand style and outstanding tailoring and much like street game player. Cav Empt South Castle because cutting is excellent, C.E has bec

chaowanyi2007 @ 2018/12/26

The topic, Dunk SB will usher in a new spring?

The trend is a circle, even if there are Air Jordan and Air Force 1 this evergreen tree, but they are only in the first line of ups and downs, not always in the red position. ACW x Nike Air Force 1 although the largest space premium mentioned shoes, Air J

chaowanyi2007 @ 2018/12/23

Edison Chan: INFRA-BRED vs BRED! Sacai X / Nike deconstruction shoes sale time exposure

Edcee3000 EDC recently pushed two in the personal account information, is all about the other color CLOT and Air Jordan 13 Low since Terracotta Army -- Infra-Bred, this pair of shoes is expected in December 22nd took the lead in France, Dubai, New York an

chaowanyi2007 @ 2018/12/22

Stone Island, # everyone how to play #

Stone Island, which we often say "Rock Island", the now popular world brand was founded in 1982 by the legendary designer Massimo Osti in Italy. Massimo Osti whether thermal reaction or reflective technology, Stone Island in the fabric pattern alw

chaowanyi2007 @ 2018/12/21

See enough to promote a variety of selling brand before, this "shuangshier" aspect of new things

"Double eleven" is still present, INNERSECT has just ended, "shuangshier" after tonight officially come. If at the same time to meet the "budget" and "independent" two conditions, then this "shuangshier" everybody w

chaowanyi2007 @ 2018/12/12

The legal copy, not a fake?

Via Samsung some Supreme joint, James Jebbia I'm afraid I can't expect. What happened today? Via digital tail of a calm and normal Monday, by a sudden breaking news: in today's new models A8s domestic conference, the South Korean electronics g

chaowanyi2007 @ 2018/12/11


AMBUSH, a Japanese fashion brand, is jointly launched by the famous Japanese HIP-POP singer Verbal and the designer's wife, Yoon. After the high praise brand Antonio Murphy & Astro in 2002, the couple was officially recognized in 2008.

chaowanyi2007 @ 2018/12/05

Not responsible for forecasting! This is probably the best place you should go on INNERSECT this year.

In last week's tweet, we made a more detailed disclosure of the INNERSECT exhibitor this year. If you want to go, you might as well go and see it. Like the first year of last year, this year's INNERSECT is still led by Edison Chan. All the stores,

chaowanyi2007 @ 2018/12/04

A radical shock coming Dior Men the early autumn show, AMBUSH signed a "metal clothing" officially released

Dior today, from Kim Jones Dior Men 19 early autumn series conference is held, as the theme of the elements of this conference, a classical sculpture based robot site about 12 meters high is very shocking. And invited guests in addition to cards, also rec

chaowanyi2007 @ 2018/12/01