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INthingS / street corner, PALACE Skateboards

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chaowanyi2007 @ 2019/10/09

New event / China lion dance, CLOT x Nike 2019 autumn series released

In order to celebrate the world basketball tournament held in China this summer, CLOT Edison, a creative director of Edison, has launched a new basketball series with Nike. In 2008, China became host for the first time to host a global sports event. On th

chaowanyi2007 @ 2019/08/10

How do you do the Paris fashion week?

Paris fashion week, originated in 1910, is sponsored by the French Fashion Association, promoting the fashion atmosphere and industry development in Paris. It is also a gathering of many familiar faces. The most important thing in the LOUIS VUITTON fashio

chaowanyi2007 @ 2019/06/22

Beijing Institute of clothing 2019 fashion week menswear show

Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology, a mention in Beijing clothing design will think of colleges and universities. This year bift fashion week's theme is "Better Life One More Time", a symbol of good continuation of life. The entire exhibi

chaowanyi2007 @ 2019/04/18

No decision on blood, 2018-19 spectators high season

In April 7th, the 2018-19 season Nike high school basketball league tournament Beijing division championship men's and women's groups, settled in the Wukesong stadium. In the women's group, Tsinghua high school women's basketball team to c

chaowanyi2007 @ 2019/04/09

Well, this year's April Fool's day we are very sincere

In the twinkling of an eye, but also to the major festival once a year. Former colleagues in this day have some fun (this is probably they become an important reason for former colleagues, for example)...... 2016/4/1 - "SUPREME Shanghai" who can t

chaowanyi2007 @ 2019/04/02

Probably the most famous vintage shop in Beijing, from the drum tower in Sanlitun MEGA Vintage

Vintage is a wonderful thing, someone to love, someone at a distance. But it is undeniable that vintage clothes is not only to put on clothes, you can read the times for the functional demands of clothing from their design. Some people wear them to work w

chaowanyi2007 @ 2019/03/23

What is the role of the text on the clothes?

The text as an important witness of civilization, on the one hand to help the human culture; on the other hand due to the handwriting on the It differs from man to man. gradually evolved into the myriads of changes, the art of writing. Costume design and

chaowanyi2007 @ 2019/03/14

NEIGHBORHOOD is changed?

Retro, Diablo, locomotive, nationality, street...... In your opinion, NEIGHBORHOOD is what kind of brand? Recently, a joint news censer let many people recall the old brother. NEIGHBORHOOD in the previous works, incense outside the black and white, blue a

chaowanyi2007 @ 2019/03/09

SUPREME to Italy, ready?

After the The Carlyle Group in Supreme, this old skateboard shop will have what kind of expansion plans became a hot topic in injection. In the second half of last year, the news that Supreme will open new stores in Milan, and this message in a single pro

chaowanyi2007 @ 2019/02/22

Kiko Kostadinov x ASICS, when the industrial design into the deconstruction of professional running shoes

Welcome to the second column of the SKeNe catalog. The tide period! This name is inspired by scan scanning, this is because we use a scanning mode to show the effect we want. In the second section, we bring together we appreciate the recent launch of the

chaowanyi2007 @ 2019/02/15

New year's Eve, UNIQLO U send you New Year gifts

UNIQLO mentioned, the first word jumped out in our mind is practical. From the earlier famous works of fleece to later refine each branch and cooperation, it is always in a public can accept the price based models to achieve the ultimate, while UNIQLO U i

chaowanyi2007 @ 2019/02/04

The gilded gold chain can be called?

We are the purveyors of unique designer gold jewelry and accessories.We specialize in sourcing the latest trends in Urba

chaowanyi2007 @ 2019/01/22

Why is UNDERCOVER a series of tribute "clockwork orange"?

When a man cannot choose, he ceases to be a man. when a person is deprived of the right to choose, he is no longer a person. This is from Anthony Burges's masterpiece "a clockwork orange" classic quotations. This classic to a people is not so

chaowanyi2007 @ 2019/01/18

Visvim, # everyone how to shoot #

Visvim, today I finally talked to my love for the brand, it consists of the village century founded in 2000, and in 2013 developed regional women's WMV and experimental extension ICT (Indigo Camping Trailer) in 2014, and established the concept of the

chaowanyi2007 @ 2019/01/17

Here is the thePark Wes Chen: "some people want to know what is the real Hip-hop culture, they may find us."

Welcome to tide things not regularly updated figures in chat forum [persON] eighteenth, 2019 the first phase of this column is also the last one, because I was the black rim of the eye has been very heavy so called black eye black eye. "In the public

chaowanyi2007 @ 2019/01/15

2019 "new year" shoes together and force, but also face the embarrassment can not wear?

Enter the second week of 2019, I hope everyone toward their new year plan steadily. Although the winter cold is not completely over, but a year long, most of the brand has basically been waiting to publish their 19SS series brand shoes, also not idle, sho

chaowanyi2007 @ 2019/01/08

C.E x Nike The Conveni on sale soon, Teng Yuan Hao signed a small new

Cavempt recently, Cav Empt and Nike jointly announced the picture. C.E Nike classic style and steam wave motion series combination of showing a unique retro atmosphere. In addition, the back of the knees pants also added elastic design, the ordinary strai

chaowanyi2007 @ 2019/01/05

2019, the trend will be "forward" or "reverse"?

It has been 2018. This year, we witnessed the rising trend of the brand. The other has also witnessed the classic. At the end of last year, fashion data platform Lyst has given a degree of concern in 2018 ranking, GUCCI, Nike and OFF-WHITE firmly occupy t

chaowanyi2007 @ 2019/01/03

Doublet, # everyone how to shoot #

Doublet / D BL. T/, this won the LVMH Young Designers Award in Japan in 2018 will be the brand founded in 2012 by Ino. From the huge posters to the one and only "hand torn shirt", and then to 19SS in the impressive PVC Yokosuka, it seems keen to s

chaowanyi2007 @ 2019/01/02