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Two sessions proposal: power semiconductors will be the best breakthrough for China core.

During the special period of the advertising column, the voice of the two sessions is worth looking forward to. As China and the us compete in science and technology, the proposals and suggestions on the development of China's semiconductor industry h

cepemchina @ 2020/05/23

Samsung reclaims $8 billion 100 million to build a new 5nm chip production line

Advertisement column May 21st, according to foreign media reports, Samsung Electronics announced that the new 5nm chip production line based on extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV) technology has already started construction, with an investment of up to

cepemchina @ 2020/05/21

The total investment is 35 billion! Hangzhou welcomes 12 inch integrated circuit manufacturing project

Recently, the Hangzhou development and Reform Commission issued the "key project implementation plan for Hangzhou in 2020", including the related projects of several semiconductor / integrated circuit projects in Hangzhou Semiconductor Manufacturi

cepemchina @ 2020/05/20

Foreign media: TSMC has introduced a new generation of wafer level IPD technology for 5G mobile devices.

According to foreign media reports, TSMC has introduced a new generation of wafer level integrated passive device (IPD) technology, which will be used in 5G mobile devices. Foreign media reports show that TSMC has been developing for many years in wafer l

cepemchina @ 2020/05/15

2 billion 250 million invest in purple! The two phase of the big fund completes the first investment project.

In April 28th, according to industry news, the first investment project of the two phase of the National IC Industry Investment Fund (big fund two phase) has been signed. According to the news, the two phase of the National IC Investment Fund (national la

cepemchina @ 2020/04/29

Foxconn semiconductor high-end seal test project settled in Qingdao!

In April 15th, Qingdao West Coast new area and Foxconn Technology Group launched the "cloud signing" activities through the form of network video. Foxconn semiconductor high-end seal testing project was officially settled. The project will expand

cepemchina @ 2020/04/16

Global ranking of semiconductor manufacturing equipment sales in 2019

The International Semiconductor Industry Association (SEMI) announced on 15 March that the global semiconductor equipment market report pointed out that the total sales volume of semiconductor manufacturing equipment in the world in 2019 amounted to US $5

cepemchina @ 2020/04/15

CCTV: China 5G mobile phones and other supply chain began to seek alternatives to localization.

April 8th, according to CCTV financial report, the supply chain of China's 5G mobile phones and other electronic information products is being impacted by overseas epidemic. At present, many manufacturers have begun to look for alternatives to localiz

cepemchina @ 2020/04/09

10 billion! Integrated circuit advanced seal module and module manufacturing project settled in Hefei.

In April 2nd, Shenzhen Science and technology announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Pton Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. or affiliated company invested in the advanced circuit and module manufacturing project of integrated circuits in Hefei. Deep sc

cepemchina @ 2020/04/04

The latest ranking of semiconductor equipment factory, the absolute monopoly of the US and Japan

Recently, VLSI Research, the semiconductor industry research firm in the US, released the sales ranking of the global semiconductor equipment manufacturers in 2019 (quick report value). In the top 15 semiconductor equipment companies, the top 8 remain unc

cepemchina @ 2020/04/02

Completion of China's IC industry in 2019

According to statistics released by China Semiconductor Industry Association, in 2019, the sales revenue of China's IC industry was 756 billion 230 million yuan, an increase of 15.80% over the same period, of which, the sales revenue of design industr

cepemchina @ 2020/03/27

Suzhou is going to build a semiconductor high-end processor industrial base.

According to the report of Suzhou Industrial Park, Chen Zhenyi, director of the Standing Committee of the Suzhou Municipal People's Congress recently, led the team to the key industrial projects linked to the Suzhou Industrial Park and visited Suzhou

cepemchina @ 2020/03/26

Notice on the convening of the eighth annual meeting of China semiconductor equipment in 2020

Related units: semiconductor equipment manufacturing industry is a strategic industry for the integrated circuit and semiconductor device industry in China. It is a high-end equipment manufacturing industry that promotes the manufacturing capacity of Chin

cepemchina @ 2020/03/25

2019 world IC design enterprise TOP10

According to Tuo Products Research Institute, in 2019, the top ten enterprises in the world integrated circuit design (FabLess) revenue amounted to US $67 billion 997 million, compared with 2018 revenues of US $70 billion 901 million, down 4.1% from the s

cepemchina @ 2020/03/20

Another 8/12 inch project started! Foundation of Guangzhou Nansha Haixin integrated circuit R & D production base

In March 18th, Haixin China headquarters and integrated circuit R & D production base project in Nansha Economic Development Zone of Guangzhou was officially launched. Zhang Rujing, chairman of Xin en (Qingdao) integrated circuit Co., Ltd., attended t

cepemchina @ 2020/03/19

The four sector of the state abolished the administrative measures for the identification of integrated circuit design enterprises

Yesterday, the Ministry of industry, the development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued a document and decided to abolish the management measures for the identification of integrated circ

cepemchina @ 2020/03/12

2 billion yuan big data memory semiconductor manufacturing R & D project signing landing in Chongqing

In March 5th, there were 18 projects signed by Jiangjin in Chongqing. The total investment was 5 billion 520 million yuan, involving many fields, such as semiconductor manufacturing, new energy vehicle, consumer goods industry and so on. Among them, big d

cepemchina @ 2020/03/07

[device topics] challenges and solutions for silicon wafer slant defects faced by 3D NAND flash memory manufacturing

Selected from the Journal of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the forty-fifth Research Institute of the China Electronic Technology Group Corporation is jointly sponsored by the Faires Information Consulting Co. Ltd. of Beijing and the

cepemchina @ 2019/12/21

Suspected of job encroachment one hundred thousand yuan! Yang Zuoxing, director of chip design of the former bit continental mining machine, was arrested by Shenma mining machine founder.

According to Caixin net, recently, the Nanshan District people's Procuratorate of Shenzhen city of Guangdong Province approved the arrest of the suspect, Yang Mouxing, who was the founder of Shenzhen bit Micro Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (hereina

cepemchina @ 2019/12/16

The two issue is US $8 billion! Xi'an Samsung Electronics flash chip project investment landing

In December 10th, Xi'an Samsung Electronics flash chip project two phase second stage 8 billion US dollar investment officially started. It is reported that Samsung Electronics has invested $10 billion 800 million in the first phase, and has completed

cepemchina @ 2019/12/11