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The United States plans to spend 10 years building quantum Internet. Does China need it?

Recently, the U.S. Department of energy released a report in Chicago, the headquarters of its quantum research base, and released the "strategic blueprint for the development of quantum Internet in the United States" (referred to as the "bluep

cena1984 @ 2020/08/10

"It's a pity Huawei didn't make chips."

Yesterday, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei's consumer business, said that mate 40 will go public this fall, and its Kirin 9000 may be the best of Huawei's high-end chips. Unfortunately, Huawei didn't make chips, he added.

cena1984 @ 2020/08/09

2020 virtual reality industry innovation competition officially launched! Application method attached

The picture shows the scene of the 2019 virtual reality industry innovation competition. The 2020 virtual reality industry innovation competition, jointly sponsored by the virtual reality industry alliance and Nanchang Municipal People's government, h

cena1984 @ 2020/08/08

Riding the wind and waves is the right time, high quality development of integrated circuit and software industry!

Recently, the State Council issued a number of policies to promote the high-quality development of integrated circuit industry and software industry in the new period (hereinafter referred to as "several policies"). Integrated circuit industry and

cena1984 @ 2020/08/05

7Nm process "stuck", Intel "still can eat"?

More than expected revenue can often enhance the confidence of the capital market and drive the double growth of stock price and market value. However, Intel, which just announced its second quarter results, has become an exception. On the same day, the n

cena1984 @ 2020/08/02

One car needs 100, China has become the world's largest market for vehicle MCU

"China is the world's largest automobile manufacturer and marketing country, and also has the world's largest automotive MCU market. At present, an average of about 100 MCU will be used in a car. According to this estimation, the total market

cena1984 @ 2020/07/31

Bread can be cut, 5g can be cut?

What is 5g slice? Compared with 4G, 5g has the ability to provide deterministic and differentiated services. It can be flexibly deployed for diversified services, so 5g introduces the concept of "slice". Network slicing is an on-demand networking

cena1984 @ 2020/07/23

Academician Ouyang Zhongcan: no screen and 3D are the next generation display technology direction

"The development of 3D display technology will continue to be promoted by the development of the next generation of holographic display technology, such as 3D display technology." Ouyang Zhongcan, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and dir

cena1984 @ 2020/07/21

Google, Intel, Microsoft are all talking about "environmental computing", is it a gimmick or a new outlet?

Recently, Rick osterloh, senior vice president of Google devices and services, announced in an official blog that Google officially acquired north. North is an augmented reality company with products similar to Google glasses. This is not an ordinary ar a

cena1984 @ 2020/07/13

R16 freezes, c-v2x takes off? Let's make this topic clear today

At the world artificial intelligence conference 2020 held in Shanghai, autonomous driving is a hot topic. Recently, 3GPP, the international organization for mobile communication standards, has just completed the formulation of R16 standard. In this versio

cena1984 @ 2020/07/11

GuoDun quantum listed on the first day soared 10 times, why quantum communication so "bull"?

On July 9, GuoDun quantum landed on the science and technology innovation board, with the highest intraday increase of more than 1000%. By the end of the day, the stock price soared 923.85% and closed at 370.45 yuan / share, setting a record for the first

cena1984 @ 2020/07/11

Four suggestions on accelerating the development of artificial intelligence in Miaowu

On July 9, the opening ceremony of cloud summit of 2020 world artificial intelligence conference was held in the Golden Hall of Shanghai World Expo Center. Li Qiang, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the Shanghai

cena1984 @ 2020/07/09

How did San'an photoelectricity suddenly become a hot cake?

Leading high core and Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. has invested 7 billion yuan into the account. Recently, Sanan optoelectronics has taken another step forward in the road of cooperation with home appliance enterprises. Why has San'an optoelectro

cena1984 @ 2020/07/08

How did OPPO jump into Mariana's big ditch?

Recently, it was reported that the general manager of the radio division of MediaTek joined OPPO and served in the mobile phone chip department, causing the outside world to discuss the development and progress of OPPO mobile phone chip. "Core making&

cena1984 @ 2020/07/07

To solve the shortage of 5G millimeter wave technology, it will achieve a billion dollar market.

During the decades of commercial development of the communications industry, millimeter wave seems to have been a field that has never been reclaimed. Although many laboratories of communications giants have continued to study it, millimeter wave has not

cena1984 @ 2020/07/01

The key issues of 6G network, China Mobile Research Institute chief expert said clearly.

Mobile communications, the generation of commercial generation research and development. China's 5G business has been full for one year, and 6G's research started last year. What changes will be made to mobile communications in 2030, what applicat

cena1984 @ 2020/06/26

How did the Beidou global navigation system operate commercially after the perfect networking?

At 9:43 on June 23rd, the last global network satellite of the Beidou three system, which was postponed for a week, was successfully launched from the Xichang satellite launch center and successfully flew to the sky after eliminating all technical doubts.

cena1984 @ 2020/06/24

The first 5G coal mine has been completed, and the 5G industry application has really come!

5G's important mission to empower vertical industry has achieved initial success in the coal industry and has shown the trend of large-scale deployment. In June 18th, the first 5G intelligent coal mine was built by China Mobile and Yangyang coal group

cena1984 @ 2020/06/19

FPGA, the core thrust of the new infrastructure

The new infrastructure is the infrastructure of digital technology. It has the characteristics of fast development and high technology content. With the emergence of new technologies and applications, it brings new demands for the dynamic updating of comp

cena1984 @ 2020/06/15

The third generation of semiconductor gallium nitride + "new infrastructure" =?

This year, gallium nitride (GaN) is fast becoming a "net red" product, and has been "touted" by mobile phone manufacturers such as millet, OPPO, Meizu and so on. Gallium is rapidly expanding in the field of consumer electronics, and its ap

cena1984 @ 2020/06/14