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The most worthwhile MV at the end of the year is the Marine Corps version of your answer.

There is an honor that I am from the Marine Corps. I hereby dedicate to you the MV "your answer" to the Marines. This is my passport photo without the make-up, without the PS certificate, to shine the truest of me! This is my life in the bathing f

cctvnewscenter @ 2019/12/23

Aircraft carrier "off single"! The blessing of this university is very special.

On the afternoon of 17, the first China made aircraft carrier Shandong ship was delivered to a naval port in Sanya, Hainan, and China officially entered the era of double carrier. Yesterday, two aviation "snow ships" were discovered on the militar

cctvnewscenter @ 2019/12/20

Come and watch! Shandong ship "pancake" refused to accept it.

On the 19 day, the Shandong ship made its way to the sea and circled the circle to catch the heat. In the recent open sea trial, China's first domestic aircraft carrier, the Shandong warship, painted a beautiful circle in the blue sea. Click on the vi

cctvnewscenter @ 2019/12/20

Anchors say the Navy likes to introduce domestic aircraft carriers into the era of dual carrier Hai Xia: hard core, reliable!

Today is December 17th. The first domestic aircraft carrier in China was named "the Shandong navy of the Chinese people's Liberation Army". In the afternoon, the Shandong ship was delivered to the Navy at a naval port in Hainan Sanya. Hai Xia,

cctvnewscenter @ 2019/12/18

Who never wanted to give up and shed tears?

Today is the day of the English Band 46 examination. At the same time, it is only a full week from the 2020 postgraduate examination. The final examinations of major universities will also come one after another. Many students are sprinting for the exam.

cctvnewscenter @ 2019/12/15

How do you translate the four generations together? This topic is mentioned again in the English Band 46 examination.

No accident, today's grade 46 exam is another fire! In the second half of 2019, the National College English Test Band Four and band six will be opened today, and the candidates will be able to enquire in February next year. At this time, all kinds of

cctvnewscenter @ 2019/12/14

"I am a female driver, driving 60 thousand tons of aircraft carrier."

She was the first female helmsman of the Liaoning ship to navigate at sea. The 60 thousand ton aircraft carrier was steered by one of her. She said that the Liaoning ship was very large, with more than one newborn child living in a room one day and 10 yea

cctvnewscenter @ 2019/12/14

Infinitely far away, countless people are related to me.

82 years ago, in December 13th, the Japanese army began a more than 40 day massacre in Nanjing, killing more than 30 Chinese compatriots. In December 13, 2019, the Sixth National massacre victims of the Nanjing massacre killed the people in the past. Read

cctvnewscenter @ 2019/12/13

82 years, never forget

The plane roared and sparkled for 82 years. It was like the killing of yesterday's riverside. That year, the Japanese invasion of Nanjing captured more than 40 days of brutality and cruelty. It shocked China and the world. The Japanese army killed the

cctvnewscenter @ 2019/12/13

Comment: Peking University dismissed Feng Renjie, who taught him a lesson?

In December 11th, Peking University official micro bulletin, Feng Renjie seriously violated the ethics of teachers, the school decided to cancel Feng Renjie's qualification, cancel his Postgraduate Tutor qualification and dismiss. Prior to that, Shang

cctvnewscenter @ 2019/12/12

Macao time

Macao is a city with a long history. In the past 400 years, the integration of Chinese and Western culture has achieved today's Macao, where there are not many prosperous buildings, but they retain more authentic Portuguese customs. Large and small cu

cctvnewscenter @ 2019/12/11

Today, cherish the memory of Tsien Hsueshen!

He is an outstanding scientist. Americans once described him as "one man is worth 5 Marines". He is the founder of China's space industry and firmly believes that "foreigners can engage in Chinese people." He was Tsien Hsueshen under h

cctvnewscenter @ 2019/12/11

16 years after the dog training, the old soldier and military dog sobbed and said goodbye. ..

Recently, Zhou Jun, a sergeant of a rocket training dog training team, is about to retire from the army. "Immediately ending 16 years of military career, leaving the familiar army, leaving a lot of things to say," before leaving, he gave Amy the l

cctvnewscenter @ 2019/12/11


The National Bureau of statistics released today's November national CPI (consumer price index) and PPI (producer price index of industrial producer) data in 2019. In November, consumer prices nationwide rose by 4.5% over the same period last year, ri

cctvnewscenter @ 2019/12/10

Another Korean star dies! CCTV exposing the "Curse of suicide" in Korean entertainment circles

Recently, the entertainment industry in South Korea again reported bad news. The 27 year old Korean male artist Che Ren river was found dead at home. In just 50 days, this is the third young Korean artist who died suddenly. I can't help but sigh, what

cctvnewscenter @ 2019/12/10

Urgent! The pregnant woman suddenly fell into labor at night.

Recently, the 120 emergency center of Huludao, Liaoning, received an urgent appeal from a citizen at 3 a.m., saying that his wife, who was 33 weeks pregnant, had severe abdominal pain and signs of bleeding. The dispatcher just dispatched the ambulance to

cctvnewscenter @ 2019/12/09

CCTV strongest presided over the day regiment.

To talk about the most popular variety show CCTV's host contest, there must be a place from the contestants to the judges, and then to the commented guests. They are carrying guns, witty words, and strict logic. They are praised by the netizens as the

cctvnewscenter @ 2019/12/08

It's them, guarding Xinjiang! The soldier left a passage to read the instant tears.

Recently, the documentary "China Xinjiang counter-terrorism front" and "behind the scenes black hand" - "East Asian Games" and "Xinjiang terror" have first disclosed some cases and scenes of anti-terrorism in Xinjiang. Afte

cctvnewscenter @ 2019/12/08

When he told the story of the year, the more than 80 year old wife's eyes were full of worship.

One afternoon in the countryside of the North China Plain, tranquil and safe. The winter sun shone on the two old people in the yard. A man tells a story about a woman who shot down an enemy plane more than 50 years ago when he was a soldier. The more tha

cctvnewscenter @ 2019/12/08

During the operation, a knife surgeon breaks out the heart, and he chooses when he is dying.

Recently, in a surgery performed in Yingkou Central Hospital of Liaoning, the knife surgeon suddenly had myocardial infarction. At the critical moment, the doctor insisted that his colleagues first treat the patients on the operating table, give the hope

cctvnewscenter @ 2019/12/07