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Can the number of transfer network reinvent the market share of operators?

Countdown to network transfer. The number of transfer network has entered the countdown in the whole country, and the Ministry of industry and Commerce will also officially release the Interim Measures for carrying out the network management. So, will the

cctimefxw @ 2019/10/18

5G accelerates: no killer app, only killer experience.

In October 16, 2019, 5G reported that in 2019, the pace of commercial development in the world was accelerating. Operators in various countries were actively deploying 5G networks and services. However, influenced by the global political and economic envi

cctimefxw @ 2019/10/17

5G system dispute HUAWEI and millet may not be right.

HUAWEI and millet argue about the 5G system, who is right? 5G business is coming soon, and the dispute over the 5G system of SA (independent Networking) and NSA (independent Networking) has been on the cusp. Recently, Yu Chengdong and Lei Jun's topic

cctimefxw @ 2019/10/14

In August, the domestic mobile phone market shipments decreased year by year, 5G mobile phone sales 291 thousand.

Recently, the China information and Communication Research Institute released the data report on domestic mobile phone sales in August 2019. The report shows that in August 2019, the total domestic shipments in the mobile phone market were 30 million 875

cctimefxw @ 2019/10/10

Welcome to the 70 birthday of our motherland, displaying the elegant demeanour of Communication Era

Development of imprint "left and right slide to check the development of communications industry every ten years development mark" >>1949 ~1959, the Ministry of Posts and telecommunications was formally established, telephone and telegraph

cctimefxw @ 2019/10/02

How do operators do SD-WAN?

With the emergence of new business scenarios such as Internet of things and industrial Internet, the network is facing the needs of openness, integration, intelligence and personalization. The new generation of network innovation technology represented by

cctimefxw @ 2019/09/25

Special report, Hello 5G, empowering the future

Special report on Tianyi intelligent ecological Expo Hello 5G empowerment in the future 2019, is the "Tianyi intelligent ecological Expo" after ten years of hardship, and strive for the eleventh year. Coincides with the first year of 5G, China Tel

cctimefxw @ 2019/09/20

Entering the deep water area of public cloud market: new pattern

Recently, the British research firm Canalys has released the second quarter of 2019 in China.

cctimefxw @ 2019/09/19

3GPP RAN "double chairperson": ZTE's 5G standard leadership is on a new stage.

In August 2019, ZTE communications expert Sergio Parolari was successfully elected vice chairman of the new 3GPP RAN2 working group. Since the high pitch from ZTE was elected vice chairman of 3GPP RAN3 working group in August 2017, ZTE has formed in 3GPP,

cctimefxw @ 2019/09/18

Who wins the battle for 5G chips?

Today we talk about the story of the 5G chip, a chip like a nail cover, which has become the focus of the top technology companies in the world. Especially in the 2019 of the first commercial year of 5G, the movements of large factories on chips are becom

cctimefxw @ 2019/09/10

ZTE Li Hui: convergence of all forces to accelerate the application of 5G video Landing

To promote the enrichment and maturity of 5G video applications, ZTE recently held a video product partners Summit Forum in Nanning, and explored more than 200 new technologies and new opportunities in the 5G video area with the domestic video ecology par

cctimefxw @ 2019/09/06

The next generation of smart phones

When 5G meets AI, do you expect your cell phone to become more and more intelligent? 5G has entered the fast lane of scale commerce. This is not only limited to the "G" speed, but also the combination of 5G and AI. In recent years, the rapid development o

cctimefxw @ 2019/09/02

5G "news": the first landing 5G application

In the future, 5G world's "new friends" - the first wave 5G mobile phone has arrived. HUAWEI Mate20 X (5G), Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G and iQOO Pro 5G version. Now that the cell phone is available, we'll talk about something else. For example, in addition

cctimefxw @ 2019/08/27

The way to solve the network security problem is "magic is one foot, the road is high."

5G security is a double-edged sword. During this period, the topic of network security is unusually hot, especially on the issue of 5G network security and the way to solve it. As we all know, 5G, as a new generation of mobile communication technology, wi

cctimefxw @ 2019/08/22

Broadcasting on the agenda of the future: more than 5G "hematopoiesis"

The 5G plan of radio and television has come to see the group data analysis first: statistics show that as of the end of June this year, the number of subscribers of cable digital TV subscribers was 144 million, a net decrease of 1 million 789 thousand ho

cctimefxw @ 2019/08/21

Glory President Zhao Ming: hung Meng + smart screen, let big screen return to "experience is king".

Recently, in Shenzhen, glory released the first smart screen product with Hong Meng's operating system. The industry's highly concerned HUAWEI intelligent screen strategy and self research intelligent terminal operation system are displayed in the eyes of

cctimefxw @ 2019/08/13

5G runs, smart phones hope IoT wins the second half.

Mobile phone +? Recently, a number of agencies released the two quarter Research Report of the mobile phone market. Although the survey data are not the same, but the global smart phone shipments continued to decline this is consistent. The latest report

cctimefxw @ 2019/08/05

NB-IoT: the main technology of 5G Internet of things in the future

A few days ago, China completed the complete submission of IMT-2020 (5G) candidate technology solutions. In the submitted plan, NB-IoT technology has been formally incorporated into the 5G candidate technology collection. It is expected that in June 2020,

cctimefxw @ 2019/07/31

Exclusive interview with HUAWEI He Gang: why is the first 5G dual mode phone priced so low?

Recently, HUAWEI has released two 5G terminal products in Xi'an, the data terminal 5G CPE Pro and 5G mobile Mate 20X (5G), adding a fire to the gradual commercial process of 5G in China. Mate 20X (5G) is the only 5G dual-mode smart phone currently commerc

cctimefxw @ 2019/07/30

China's first IMS network call out, or accelerate the 2G, 3G retreat network

First look at a news: Recently, Hunan mobile made the first IMS network call to Hunan Telecom. This marks the possibility of VoLTE interoperability between Hunan mobile and Hunan Telecom. If the VoLTE between the three major carriers can be interconnected

cctimefxw @ 2019/07/25