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In winter, these dishes can be eaten for a few yuan, but they can be sweet and healthy.

One winter, that is to keep fat, like to eat all kinds of gourmet accumulation heat, pile up fat resistance to the biting cold wind. The most favorite is yam, every time you eat hot pot, you have to come to the two big plate to get used to it! Moreover, y

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This crispy mackle chicken nuggets are delicious! It sells 12 yuan outside, and it can be eaten 2 times today in 6 yuan.

Every time the desire for gluttonous chicken broke out at night, the fried chicken nuggets and drinks at night were simply a combination of gods. Anyway, no matter how old the chef is, the fried chicken is all like honey! The crispy crisp chicken nuggets

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Authentic Fuping dried persimmon is full of sweet heart. You can only eat 2 months in a year and wait for next year!

This winter month also passed by a half and half. Yesterday, there was a heavy snow in Beijing. But the happiest thing was that Fuping's dried persimmon was finally on the market. The sweet and sweet persimmon frost hung on the dried persimmon, like t

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Do not make fried rice with fried rice.

The leftover rice is crispy. Do you remember the rice crust when you were young? One of the children's delicious food in the memory of a chef is the crispy rice that clings to the pot when it is cooked, and the golden crisp pan tastes good. Unfortunat

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The rice cooker can make a delicious three sauce stew in the same restaurant. Do not put a drop of water in it.

Three sauce stew pot in winter, cold weather should eat something hot and save food! Today the chef teaches you a three sauce stew! Without adding a drop of water, the moisture that comes from vegetables and meat can be stewed and cooked. The flavor is st

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Save your snack, and use your own warm heart to warm your stomach.

The weather is getting colder and colder. Why don't you know why it's so easy to get hungry and get into a snack? Canned Jun prepared several small snacks which are very convenient to do. You eat your mouth well, er take away, don't thank donk

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Eat these cookies in winter morning.

They say breakfast is comfortable at home, but breakfast at home is like fighting. Why? It's not because of worry. Today, the canned gentleman has counted 6 simple breakfast cakes without rubbing the noodles, not touching the hands for 10 minutes to g

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Glutinous rice balls! Four yuan a dollar! No sweet, no money!

Speaking of numei rice cake, the first thing that you think of is the delicious taste of its fragrant and waxy hay, the lovely appearance of round soft, and the hard work of dozens of minutes with a pestle. Today, the chef teaches you a fresh fruit glutin

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100% the "sugar snowball" with frost is sweet and sour, which is simpler than imagined.

Candy snowball today, the chef wants to share with you a super tasty candy snowball practice. It should be one of the most popular snacks in the season. It tastes sweet and sour, and it can appetizer and eliminate food, which is suitable for both young an

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Omnipotent dumpling skin can do anything. Earth people can't stop it!

Dumpling skin is really versatile. With a little bit of thought, you can play a lot of tricks, you can wrap wonton and make a thousand layers, and you can make a wide variety of noodles and stir fry directly. I didn't expect to eat dumplings so much.

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After eating this candy orange, everything else will be done. An explosive juice is more enjoyable than orange juice.

If autumn is the flavor of grapefruit, then winter is the smell of oranges! Oranges are like "spokesmen" of rich C. In fact, we do not lack a beautiful "standard orange". We lack fruits that are safe, reassuring and sweet like fruit trees

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5 minutes to clean up the entire kitchen's 3 pieces of cleaning artifact.

There are always some housework, can let people dry to collapse oil filled kitchen stove, fume hood with rust and oil spoil pot...... At the thought of these things, the whole family is not good. The household effort and time consuming are all the things

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Pork is going up again, and this bowl of juicy rice must be eaten.

Braised rice with sausage sausage eleven February, outside blowing in the wind, you return home with a strong wind. What do you want to eat most? The canned gentleman is absolutely the thick thick juicy rice that sucks the soup to mix rice, the person tha

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There is a kind of delicious called sweet potato. Besides baked it, there are N ways to eat.

If you ask canned gentleman what is your favorite food in winter? I will tell you without hesitation -- roasting sweet potatoes! Recently, the day is getting colder and colder. Think of the aroma of the roasted sweet potato on the roadside, and it can'

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Do not bother what to eat at noon! 5 kinds of lunch dishes that do not give you a heavy lunch every week!

I don't want to take out for lunch. I want to cook for myself, but I don't know what to bring. Those delicious lunches for office workers must be missed. The method is simple, with high nutritional value, and a few minutes to kill all kinds of tak

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Awake in winter March, wake up with sweet snacks!

Hello, my friends, with the heating of the office canned man, he has no intention of working and wandering hot air sleepy and spicy. Let us recommend a refreshing and sour snacks. It's still the canned water. You don't have any advertisements. Ple

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A quick version of the sausage and potato stew can be cooked in an electric rice cooker.

If you want to eat potatoes and sausages, if you want to be lazy, you don't have much to eat at home. Today, the chef teaches you to eat rice and sausage, and a pot of rice is also a big meal. Sausages can also be replaced with sausages. Rice can also

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Sour and hot potato chips are crisp and tasty, so this is the best way to eat.

Fried, fried, steamed, boiled, chopped, sliced, and mashed. A potato can change its pattern, and the estimate is not clear. No matter how it is done, it is delicious. Today, the chef teaches you a homely dish. The potato is sour and spicy and appetizers.

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Super rich curry, fragrant to lick screen.

I don't know if anyone is like a canned gentleman. It's so cold that I like to eat curry. The delicious food is simple. Put the prepared ingredients in a pot and stew it with a curry, then you can have delicious curry rice. Japanese style curry ch

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The taste of autumn can only be tasted with these jam.

In the late autumn, it will be the best fruit for the harvest season. Of course, we must seize the opportunity to eat fruit once and for all. Raw food, salad, soup, preserved fruit... There are many kinds of fruit to eat. Canned Jun also takes the opportu

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