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The German government will not prohibit HUAWEI from participating in the construction of 5G network. Germany's interior ministry has confirmed

The draft also stipulates that the components in the core area of 5G must be provided by at least two different equipment suppliers, while the components provided by a single equipment supplier shall not exceed 2/3 of the components used by all 5G network

caixintmt @ 2019/10/20

"Shares of different rights" companies were eventually incorporated into the Hong Kong stock market, can the stock price "cut" millet take the opportunity to turn around?

The new regulations have paved the way for Alibaba to welcome mainland investors in Hongkong. On the evening of October 18th, the two securities exchanges of Shanghai and Shenzhen jointly announced that the CSRC has approved the revision of the rules of S

caixintmt @ 2019/10/19

Jia Yueting applied for bankruptcy reorganization in the US. Does Chinese creditor deny it?

After coming to the US in two years and three months, Jia Yueting applied for an individual bankruptcy reorganization in the US court. He declared that he had already been insolvent, and the debt scale was between 1 billion and 10 billion dollars. On the

caixintmt @ 2019/10/16

1 billion 500 million dollars will not be wasted. The Tencent has been on the NBA pre season video.

The Tencent sports that resume broadcasting is not showing the relevant matches of the Rockets. In October 14th, the two Tencent NBA preseason matches (Chinese games) were reproduced in Tencent (Shanghai) and October 10th (October 12th). At present, the N

caixintmt @ 2019/10/15

How can we break through the fact that the United States has been listed in the entity list?

In October 7th, the US Department of Commerce announced that 28 Chinese enterprises and institutions would be included in the entity list to prohibit cooperation with American enterprises. The entities listed in the list include Dahua Technology, technolo

caixintmt @ 2019/10/08

Qualcomm CEO moron cove, let's do our best to support HUAWEI! Restarted supply

Mr moruncove did not say that Qualcomm resumed the supply of products, but said it is now at an important moment whether it is Qualcomm or China and the United States. Especially now that the world is promoting 5G deployment, "every American company w

caixintmt @ 2019/09/25

How does the shared accommodation platform Airbnb go on the market? We chatted with the co founders.

In the past year, co-founder Bai Siqi visited China about once a month. As China's local team matures, this year's frequency will drop to 5 or 6 times. He said that he played a role as resource coordinator. "In the past two years, our investme

caixintmt @ 2019/09/22

"Say good not cry" two days to sell 8 million 410 thousand sub account system, how much money can Jay Chou get?

The production company, Jewell music, paid Tencent music a service fee, and then the sales revenue was divided by two parties in proportion to the singer who had not released the new album for a long time. Jay Chou released a new song at the 11 o'cloc

caixintmt @ 2019/09/19

Mobile Internet industry privacy protection chaos, the regulatory attitude is like this!

Shanghai Communications Authority official said, in the past more than 10 years, the privacy protection of personal privacy in mobile Internet industry has been formed. The competent authorities are also thinking about whether to use heavy penalties in tr

caixintmt @ 2019/09/18

Is the central bank digital money coming? Mu Changchun revealed wind direction on the Institute of posts.

The market is concerned about the news of Changchun's appointment as director of the central bank's digital Monetary Research Institute, and how far he is concerned about a series of statements about the digital currency. Recently, the deputy director of

caixintmt @ 2019/09/10

First case! But how did it happen?

In the query of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, it questioned its confirmation time many times. Finally, Heng An Jia Xin made an adjustment after being approved by the Shanghai Stock Exchange. However, the SFC held that its adjustment amount was too large, a

caixintmt @ 2019/09/02

Sanctions have not yet completely lifted HUAWEI's lobbying in the United States.

HUAWEI and the US Department of commerce did not directly communicate and negotiate the removal of HUAWEI's "entity list". In August 19th, the US Department of Commerce decided to extend the TGL for 90 days, which many people expected. But this does not m

caixintmt @ 2019/08/25

Focus on sharing 5G network with Unicom! China Telecom chairman Ke Ruiwen explains why

Ke Ruiwen said that he has reached a consensus with China Unicom on some issues, such as the wireless side and the transmission side which account for more than 80% of the investment, and the two sides will build and share together. However, the relative

caixintmt @ 2019/08/23

Wang Xiaochu, China Unicom, is discussing 5G network cooperation with mobile and telecom respectively, with 5G cover story.

[finance new network] (reporter Ye Zhanqi Liu Yanfei) operators in the collective performance of labor pains to open 5G construction, co construction and sharing possible path. On August 14th, Wang Xiaochu, chairman and CEO of 600050.SH (00762.HK), told r

caixintmt @ 2019/08/15

What kind of chips do HUAWEI have to win developers? HUAWEI key moment topic

(Caixin net) (reporter Zhang Erchi) on the evening of August 10th, the Songshan Lake Base in HUAWEI, Dongguan, the restless music rang through the park, making people feel like a bar: hip-hop style Made in China, Euramerican popular That Girl, DJ music Ea

caixintmt @ 2019/08/15

In depth analysis, the United States sticks gave birth to HUAWEI hung Meng! The question is, how does it cultivate ecology?

On the afternoon of August 9th, in the Songshan Lake of Dongguan, five thousand developers from all over the world gathered here, all of them eagerly awaited the appearance of a man. 14:35, five minutes later than the booking time, Yu Chengdong, HUAWEI's

caixintmt @ 2019/08/10 sold its su Ningjin service Ali stock raising 10 billion yuan

To increase their investment and sale service Su Ningjin Alibaba shares, will provide the fourth quarter revenue of about 213 billion yuan. Before the three quarter, after deducting non recurring gains and losses, a net loss of 256 million suni

caixintmt @ 2018/12/29

[2018] New Economy: intensive highs in the winter for light

2018 is perhaps the most long year. From the beginning of the "new period" vision at the end of the year "live" cry, the market has experienced years of four seasons. Both macro economic ups and downs, international political economy, or l

caixintmt @ 2018/12/28

The Department of broadcasting companies over the next five years will continue to enjoy preferential taxation to support public financing

The general office of the State Council issued a series of preferential tax policies for enterprises operating cultural institutions, and support cultural enterprises listed financing reporter Liu Shuang Shuang Department of broadcasting companies ushered

caixintmt @ 2018/12/27

The depth of the dream will wake up | Jia Yueting repairer

Go on and break Hengda Road, another financing channel is not easy, FF again to go bankrupt Wang Chen special correspondent correspondent ANN in December 15th, is a 45 year old birthday Jia yueting. This is probably the most anxious period in his life. Ji

caixintmt @ 2018/12/25