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No longer struggling, Rui Xing delisting is a foregone conclusion. What other cards can Lu Zhengyao play?

In July 6th, an application for liquidation of Lu Zhengyao and Qian Zhi Ya's company will be held in the British Virgin Islands court. In June 26th, NASDAQ: LK announced that it had cancelled its request for hearing in June 24th. The hearing was origi

caixintmt @ 2020/06/27

5G standard formulation difficult to avoid HUAWEI! In order to fight for the right to speak, the United States issued a new regulation.

The US government did not want to see the US enterprises lose their initiative in the 5G standard setting. After months of brewing, the US government finally allowed the US enterprises to work together with HUAWEI to set up the global 5G standard. In June

caixintmt @ 2020/06/17

Wu is not willing to leave. Arm China's struggle for control

Arm launched the global initiative, including Sun Zhengyi and major shareholder Magnolia Park, who agreed to recall Wu hung on. Mr Wu claimed that the procedure was not in compliance with the rules and refused to implement the British chip giant Arm's

caixintmt @ 2020/06/11

When Jingdong went to Hong Kong for the two time, it went on sale. Liu Qiangdong is still the overlord, and the voting power is over 78%.

After a series of personnel adjustments at the end of last year, Liu Qiangdong still holds the absolute right of the Jingdong group. In the evening of June 5th, Jingdong disclosed the prospectus on the two listing of Hongkong on the securities and Exchang

caixintmt @ 2020/06/06

How can the new infrastructure find ways through the influx of trillions of capital?

Under the help of Wen Ho Ho Shu Jing policy, the new infrastructure construction calls for four times, which seems to be the new outlet at present. On the morning of May 22nd, Li Keqiang, premier of the State Council, said in the government work report th

caixintmt @ 2020/06/03

The US sanctions 360, beacon communications and other 33 Chinese entities. What is the limit on the impact of technology exports?

The entities listed in the US entity list include Dongfang net, cloud technology, Harbin Institute of Technology and so on, focusing on security, network security, artificial intelligence and robotics. How much will it affect the export of technology? Ano

caixintmt @ 2020/05/24

The US Senate closely monitors the accounting regulation, and does not comply with the "ban on trading".

The bill requires that listed companies in the United States can not be allowed to meet the regulatory requirements of PCAOB for three years in a row. They will be barred from trading. The United States Senate has unanimously adopted the foreign company h

caixintmt @ 2020/05/22

HUAWEI is assessing the impact of the US sanctions escalation and is still firmly convinced that global cooperation is irreversible.

Under the pressure of the United States, HUAWEI strengthened its stocking in 2019. Last year, HUAWEI purchased US $18 billion 700 million of goods from US companies. In the future, we insisted that globalization and diversification strategy remain silent

caixintmt @ 2020/05/19

US government increases export control to HUAWEI and means production outside the US.

The key part of the new regulation is the restriction on the chip designed by HUAWEI. In May 15th, the US Department of Commerce increased the export control measures to HUAWEI. Foreign semiconductor companies requiring us equipment and technology must be

caixintmt @ 2020/05/16

Less than 30% of GREE's dividend rate disagrees with investors. Dong Mingzhu responded.

"Everyone knows I'm in debt." Dong Mingzhu said, if the dividend scheme continued, "that's best for me," after the completion of the share reform, GREE Electric's first dividend intensity was not as strong as the market expecta

caixintmt @ 2020/05/15

Exclusive Jingdong's dada group, IPO, plans to raise over $500 million.

Dada has lost 1 billion 400 million, 1 billion 900 million and 1 billion 700 million in the past three years, and now mainly relies on financing income to maintain its business. Jingdong and WAL-MART are currently the largest shareholder and the third lar

caixintmt @ 2020/05/14

Rui Xing fraud affected Credit Suisse, loan losses provision increased by 6 times

Lu Zhengyao, the chairman of Ruixing coffee, and other people in the Credit Suisse loan amount amounted to 100 million US dollars, which is close to the loan loss provision of the Asia Pacific Wealth Management Board of Credit Suisse. According to a quart

caixintmt @ 2020/04/25

Su Shimin dialogue Zhang Lei: how to deal with the new pattern under the epidemic situation

Su Shimin, who holds $150 billion in cash, said he would wait for the market to really take off, and China would be in a better C growth position than the US. Su Shimin, the founder of Blackstone Group, who is good at investing in traditional fields, is s

caixintmt @ 2020/04/13

What is the cost of Rui Xing executives?

From the consequences of the class action that occurred in the stock market ten years ago, it was difficult to cash the fine, and the Chinese executives were not punished in real terms. Rui Xing coffee (NASDAQ:LK) forged trading events again in the stock

caixintmt @ 2020/04/09

What is the mystery of Trump's new crown controversy drug?

There is no clinical trial of post exposure preventive therapy for high-risk groups in China. Experts believe that timely promotion is necessary. The efficacy of the drug is highly controversial. Hydroxychloroquine, once declared by President Trump to tre

caixintmt @ 2020/03/26

Can the new crown patients get infected two times after treatment?

Ganges RIver monkeys that produce antibodies are immune to the new crown virus, but the protection time of the antibodies is uncertain. Will the new crown pneumonia patients have two infections after discharge? Can discharged patients produce enough antib

caixintmt @ 2020/03/22

Tencent net profit in 2019 is not as good as market expectations. How does President Liu Chiping think of byte beating competition?

Liu Chiping, President of Tencent, said that users would spend more time on digital content such as games, videos and literature during the epidemic. In March 18th, Tencent Holdings (00700.HK) released its fourth quarter earnings in 2019, with revenue of

caixintmt @ 2020/03/19

Is it true that children of science popularization are not easy to infect new crowns? Research shows that risks are unforeseen (limited time and free).

Many studies show that children are susceptible to new crown virus, family clustering infection is the main reason, children's infection symptoms are generally lighter, but not typical, easy to be neglected and missed diagnosis, neglected children inf

caixintmt @ 2020/03/18

International epidemic escalation outbound tourism continues to "freeze", can the industrial chain go through the difficulties?

Hotels and travel agencies have declared bankruptcy. If the epidemic persists, if we miss the Spring Festival and miss the summer vacation, the annual revenue will be reduced by half of the travel agencies, charter companies, hotel distributors and land a

caixintmt @ 2020/03/07

A global payment network based on compliance? Under pressure of supervision, Libra vision shrink.

The prospect of anchoring a basket of currencies, creating the world digital currency and resolving the pain point of cross-border payment is fading. Where is the Libra road that once triggered heated debate? Libra has recently returned to public opinion.

caixintmt @ 2020/03/06