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The US stock market, the US dollar, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States and the United States, the property market plummeted all over the US.

According to US media reports and Trump's multi tweets issued in August 23rd, the US economy will impose tariffs or upgrade. Its core content is that the United States will raise the tariff of $250 billion on Chinese goods from 25% to 30%, and increase th

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After Iran announced that it would replace the US dollar with RMB, the 8 oil countries or the US dollar would be promoted.

In recent years, the hegemony of the US dollar has been most thoroughly played by the US economy. This is evident in the US dollar's unprecedented financial constraints on Iran's economy and its attempt to reduce Iran's oil exports to 0. However, in the p

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After China suddenly became the second "creditor" of the United States, experts: do not rule out the possibility of China's sharp reduction in US debt.

In 1971, when the United States unilaterally announced the abolition of the gold standard system of the Bretton Woods system, the dollar rose to an unprecedented level in the world economy. The reference for many monetary authorities to issue currencies i

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The US economy is worried about the rare earth breaking supply, suddenly eyeing the rare earth in Mongolia.

Over the past decades, economic globalization has made some economies highly dependent on resource exports. However, the risk of these economies is that once the prices of related commodities are sluggish, their single industrial structure will be particu

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After the dollar changed its face, India and Vietnam could not become the next China or the next Argentina.

In the past decades, due to the special position of US dollar reserve currency and general currency, every monetary action of the Fed has affected the trend of global market. Especially for those economies with low external reserves and high foreign debts

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Germany and Japan suddenly opened the sword to the US dollar. After the continuous reduction of US debt, the US dollar received more warning.

Over the past decades, the US dollar has been a nightmare for many oil companies in the world after the US dollar and oil forced binding, because some oil countries may not be able to receive overseas oil money once the US dollar has launched some financi

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5 years ago, the oil price fell sharply or it would repeat itself. Foreign media: the US dollar may fall ahead of schedule.

In August 8th, the oil price rose from seven months low in Europe and the United States during the trading season. Due to the oral intervention from Saudi Arabia, the tight supply situation in the Middle East crude oil and the rebound in China's crude oil

bwchinesewx @ 2019/08/10

China's continuous reduction of US debt, breaking the silence, issuing rare gold signals, will sell US debt significantly?

BWC China network observation group has analyzed that the fundamental reason behind the US dollar release rate is that the US economy is trying to make the dollar weaker and play a leading role in the global economy and trade. However, we note that even i

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Will the crude oil be bought after Iran has put 20 million barrels of crude oil ahead of China? What does it mean?

In the first week of August, the global economic risk began to emerge again, under the influence of various uncertainties in the US economy. Among them, the performance of the crude oil market is very obvious. Despite a slight rise in oil prices on Friday

bwchinesewx @ 2019/08/04

The Fed sends the strongest signal of currency flow. What would China mean if China sharply reduced its US debt?

Beijing time 2:00 on the morning of August 1st, the Federal Reserve announced a 25 point cut in interest rates, the federal funds rate target interval down to 2.00%-2.25%, and announced the end of August 1st to reduce the table plan, at the same time, in

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When soybean sorghum was shipped to China, Trump: Chinese buyers did not buy American agricultural products.

Today, in the world economy, you have me and I have you today. The exchange of commodities is based on fairness and reciprocity. And for any commodity trading and cooperation, there is a big premise, which is integrity. If some businesses continue to brea

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After the G20 summit, millions of tons of American soybeans were shipped to China, and American farmers were grateful.

Today, in the world economy, you have me and I have you today. Businessmen are more dependent on the global market than ever before. In the past few months, American farmers have deeply realized this. The latest development is that, according to media rep

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Russia has a 100 billion dollar "Jinshan". Once Russia gets enough gold, what will happen?

In recent years, Russia's massive increase in gold reserves has been interpreted by many analysts as legendary gold hoarding. Russia has occupied the fifth largest gold reserves in the world for several months. The top four gold reserve countries are the

bwchinesewx @ 2019/07/27

China will become the world's largest importer of natural gas, losing its competitiveness or paying an expensive price.

According to the data released by China Customs in July 23rd, China imported 4 million 530 thousand tons of LNG in June, an increase of 14.9% over the same period last year. A week ago, the NDRC also indicated that the consumption of natural gas in June i

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After the US congressman raised the gold standard, the Fed began to fight back. Who is right? What's your opinion?

The United States unilaterally abolished the gold standard of the Bretton Woods system in 1971, and the dollar has since entered the era of decoupling from gold. As a result, the Fed has unrestrained the opening of QE "banknote printing machine". The Fed'

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Does the Fed really dare to swallow gold? Thirteenth countries suddenly asked for gold to return home, and things changed again.

Marx once said, "gold and silver are not natural currencies, and money is natural gold and silver". For thousands of years, the value of gold's constant currency has always been recognized worldwide. Even if the United States unilaterally abolished the go

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The number of Canadian bankruptcies has soared and Chinese buyers have withdrawn. The Canadian economy has been in recession for the past 68 years.

For more than half a century, most developed countries in the world are highly dependent on debt to develop their economies, and even people in some countries are almost addicted to debt and can not get away from debt habits. We note that the Canadian eco

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Iran replaced the US dollar with RMB, and Iran petroleum found new buyers.

The United States has restricted the Iran economy through the US dollar. The ultimate goal is to reduce the export of Iran crude oil and related commodities to "zero" and to make Iran's economy lose its liquidity and to facilitate the expansio

bwchinesewx @ 2019/06/23

Russia moved cash to China, increasing its holdings at RMB 14 times and selling 93% US debt.

After unilaterally abolishing the golden standard system of Bretton Woods system in 1971, the US dollar exchange standard system has been flooded with global trade and the US dollar has become the king of global currency. However, in recent years, with th

bwchinesewx @ 2019/06/21

RMB and oil prices have surged, and US debt has collapsed. Chinese buyers will buy oil in large quantities in yuan.

In June 19th, the news on the shore and offshore RMB rose sharply against the US dollar, rising by over 230 points and recovering multiple passes. At present, the intraday trading is close to 6.90 yuan. International Gold lost 1340 U.S. dollars / ounce ma

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