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After 9 days of 3 trillion and 800 billion fed, foreign media: the Fed acknowledges that this has led to the collapse of the US economy.

Every second of the US Treasury bond clock is a reminder to Americans that the US economy has been in debt. As of November 29th, the total amount of US federal debt amounted to US $23 trillion and 70 billion. In the past three years, this figure has incre

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Is there only one way to survive the collapse or coming of the world's multinational currencies?

Because of the dominant monetary position of the US dollar in the foreign reserves and international exchange system, the Fed's every monetary tightening policy will affect the economic trend of the global market, especially in emerging markets. For t

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34 countries such as Russia and China began to go dollarization, and the US dollar went up to 35 countries.

In recent years, with the continuous change of global economy and monetary pattern, the US dollar as a single currency dominates the economic and trade situation is undergoing subtle changes. The BWC Chinese network observation team has been tracking the

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After the 34 countries began to go dollarization, the global "dollarization" of the "Pearl Harbor incident" may erupt.

John, Hardy, head of foreign exchange strategy, a well-known European bank, recently pointed out in the report that the US dollar is becoming more and more irregular. Indeed, the headline of BWC has been tracking the US dollar trend for a long time. It is

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Venezuela, Iran, China, Russia, Britain and Japan use the same method to go to the US dollar.

Over the past half century, the US economy has gained many valuable material wealth worldwide by virtue of its dollar advantage. Therefore, maintaining the status of the US dollar has become an important task for many people in the country. In response, K

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India's economy has plummeted and growth scams are being uncovered. Rodgers: they do not understand the economy at all.

According to statistics released by the India Statistical Bureau, India's economic growth was 5.8% in the 1-3 months of 2019, when it was the lowest level in nearly 5 years. In 2019 4-6, the real growth rate of India increased by 5%, the slowest since

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The Federal Reserve has no right to prevent the return of many countries to gold. It needs to be paid back in full.

According to the data released by the world gold association in November, as of October, the global central bank, which was led by China, Russia and Poland, purchased over 400 tons of gold, and the total global official gold reserves increased to 34490.44

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China has thrown 90 billion US debt, 405 US oil companies and 1021 US farms have gone bankrupt.

As of November 3rd, the total amount of US federal debt amounted to US $23 trillion. Three years ago, however, the figure was $19 trillion and 800 billion. That is to say, the federal debt deficit has jumped by US $3 trillion and 200 billion since Novembe

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Experts: more and more powerful countries or the composition of the dollarization club, the role of large oil RMB.

BWC China network observation group has been tracking the global dollarization process for a long time. It has found that as of now, China, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Iran, Angola, Venezuela,

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After the United States refused to review gold in Germany, China had new moves. What the Fed did not want to see was happening.

Recently, the BWC Chinese network has published some articles about gold reserves. It has found that readers' friends are very concerned about gold reserves. Although official data show that their gold reserves are now 8133 tons, some agencies have be

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Russia has made progress in transporting roubles to China and willing to supply 1 million 180 thousand hectares of land to dollarization.

Over the past few decades, the US dollar has been a major factor in the global reserve currency's position. It has been able to obtain wealth spreads around the world very easily through the call of the SWIFT payment system. In particular, some oil co

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The US Federal Reserve may detonate the US financial crisis again. The 12 countries have announced the return of gold to many countries or agree with the gold standard.

In fact, the Federal Reserve is turning Wall Street into a huge fire, and ultimately does not rule out the possibility of detonating the US financial crisis again. For example, in recent weeks, the Federal Reserve announced its overnight repurchase busine

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After the launch of the new version of the 4 trillion banknote printing scheme, a Ponzi scheme in the US economy is being unveiled.

BWC China network observation group has mentioned that the United States federal budget Commission Senior Policy Director Mark Godewey factor said before that the United States has permanently entered an era of trillions of dollars deficit each year. As e

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What will China mean by buying oil with RMB? 45 years ago, the dollar dilemma will recur.

According to the latest data released by IMF in October, as of June, the share of the US dollar's international reserves fell from the third quarter of 2017 to the lowest level in five years to less than 62%. We note that this situation is very rare a

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What will happen to China once the US Federal Reserve starts the "banknote printing machine" on a large scale after China has substantially reduced its US debt?

Over the past half a century, many developed countries in the world have relied on debt to develop their economies, thus forming the habit of people spending money ahead of time, keeping in good health and gaining nothing. Some have even reached the state

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China uses RMB to settle Middle East oil, iron ore in Renminbi, and dollar monopoly.

According to the notice issued by the Shanghai Stock Exchange in October 15th, China will further increase the supply of futures products and tools around the needs of the real economy, launch crude oil futures options and crude oil index futures as soon

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The US dollar wiped the butcher's knife and Turkey's currency plummeted. Turkey announced that it would return all gold that existed in the United States.

According to the US Huffington post, in a statement issued in October 15th, the US authorities said that the steel tariff on Turkey would be raised to 50%, that is, the pre tax level was lowered in 5 months, and an agreement on trade agreement worth 100 b

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The dollar printing machine mode officially restarted, the 6 day of water 3 trillion, China also broke the silence to send a new signal.

In a speech in October 11th, US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said that we would buy $60 billion in short-term treasury bonds every month from October 15th to rebuild our balance sheet and avoid a repeat of the tight liquidity in the US dollar ma

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Russia warned that gold is "declared war", Turkey shipped back to gold, dollarization or promotion.

Over the past half century, an important shortcut for the US economy to maintain its status is its global currency. It is worth noting that in the past two months, the Federal Reserve has cut interest rates two times, a total of 50 basis points. Many anal

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10 days after the United States released 4 trillion water, experts: the U.S. economy proved bad, the Federal Reserve is playing with fire.

As of October 9th, the total amount of US federal debt has exceeded $22 trillion and 810 billion, an increase of US $210 billion compared with the end of September. In other words, within 9 days, the total amount of US federal debt has increased by 210 bi

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