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Iran to replace the dollar with the yuan, there are things, Americans will use the RMB to buy goods or China

Over the past year, the global monetary system seems to come to a new inflection point, the inflection point is the dollar dominated global currency payment system is multi currency payment system instead of a certain share, at the same time, a variety of

bwchinesewx @ 2019/01/14

The massive growth China gold reserves, the German economy is stalling, or send a clear signal

From emerging markets to the United States, and then to Europe, the global economy is unexpectedly slowed, but for Europe, not what the mainstay problem than Europe more terrible, we noticed that in the last few months of 2018, Germany the European econom

bwchinesewx @ 2019/01/14

China gold reserves again after a lapse of two years suddenly jumped behind the release of what signals?

China official gold reserves since October 2016 again massive growth of about 10 tons, according to safe this Monday (January 7th) announced at the end of 2018, the data show that from October 2016 to November 2018, China gold reserves has been stable at

bwchinesewx @ 2019/01/09

China prices or will start a new round of rising? Foreign media: U.S. crude oil or China door open again

This Monday (January 7th), international oil prices rebounded sharply, and the United States both oil cloth oil rose over 2% (currently, Brent oil prices at $58.23 / barrel, WTI crude oil at $49.05 / barrel), analysts believe that oil prices are expected

bwchinesewx @ 2019/01/08

Chinese gold reserves for the first time in 27 months, the U.S. debt trouble, the dollar did not want to see happen

In July 1971 seventh the dollar crisis, in order to resist currency risk and prevent the loss of $repeat Sterling performance point, the United States unilaterally abolished the Bretton Woods system of gold standard. This also raises an important turning

bwchinesewx @ 2019/01/08

Iran to replace the dollar with the yuan, things suddenly have a new change, foreign media: new buyers of Iran petroleum

According to Iran's deputy oil minister RT said on January 6th Russian media, although the dollar has been on its oil customers to implement the settlement and pressure limit, but Iran still find new buyers to buy oil, while the number of these custom

bwchinesewx @ 2019/01/07

Chinese continuous holdings of U.S. debt holdings, after a 18 month low, the dollar did not want to see things or is happening

In 2018, the dollar asset price interpretation of the first XI after sorrow. According to the U.S. Treasury Department announced in the past few months of international capital flow report, at least 20 foreign holders of U.S. debt in the past year in diff

bwchinesewx @ 2019/01/06

The renminbi rose sharply, oil prices continued to fall, the media: RMB short or have.

This Friday (January 4th), the central parity of RMB at 6.8586, up 45 points, on a trading day price 6.8631. The good news is, at present, in the onshore and offshore renminbi to rise rapidly after the opening. Onshore Renminbi dollar regained 6.87 mark,

bwchinesewx @ 2019/01/05

Chinese began continuous sharp reduction in U.S. debt, once Russia gained enough gold what will happen?

Since the dissolution of the Bretton Woods system in 1971, $$- U.S. debt by oil - the perfect loop makes the central bank re let the dollar as the core of reserve assets in order to form of investment goods, and acts as the world's main reserve curren

bwchinesewx @ 2019/01/03

Iran announced in yuan instead of dollars, what progress, want to see what happens or $

In the past more than half a century, due to the dollar and oil forced together, global oil trading by petro dollar shackles. Both the exporter or the oil import market, once by the petro dollar financial restrictions, probably will be normal trading oil.

bwchinesewx @ 2019/01/03

Global oil and agricultural economic pattern is changing towards the Sino Russian economic and trade or to the $2000 billion

In 2018 the global petroleum economic and agricultural economic pattern in the event of changing. For example, the United States in early 2018 announced that its energy exporting countries, and by the end of 2018, according to the U.S. Energy Information

bwchinesewx @ 2019/01/02

The two thing to see the dollar in 2018, foreign media: in 2019 the dollar dominance challenges

The abolition of the Bretton Woods system in 1971, the gold standard, the dollar firmly occupied the position of the king of world currency. But people can not avoid the fact that, when an ounce of gold price is $35, is now about $1250, in the past 47 yea

bwchinesewx @ 2018/12/31

In 2018 the United States financial liquidity fell to a record low, in 2019 the global market will usher in what?

In 2018, the majority of investors in the world are bothered by "stop". Especially those in the years of the financial crisis, people of all types of investment assets with high leverage times, mostly in the largest annual loss. In view of this ph

bwchinesewx @ 2018/12/31

The maximum weight of RMB, after Iran and Venezuela, another country announced RMB $replacement

At present, continue to promote the internationalization of RMB and more in the upper floor of the background, but also indirectly improve the RMB's international payment and the proportion of people around the world to increase the frequency of use o

bwchinesewx @ 2018/12/30

Foreign media: Chinese after high iron, the other a "national name card" was born

The world's fastest bird in the falcons dive capturing prey speed can reach more than 350 kilometers per hour, it makes dive speed so fast is its feathers are sharp, but even the falcons can not break the high iron China record. In May 2017, from 20 c

bwchinesewx @ 2018/12/29

Chinese RMB off Canada Canadian dollars, the amount paid up 13.66% yuan or big rebound

Although the Fed has recently completed a fourth rate hike in 2018, but the dollar strong light more and more dim. On the contrary, the Renminbi or are big rebound. In December 27th, the RMB against the dollar once short-term pull up about 200 points, up

bwchinesewx @ 2018/12/28

Iran officially announced the yuan instead of dollars, things change again, Iran oil will decide on what path to follow

Iran petroleum industry will decide on what path to follow? The United States is in fact this issue will be pushed to the next year in April, when several of the largest customers of Iran crude oil exemption expires, there is a need to explain, although t

bwchinesewx @ 2018/12/27

Canadians each earn 1 dollars, corresponding to $1.68 debt, foreign media: Canada economic weakness or exposure

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the world bank data and other parties, as an economy with a debt to GDP ratio exceeds 65%, it has reached the warning value of debt. However, highly dependent on the most developed market borrowing an

bwchinesewx @ 2018/12/25

Saudi China suddenly become largest oil supplier, or a rival to the dollar, foreign media: do not miss the opportunity

BWC Chinese network recently mentioned, Saudi oil or will restart large-scale entry of Chinese. It is as expected, with the latest progress of things. Chinese the General Administration of Customs on December 24th (Monday) released data show that since No

bwchinesewx @ 2018/12/25

4 years ago, oil prices fell cliff scene or repeat, domestic oil prices entered the era of 5 yuan

OPEC, chairman of the UAE presidency said in December 23rd Mazrouei long oil: if 1 million 200 thousand barrels / day production efforts are still not enough, OPEC+ will convene a special meeting to take the necessary measures to stabilize oil city, and s

bwchinesewx @ 2018/12/23