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Foreign media: 70% of Americans save less than 1000 dollars, and China may sell 700 billion U.S. debt.

Over the past decades, many developed markets in the world have been highly dependent on debt to develop their economies. The United States is very obvious, and it has also formed many Americans' habit of not thinking ahead, spending ahead of time, an

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Iran's substitution of RMB for the US dollar or the breakthrough of dollarization, Malaysia's support

As for the US dollar's continuous financial restrictions on some markets, the oil Iran's economy is constantly breaking through in the layout of dollarization. The latest progress of the matter, according to the The Associated Press local time on

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What will happen in the world after many countries sell their debt and sell gold back home?

According to the latest report on international capital flows released by the US Treasury in December 17th (there will be a delay of two months in the US Treasury position), although the US market rebounds mainly on the demand of private investors, the gl

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After China cut 91 billion 100 million US debt, it will be reduced again, and its position will be the lowest in 30 months.

According to the latest international capital flow report TIC released by the US Department of Finance in December 16th, two months ago, in October this year, 18 overseas central bank holders of the US debt sold the US debt in varying degrees. At the same

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Japan has surpassed China as the largest US creditor and become a global oil hegemony. Has it become a danger signal?

China's crude oil imports reached a record 11 million 130 thousand barrels / day in November, and imports increased by 10.5% in the first 11 months of 2019, according to Reuters's analysis of the data released by China's customs on December 9t

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US Treasury Secretary: we are not weaponry of the US dollar. We have the right to impose restrictions on those who use the US dollar.

US media CNBC reported on December 14th local time, the US Treasury Secretary Nouchine said, "let me be clear: we are not weaponry of the US dollar." "People use the US dollar as the reserve currency of the world, and the dollar is quite stron

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Foreign media: the Fed formally surrenders and the United States concession. The Americans can't do without China's manufacturing and feel grateful.

According to Reuters reported on December 12th, the United States made relevant concessions in exchange for more market share of agricultural products. The observer group of BWC noted that this is another concession of the US economy after the Fed's &

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Foreign media: China may throw 700 billion U.S. debt, the Fed formally surrendered, but it will be too late.

BWC Chinese network observation group recently mentioned that the U.S. economy seems to enter a "self printing", and then lend money to such a vicious circle of dollars. Obviously, liquidity problems may arise sooner or later. As expected, the Fed

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Chinese buyers withdrew, Canada's economy plunged 63%, and a bigger loss came after the number of bankruptcies soared.

According to the statistics released by Statistics Canada, the Canadian economic growth slowed to 1.3% in the third quarter of BWC. The Bureau said that in the second quarter, the revised annual growth rate was 3.5%. This means that in the third quarter o

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Russia warned the United States that if gold was "declared war", it would be warned to cut off the payment system and declare war.

Over the past few decades, the US dollar has been able to easily launch financial restrictions on some markets through the SWIFT international payment system. Many oil countries have lost many opportunities for oil to trade with external markets, such as

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Expert: Americans squeeze every penny from debt, and the "printing house" of the US economy will collapse.

Recently, some of the recent "dollars printing machines" from the US dollar seem to be using the expanding dollar to open the door to the debt economy of the United States. For example, the US Treasury recently hinted or would consider issuing 50

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After the Federal Reserve formally rejected Germany's request for a review of gold, China, Russia and Germany suddenly resorted to "multi sword integration".

At present, the German economy is experiencing a weak stage. Because its export dependent manufacturing industry has been slowed down by the global economic growth, the auto industry is in a predicament and the uncertainty of Britain's return to Europ

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After the 12 countries announced the return of gold from the United States, the thirteenth countries would try their best to return to gold, and the Fed had no right to stop it.

Since the mid 40s of last century, the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England (PBOC) have held gold for at least more than 60 countries and international organizations around the world, accounting for nearly 1/4 of the world's gold reserves. On this

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After 9 days of 3 trillion and 800 billion fed, foreign media: the Fed acknowledges that this has led to the collapse of the US economy.

Every second of the US Treasury bond clock is a reminder to Americans that the US economy has been in debt. As of November 29th, the total amount of US federal debt amounted to US $23 trillion and 70 billion. In the past three years, this figure has incre

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Is there only one way to survive the collapse or coming of the world's multinational currencies?

Because of the dominant monetary position of the US dollar in the foreign reserves and international exchange system, the Fed's every monetary tightening policy will affect the economic trend of the global market, especially in emerging markets. For t

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34 countries such as Russia and China began to go dollarization, and the US dollar went up to 35 countries.

In recent years, with the continuous change of global economy and monetary pattern, the US dollar as a single currency dominates the economic and trade situation is undergoing subtle changes. The BWC Chinese network observation team has been tracking the

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After the 34 countries began to go dollarization, the global "dollarization" of the "Pearl Harbor incident" may erupt.

John, Hardy, head of foreign exchange strategy, a well-known European bank, recently pointed out in the report that the US dollar is becoming more and more irregular. Indeed, the headline of BWC has been tracking the US dollar trend for a long time. It is

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Venezuela, Iran, China, Russia, Britain and Japan use the same method to go to the US dollar.

Over the past half century, the US economy has gained many valuable material wealth worldwide by virtue of its dollar advantage. Therefore, maintaining the status of the US dollar has become an important task for many people in the country. In response, K

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India's economy has plummeted and growth scams are being uncovered. Rodgers: they do not understand the economy at all.

According to statistics released by the India Statistical Bureau, India's economic growth was 5.8% in the 1-3 months of 2019, when it was the lowest level in nearly 5 years. In 2019 4-6, the real growth rate of India increased by 5%, the slowest since

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The Federal Reserve has no right to prevent the return of many countries to gold. It needs to be paid back in full.

According to the data released by the world gold association in November, as of October, the global central bank, which was led by China, Russia and Poland, purchased over 400 tons of gold, and the total global official gold reserves increased to 34490.44

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