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Dare to join the joint venture, and the results are pretty good, these 3 domestic SUV hard gas!

As we all know, as the leading collision testing organization in China's insurance industry, the testing system of China Insurance Research Institute is stricter. The collision standards conform to the authoritative institutions such as IIHS and E-NCA

btllsj666 @ 2019/12/23

The whole country has 2 real cars, and the car company that runs super cars has finally launched a bid for SUV.

Today, the old driver brings us together to experience a luxury car, from Aston Martin's first SUV - DBX! At present, there are only 2 real cars in the country. Let's take a look at the scene of the old driver. The overall appearance of this new D

btllsj666 @ 2019/12/20

Weigh! Vehicle ETC arrears exceed 30 days, will report personal credit!

The owner of ETC has noticed. ETC arrears exceed 30 days will be reported personal credit is very serious consequences! The arrears will be reported to individuals 30 days later. Recently, the central bank and the Banking Regulatory Commission announced t

btllsj666 @ 2019/12/08

Love a car is like a wife. Can engine oil be better protected?

Many car owners know little about vehicle maintenance knowledge, but love their cars very much. Do they want to change their engines? Because we all know that oil is very important, it is equivalent to the engine's blood. So many owners are very conce

btllsj666 @ 2019/12/07

The old driver tried to drive MITSUBISHI, which was still familiar with the smell, but it was the price of the explosion.

Hello Hello, everyone. Welcome to this period. Please call the old driver. Today, the old driver came to Sanya, Hainan to test the brand new MITSUBISHI Hyun. Jin Xing's front face adopts the latest MITSUBISHI family design, using the popular split hea

btllsj666 @ 2019/12/06

The old driver shows you Audi A6 allroad, A4 Avant. The name is not good enough to read. The car is pretty good.

This period, please call the old driver. We will continue to share with you the new car information of the Guangzhou auto show. Today we will talk with you about Audi's new cars -- A6 Allroad, A4 Avant, and Audi Q7, which has been revamped in the medi

btllsj666 @ 2019/12/05

BMW after-sales service

There is no technological innovation after sale, do not have the foundation; no after-sales service innovation, lack of temperature, today with the old driver to reveal the secret of BMW after sale how to capture the hearts of our customers. After sale se

btllsj666 @ 2019/11/30

Buy a car to choose "chicken head" or choose "Phoenix Tail"? Don't buy cars if you don't understand these.

Now we have to go to the old driver's second gun driving time. Today, we still follow the old routine and pick up the problems of several riders. Buy a car to buy "chicken head" or buy "Phoenix Tail"? Let's give you an example of t

btllsj666 @ 2019/10/22

Skoda Hao Rui has "body odor", 4S shop arranges the stuffy nose technician to test, is really smart!

Recently, Mr. Skoda, the owner of the car, reflects the long odor problem in his car to the old driver. Now it is getting bigger and bigger. According to the owner's description, it took half an hour to stay in the car. As long as the car opened a lit

btllsj666 @ 2019/10/21

Chevrolet, RS, Chuang cool, 2 three cylinder cars, how to become the first car for young people?

Hello, Hello, everyone, welcome to this issue, please call the old driver, this time we want to test the car is Chevrolet's RS and new generation Chuang cool. About 100 thousand of the selling price makes them the first car for many young people. First of

btllsj666 @ 2019/08/02

How to check the car? Do these 6 steps, it is difficult to buy a problem car.

Buying a car and raising a car is a big girl on a sedan chair for many people. So you are often at a loss and follow the sales process, which may lead to the problem that the new car you mentioned is a problem car. So what can we do to avoid buying a prob

btllsj666 @ 2019/07/31

Mercedes Benz E class car owners please pay attention! We are victorious! All of these batches of vehicles are recalled.

Since last year, the old driver's column group has been handling complaints and safeguarding rights of Benz E class shock absorbers. It has joined hundreds of owners. We are looking for 4S shops, we are looking for manufacturers, and we are making voi

btllsj666 @ 2019/05/26

Lucky star is officially listed, 135 thousand and 800 of the price will make many people?

Last night, Geely star officially listed, launched to cover the traditional fuel, light mixing, mixing 3 kinds of combination of power plug in a total of 11 models, the market guidance price range of 13.58 to 216 thousand and 800 yuan. Before the Dark Kni

btllsj666 @ 2019/05/14

BYD song Pro DM, the appearance is delicate, accelerate the violence, 4.7 seconds pobai!

Hello, hello. Welcome to this issue please old driver, this old driver simple and share with you to see at the Shanghai auto show BYD song Pro DM models. The entire front is still in accordance with the design of the BYD Longyan family, with a lot of chro

btllsj666 @ 2019/05/02

Polestar 2 Chinese first, 298 thousand yuan from the sale! Full production early next year!

Hello, hello. Welcome to this issue please old driver, recently the old drivers who participated in the Volvo Polestar 2 listed on the conference, today the conference get some information for everyone to share. The ordinary version of the first version o

btllsj666 @ 2019/04/28

Parking is not back wheel car? Why many foreign drivers stop playing slanting direction?

"Stop back wheel!" This is a lot of novice drivers are often some of the old things to remind the driver, in the course of time, parking is back to the steering wheel, a fixed rule, no one doubts over whether it really useful. After all, some old

btllsj666 @ 2019/04/17

The Volkswagen T-Cross listed, the price of 127 thousand and 900, want to grab the song on your job?

Hello, hello. Welcome to this issue please old driver, the old driver today to share a just listed compact SUV - Volkswagen T-Cross. At first, the conference site announced T-Cross models priced at 4 configurations: 127 thousand and 900, 139 thousand and

btllsj666 @ 2019/04/16

Why no overtaking on the road China right?

Get the license people know, in our country road is not allowed on the right side overtaking. Many people do not know why, even a small part of you love right passing, the old driver today to give everyone a science. We all know that we are left the car,

btllsj666 @ 2019/04/11

The old driver drive Beiqi new energy EX5, life 400+ pure electric city SUV

Hello, hello. Welcome to this issue please old driver, this old driver test model is Beiqi new energy EX5, this is a pure electric SUV. This is a long drive, pure electric SUV we are more concerned about its mileage, so in the start we record this test ca

btllsj666 @ 2019/04/04

Chevrolet, Lu Ze released, the price of 8.99 million, who withstand?

Hello, hello. Today the old driver to take you to participate in a new conference, the scene is very cool, many scenes are the movie "stray earth" in the scene, let us have a feeling came to the underground city. So who is the protagonist of this

btllsj666 @ 2019/03/31