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Shovel excrement officials do not believe in evil, but challenge the intelligence quotient of the frontier herders. As a result...

By / tremolo: 124118559, didn't you say it was not allowed to be refined? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

bianmuonline @ 2020/07/08

Pastoral and rat, this scene first see you!

Realistic voice control mouse toys?

bianmuonline @ 2020/05/29

God perspective candid Pastoral: recidivism, finally know how you came out!

Pry the door! Sth. one knows well and can manage with ease! This is the same thing as pastoral work!

bianmuonline @ 2020/04/26

Why does border pastor do not like to play with other dogs? Because border pastoral is border pastoral, dog is a dog!

As we all know, border pastoral is a border animal, dog is a dog - when the shovel shit official is still worried about how to walk the dog correctly... Border livestock can not only help the shit officials walk the dog, but also solve the sudden emergenc

bianmuonline @ 2020/04/25

Border farming is a perpetual motion machine.

Those who raised the border pastoral know that the energy of border farming is too abundant. This is not, in the evening, the netizen family's border animal is still excited. So, the net friend took him out to take a stroll. In order to exhaust his en

bianmuonline @ 2020/04/17

"Sniffer dog" border animal Wen BB, unexpectedly found endangered animal protection, absolutely!

Most of the border Shepherds are very spiritual and proud of their masters. This is the border pastoral bar. It proves its value.

bianmuonline @ 2020/03/23

Helplessness of border farming

Bian: why should we provocate? Border Pastoral: too boring, must be provocative, ah, not bored bored dead Satan. Bian: you have legs, feet and balls. Why don't you play it yourself? Border Pastoral: oneself play... Oneself play is impossible, this lif

bianmuonline @ 2020/03/12

After raising pastoral herd, it will be...

After you have raised pastoral herd, what changes have you made? There are friends who share the same feeling here. Some people say that after raising the border animal, they no longer need to go to the gym. Because the border area is the gym. This guy ca

bianmuonline @ 2020/03/08

Border Frisbee playing frisbee, excellent group!

Border pastoral = frisbee dog

bianmuonline @ 2020/03/05

At home, the herd was choosy and did not eat dog food, so the owner thought of a way.

Xiaobian found that many border pastoral animals are picky eaters, especially those who do not like to eat dog food. In order for them to eat a bite, the owners are also racking their brains and trying every means, such as the following: I saw her take ap

bianmuonline @ 2019/12/22

Border pastoral is Wang's "high intelligence quotient".

If Husky is the two item of Wang's boundary, then border grazing is Wang's "high intelligence quotient". As a shepherd dog's border grazing, it was first domesticated to manage sheep. Therefore, the intelligence quotient is very high,

bianmuonline @ 2019/12/21

These years of raising pastoral animals: it's good to have you.

The city can also organize dog gatherings regularly weekly sweepstakes to send dog snacks snacks yo welcome everyone to join the border animal family.

bianmuonline @ 2019/12/20

Why is border pastoral the highest IQ dog? This video tells you the answer!

Facts have proved that only the master who can not teach, there will be no animal husbandry without learning. You can also organize the dog gatherings to collect the dog snacks every week. Welcome to join the border animal family.

bianmuonline @ 2019/12/19

When I heard that I would not go out myself, the border pastor used a sobbing act of spoiled beauty.

Border Pastoral: this Gong wants to go out!!! You can also organize the dog gatherings to collect the dog snacks every week. Welcome to join the border animal family.

bianmuonline @ 2019/12/18

Border Collie - a lovely and charming character.

STAR 1 can not be replaced by another perfect! Owner: Li Zhe dog: Sweet Tiantian is sent by a friend. He hopes that Tian Tian can take the place of the poodle elder brother who will be away from the world and accompany him at his mother's side. The na

bianmuonline @ 2019/12/16

Netizens invented a walking dog artifact, and border pastoral was quick to see everything, and two ha...

Netizens invented a walking dog artifact! I found an open space under my own house, and the experiment was done by herding and husky. Even the border animal has not been identified. But after a few rounds, the border herd saw everything and two ha... Two

bianmuonline @ 2019/12/15

Border pastoral plastic bags are everywhere, but praised by netizens: it is too artistic.

In other words, you never know what your little dog is thinking. On that day, a master came home from work and was surprised by the scene before he opened the door. I saw my family's pastoral areas covered with black plastic bags and neatly arranged a

bianmuonline @ 2019/12/13

This border animal skill is excellent.

Border animal: there is no ball that I can't catch! You can also organize the dog gatherings to collect the dog snacks every week. Welcome to join the border animal family.

bianmuonline @ 2019/12/12

The border animal directly dismantled the whole gate.

The border shepherd, "Shu Fen", greeted his mother's home, with his beloved Grass Mud Horse Toy in his mouth, and the whole toilet door behind him. ChiChi Lu, a dog slave, has been trained as a "strong heart" by active dogs. Even she h

bianmuonline @ 2019/12/11

Grandma and "perpetual motion machine" border animal husbandry, good love!

When the 80 year old man meets the energetic pastoral herd, he complains that the dog is too noisy, and still can't help playing with it. No longer worried about the boring life of the old man. It's hard to deal with the strength of a human being.

bianmuonline @ 2019/12/09