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"Wave elder sister" the female star has over 10 years the status reversal! In the past, the same frame was very impressive.

30 female stars gathered in the "sister of wind and waves" gathered in the entertainment circle. As the actress who has been in the field for more than 10 years, many of them have been together before. This time we will take a look at the same fra

bgxs88 @ 2020/07/08

Can't you pick up red? Annie Yi's past deeds revealed: lip synching, betrayal of marriage, false propaganda.

Recently, the couple of Qin Hao and Annie Yi have been very enthusiastic. The two partners have been on the reality show "mother-in-law and mother". Qin Hao's new drama "hidden corner" is very hot and word-of-mouth. Annie Yi is also on

bgxs88 @ 2020/06/29

Yang surpassed himself as a singer and actor, but in fact, many stars also felt good about themselves.

In June 23rd, the rocket young girl made a farewell ceremony before the dissolution, which meant that the draft group had passed into the past, and the members had ushered in the personal development period. After the farewell ceremony, Yang Chaoyue immed

bgxs88 @ 2020/06/25

The hidden corner is great, but there are 9 shots. Did you find out?

Qin Hao, Wang Jingchun, Zhang Songwen and Liu Lin starred in the "secret corner" only a few days ago, has won the high score of 9.1, the 2020 word of mouth. The hidden corner is a big breakthrough in the domestic drama. The protagonists have done

bgxs88 @ 2020/06/21

Bao Beier really doesn't want to make comedy. It's embarrassing.

Jia Ling has a magical constitution. In the variety show, everyone thinks she is very funny, and is a real comic star. But in the movie and TV play, Jia Ling's funny can not be reflected. Recently, she played with the TV series "happy Hunter",

bgxs88 @ 2020/05/31

Show Luo's negative news is getting entangled, and it is easy to get rid of thousands of seals.

This year's "this!" The 3 of hip hop dance will be broadcast in July. At present, the selection of mentors has not yet been finalized, but in the light of all the details, the mentor of this season should be a big change. The latest news is th

bgxs88 @ 2020/05/06

14 years ago, Qian Feng was very shy about "fast Ben", and was very close to Sheenah. When the idol was praised by He Jiong,

As one of the hosts of "day to day", Qian Feng is indispensable. The main function is to lose weight and expose the nature of food to make a program for Du Haitao, like happy camp. Maybe because of this, although Qian Feng has been on the weight l

bgxs88 @ 2020/05/02

Show Luo once again apologized. The ultimate man was totally occupied except Zhang Yixing.

Show Luo was accused by Zhou Yangqing of the confusion of private life. At 5 o'clock this morning, Show Luo, who had the ability to manage time, finally apologized to micro-blog and apologized to all the women whom he had cheated and did not respect.

bgxs88 @ 2020/04/24

Jiang Shu Ying did not explode his life?

Qingping music, which was hoped for before broadcasting, was not ideal after broadcasting. According to the Chinese audio-visual data known as "dehydration ratings", the 1 to 7 sets of "Qingping le" have only 0.519% of the audience ratings

bgxs88 @ 2020/04/19

Why did Wu Xin cry again?

Recently, Wu Xin took part in a program called "how you look so good" in the art of transforming people, who cried again in the pilot film. In a white section, Wu Xin could not help crying when she spoke, but she felt that she would be black when

bgxs88 @ 2019/12/14

Beijing is only 2 degrees. Women on the red carpet wear less than one.

On the evening of 7, the galaro Fashion Festival held in "FIGARO" magazine came to Beijing as usual. The temperature in Beijing was only 2 degrees that night, and the temperature was getting lower and later. But when the female stars walked on the

bgxs88 @ 2019/12/08

How did Zhu Dan break up a good hand?

There is a lot of luck in the entertainment industry, but some people are lucky to have bad luck. But Zhou Yilong's wife Lin Dan, sorry, is wrong, Yiwei Zhou's wife Zhu Dan. The night before was a gathering of Cosmo stars. Zhu Dan, as a host, made

bgxs88 @ 2019/12/05

Wang Shi Ling grew taller and fatter, growing taller and taller every day. "Dad 1" changed greatly over the past 6 years.

Today, Wang Shi Ling's recent search has caught up with the hot search. It is probably because she has grown a lot in recent photos, but the whole person is still bechuiling. It is a little surprising. In particular, there is a picture of Li Xiang tak

bgxs88 @ 2019/12/02

It's also uncomfortable on the program. How can baby and Liu Wen perform so badly?

"Adventure life" is really a wonderful program. Angelababy as the first phase of the guests, directly led to this high score variety attracted a lot of Tucao. The third phase is Liu Wen, whose sincere performance has returned the word-of-mouth of

bgxs88 @ 2019/11/06

The adult version of "where is daddy going" is also too boring and embarrassing.

The reality show "adult of all walks of life", known as the adult version of "Daddy's going there", is still very popular at the beginning. After all, it can be seen that people can feel the contrast of the old artists. For example, th

bgxs88 @ 2019/09/30

Do Fan Bingbing comeback feast is false news! It tells us a truth: China Yizhen decline

Although Fan Bingbing has disappeared from public view for half a year, but her every act and every move still affects brain masses eat melon, on a hot search every two or three days, is worthy of the old topic queen. This not, yesterday afternoon the net

bgxs88 @ 2019/04/26

In addition to Zhao Lixin, the star also had a wrong sentence set collapse

These two years since Zhao Lixin in the "sound" immersive "face" and see words such as "a good book" and other shows, popularity and favorability are greatly enhanced, but did not think because of a micro-blog, it was Zhao Lixin

bgxs88 @ 2019/04/04

Huang Zitao good money! A new play is to Toupai washed himself

Huang Zitao, Wu Qian, Niu Junfeng starred in the TV drama "the brightest star", the bottom pressure for more than a year, finally arrived. This drama is the sustenance of the son of Huang Zitao great ambition, but it seems to have backfired, why?

bgxs88 @ 2019/04/01

Yang Mi, Victoria Song drama to hit the file? The crew released the same day the notice, the story like conventional idol drama

Yang Mi and Victoria Song two florets (or flower?) In the drama, the trailer was released the same day. Has entered the 32 year old Yang Mi and half a month has just entered the 32 year old Victoria Song, although the story is not the same, but luckily al

bgxs88 @ 2019/03/18

Let a bunch of stars to the nameless hero with this drama, how to face such a bad shot?

Two days ago there was a very strange drama "squad Er legend" broadcast, why is it strange? Because the actor is a debut 13 years but the visibility is zero when we see drama actor Wang Longhua, eight, has been very old play, think he is a low ver

bgxs88 @ 2019/03/16