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Carbon nanotubes: another possibility of "China core"

If the chip is compared to a house, the transistor is the building block. For many years, transistors have been made of silicon. The technology of silicon-based chips made from this material follows Moore's law. The semiconductor industry focuses on i

banyuetan-weixin @ 2020/07/11

Getting a master's degree has become a stumbling block in job hunting

Part time graduate education is an important part of graduate education in China, which should enjoy equal employment opportunities. However, in this year's employment season, many part-time graduates have been discriminated against either overtly or

banyuetan-weixin @ 2020/07/11

There are holes, no radishes, and no one can stay.

High quality professional cadre team is an important foundation for improving governance capability. In a survey of some counties in the western part of China, the half moon reporter found that due to the difficulty of selection, the loss and the limitati

banyuetan-weixin @ 2020/07/07

Shandong notified the investigation and handling of Gou Jing incident, and 15 people were investigated and dealt with.

On June 24, 2020, the Shandong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the provincial education department, the Provincial Public Security Bureau and other departments of the work special class, together with Jining, the relevant units of the cit

banyuetan-weixin @ 2020/07/03

A parent is making trouble.

In recent years, in many places, "school noise" has made schools frail and teachers are at a loss: students suffer from safety accidents on campus, teachers are not satisfied with their seats, children are punished for copying texts. The "scho

banyuetan-weixin @ 2020/06/29

Running hospitals is not as many patients as possible.

Luo Hong, the commentator of the half moon talks, was affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the first quarter of this year, and public hospitals were no exception. Our hospital is a 3A general hospital in Hangzhou. In the first quarter, hospital

banyuetan-weixin @ 2020/06/28

We must not allow such waves and waves to pollute the sea of educational fairness. Informal discussion on quick review

Which student is not trying their best to get the qualification of the famous school? But Chen Yuyu, a student of Southwest Jiaotong University, has changed his grades. In addition, according to the Internet exposure, the parents of university teachers al

banyuetan-weixin @ 2020/06/23

14 colleges and universities 242 people impersonate? The education department sent a response.

"14 colleges and universities found 242 people involved in impostor" news caused netizens attention. According to the Southern Metropolis Daily reported on June 19th, in 2018 -2019 higher education data check work in Shandong, 14 colleges and univ

banyuetan-weixin @ 2020/06/20

What is the secret of success in Hengshui secondary school, which has constantly created the myth of "entrance examination"? Listen to what the headmaster said.

Guided by the admission rate of high prestigious schools and the strict management system, Hebei Hengshui middle school is always in the public opinion: on the one hand, people questioned the "entrance examination factory" mode of Hengshui middle

banyuetan-weixin @ 2020/06/16

To block the treatment of overseas students, the "black hole" of education equality needs the joint efforts of the government and universities.

In June 10th, Yang Jiannan, the commentator of the half moon commentator, issued the notice on regulating the acceptance of international students' work in our higher education institutions, adjusting the application qualifications for international s

banyuetan-weixin @ 2020/06/15

The two time was blocked and wandering around. Why did this "transformational technology" run into the wall again and again?

The biomass fuel, such as straw and waste wood, is broken into raw material "Xiao" by micronized. This innovative technology has been praised by the industry as a "breakthrough" of biomass energy, enabling low calorific value biomass fuel

banyuetan-weixin @ 2020/06/15

Following dad's "village", the biggest test is "miss Mom".

With dad to go to the village to help the poor, for the 9 year old girl, Chu Siyang, the biggest test is "can't help thinking of my mother every day!" Chu Si Yang (left) and father Zheng Jiawei take a walk together. In the summer of 2017, at t

banyuetan-weixin @ 2020/06/13

It is "impersonating the University". Has the loopholes been filled now?

Chang Lei, a commentator of the half moon commentator, reported that after 16 years of college entrance examination, Chen Qiuyuan, who had a college dream, decided to apply for adult education school to make up for his regret. When she was able to fill in

banyuetan-weixin @ 2020/06/12

No matter how far we go, we are stubbornly bearing the look of our family.

Author: Mei Ya source: "reading" in 2020 sixth dusk, the house lit the lamp, leaning against the kitchen door, to see my mother do my favorite onion cake. The green green onion is cut into fine chopped green onion, and a full grain of pepper is ba

banyuetan-weixin @ 2020/06/12

"One can not be less" fully realized! What are the new trends of China's student policy?

Editor's note, according to the 1952, when the founding of new China, all waste was ready. The Central People's Government approved the implementation of the people's stipend system. This is the earliest origin of the new China's aid syste

banyuetan-weixin @ 2020/06/08

About the college entrance examination questions, half moon prepared a gift package.

Are the students ready for the countdown of the college entrance examination in 2020? As your "current affairs policy adviser, learning how to live", how to learn politics in the college entrance examination? Half moon to help you focus! In June 6

banyuetan-weixin @ 2020/06/08

"Unpaid trial" is obviously illegal, and the regulatory authorities can not let it go.

Wang Jing, a commentator of the half moon talk, "tried 11 people free of charge and did not employ 1 people." "Before the official entry, it was five days without pay, and today is the fifth day. We are preparing to sign the contract tomorrow.

banyuetan-weixin @ 2020/06/05

@ all college entrance examinees: how to learn politics in the college entrance examination?

Entering the June, the footsteps of the college entrance examination in 2020 are getting closer and closer. Half moon to help you focus! Why do we need to follow the half moon to review the current political examination? Because the position of half moon

banyuetan-weixin @ 2020/06/04

After the surge of online courses, the confusion and gain of frontline teachers

With the improvement of the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation, many provinces and cities graduated from secondary schools and returned to school. In the holiday called "the longest winter vacation in history", teachers and students all over t

banyuetan-weixin @ 2020/05/30

There are too many problems in minors' education. How did the two sessions this year?

Education has been linked to thousands of households, and has always been the focus of attention of the two sessions. When the epidemic hit, how to smoothly promote the resumption of classes, orderly organization of the college entrance examination, how t

banyuetan-weixin @ 2020/05/27