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Three reasons for the dog personality change, how many do you know?

It is said that dogs are natural optimists. They can bring boundless joy to human beings. They are good tempered and have no grudge. Even when they are smart, they are very lovable. However, there are exceptions to everything. There are always some dogs w

bagongshushu @ 2020/05/10

Another day shocked by dogs: can you get carsick in a battery car?

I believe a lot of shovelling officials know that some dogs get carsick, which is also a headache for many shoveling officials. This is not over. Uncle received a question from a fan a few days ago, saying that her dog was not only halo, but also sat on a

bagongshushu @ 2020/04/29

There is such a story behind the dancing magic of Labrador.

The recent weather is getting better and better. The bright sunshine makes people feel better. The dogs are no exception. They all want to run and play in this great spring light. No, a Labrador abroad is probably the same mood. Its owner released a video

bagongshushu @ 2020/04/28

Ten level puzzle! My family suddenly fell in love with licking the floor. Why is that?

Most of the time, we can see what the dog wants to express from the tiny actions of the dog, but sometimes it will make the shit officials confused. I wonder if all of you have ever experienced the experience of digging up shit officials. And say no to th

bagongshushu @ 2020/04/22

Old feeling, Wang Ting stupid? In fact, these 5 acts just show that they are very smart!

When it comes to the fact that their dogs are not clever, different shit officials often have different feelings. For example, many of the two Kazakhstan shovelling officials always doubted whether the two Kazakhstan Wang was missing when he was created.

bagongshushu @ 2020/04/18

These 6 "good things you think" dogs do not like.

It is believed that every pet person loves children and will choose to make them a member of the family. But in the process of keeping pet, many shovel excrement officials have done something more or less that they think they are good for Mao's childr

bagongshushu @ 2020/04/17

Can a dog become mayor? After watching its "great achievements", I was surprised.

There are many interesting things in the pet world, which always make people laugh. I believe a lot of shit officials have seen many stories about dogs becoming honorary mayors. Recently, in a city in the United States, such an honorary mayor is coming. I

bagongshushu @ 2020/04/16

Super warm heart! The golden secret is in the doorway every day, and the secret behind it is...

I don't know if your kids, apart from their family members, have secretly loved any "outsiders". Moss, a great golden man, has such a beloved outsider. Whenever he sees him, he can not help but give him a big hug. Moss and his parents live in

bagongshushu @ 2020/04/04

Only after raising a dog can you understand the truth. The fourth thing is to really prick your heart!

Dogs are happy, but they are not easy to imagine. Many of them say that since they started raising dogs, they have come to realize all kinds of strange facts. It is said that after these five dogs understand, every shovel excrement officer will be shot! D

bagongshushu @ 2020/03/28

Super cute! This is a dog who loves to be a "dog".

On a small island in Korea, there is a very special guide: dog BenQ. When the tourists get off the boat, they will meet up with the tourists. After they are familiar with it, they will lead the way ahead and let the tourists follow it. It is like a compet

bagongshushu @ 2020/03/26

It never occurred to me that the dog could one day become an entry and exit permit.

Recently, the domestic epidemic situation has gradually improved, and the life order of the shit officials is gradually recovering. Occasionally, they can relax the area and take a walk. However, in Spain, it is not easy. In order to control the epidemic,

bagongshushu @ 2020/03/26

"My family Wang loves to pretend to be lame! I don't want to talk about it! "

On the Internet, we can often see the shoveling officer so tucking dog. Wang said that he did not like to pretend to be ill. Some of Wang also liked to pretend that he was limped off. But when he went to the hospital, he had nothing to do with it. Indeed,

bagongshushu @ 2020/03/10

"As long as Wang is hiding fast enough, the camera won't catch me."

I don't know whether you have such a person around you: usually you behave in a proper manner and have a large square. When you are in front of the camera, you will feel uncomfortable and uncontrolled. For such a person, we often call it "lens pho

bagongshushu @ 2019/12/19

Annual sand sculpture news! Who could have thought of a dog driving a car into a pond?

Shovel excrement officials always Tucao their own dog is "human essence", understand how to observe, occasionally can launch some unexpected skills. For example, let yourself be happy. Happy at the same time, let the shit officials happy. It's

bagongshushu @ 2019/12/18

Border animal: even two Harbin can be a police dog. Why can't I?

Once, young and ignorant and simple, we thought that the police dog was a tall and handsome dog like a horse dog and a German animal. When he came out with a policeman, he seemed to be very happy. But then we discovered that the police dog could be a stup

bagongshushu @ 2019/12/16

Homosexuality in animal circles is as high as 50%? Then my family Wang...

Some time ago, uncle in a science popularization today, I gave you a few simple sentences about dog homosexuality. I didn't expect "repercussions". The commentaries of the shit officials were even better than one. Is your dog homosexual? In do

bagongshushu @ 2019/12/13

How to make a dog stand aloof from me? Online! Very urgent!

As the saying goes, every family member has trouble, and his uncle has often received questions from fans recently. My cat is too cold. What should I do? Damn! What do I do if a dog doesn't kiss? I'm going to cry! What do cats do without touching

bagongshushu @ 2019/12/12

I beg your pardon! Sometimes the shovelling official must keep a distance from the dog.

Sometimes we hear a lot of complaints from our pet friends: cherish life, stay away from dogs! Many people don't understand that dog is not the most kindly little darling in the world. How can it threaten life? I think you must have kept a dog! Foreig

bagongshushu @ 2019/12/11

Why can a dog sleep all day when the owner is not at home? Is it so sleepy?

The shit officials always love to explore all the secrets of a child. Do you know the four facts about sleeping dogs? 1. dogs can sleep in seconds? Shovel crap officials often suffer from insomnia because of their lives and work, but Wang is definitely no

bagongshushu @ 2019/12/09

The world's first little penguin was slaughtered until a dog appeared.

We love dogs, not only because of their lively and lovely dogs, but also because of their kindness and loyalty. They are not only friendly to human beings, but also often rely on their natural instincts to shoulder many "guardians" of life. In Aus

bagongshushu @ 2019/12/05