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It is difficult to have a firstborn, but the second child is an accident.

Wen Jie, a pregnant girl, heard an interesting thing early in the morning. It was quite difficult when she was born, but when she saw that she had been with her child for two or three years, all kinds of examinations had been done, and the treatment was d

ark567 @ 2019/12/23

What is the "low placenta" when being examined? The doctor's explanation is reassuring.

Wen Jie pregnant sister to pregnant mothers, every pregnancy after birth is like playing a game of customs clearance, at the moment the doctor told the results of pregnant mothers are also disturbed, until the doctor said fetal growth is good, no problem,

ark567 @ 2019/12/22

Husband to accompany the postpartum divorce, men accompany the production of "multiple injuries"? Somebody tell you the truth.

Wen Jie, a pregnant netizen, said that she had been in love with her husband for 4 years, and her husband loved her very much. After less than a year after marriage, she became pregnant. In the most important time of producing this life, her husband offer

ark567 @ 2019/12/21

A beautiful, ugly child is more likely to be ugly. Why is ugly gene always so overbearing?

Although we have learned genetic knowledge in biology textbooks, we still have to say that heredity is the theory of door gods. Looking at the beauty of the entertainment circle, Brigitte Lin, known as the first beauty in the Chinese Empire, is not picky

ark567 @ 2019/12/19

The production examination was told that the fetus had problems, so we should not be too blind.

Wen Jie, a pregnant woman, received a message from her pregnant mother a few days ago, saying that she had seen red in the first stage of pregnancy and had a large amount of bleeding. She was hospitalized for a child, and checked after a period of time. A

ark567 @ 2019/12/18

Children born at these time periods will be "very vulnerable", and they will be lucky to avoid one.

When I was pregnant with my children, every time I was pregnant or had other opportunities to stay with my pregnant mothers, everyone began to discuss a topic, that is, the time of their child's birth and their time of birth. If a pregnant mother is e

ark567 @ 2019/12/16

Women misunderstood abortion, most of the following behavior can not get rid of the relationship, can not deny.

Wen Jie, a pregnant friend of mine, has been pregnant 3 times, and every time she misleads her. At the beginning, the family felt that my friend was not in good health and had no child, so he was very careful in his diet. The friend's mother-in-law fo

ark567 @ 2019/12/15

The 18 year old girl had not been on a regular leave. The result of the hospital examination was "stone girl".

Wen Jie, a good pregnancy sister, always has several days of bad mood every month. What she does is not smooth and very upset. But for a few days in a month, I felt worried and afraid of what was wrong. So the official holiday is a joyful and worrying thi

ark567 @ 2019/12/14

Why do some daughters grow up and are not close to their mothers? The following reasons tell the hearts of girls.

Wen Jie, a pregnant sister, said that her daughter was the mother's intimate cotton padded jacket, and the mother who gave birth to her daughter was the most fortunate. When I was little, mother and daughter could dress up together. When they grew up,

ark567 @ 2019/12/13

The following symptoms appear before the date of birth, indicating that the baby will report in advance.

In fact, most pregnant mothers will not arrive at the expected date of childbirth. It is normal for them to have ten days and a half months ahead of schedule. Because the fetus is fully developed after 37 weeks, even if it is full. However, it depends on

ark567 @ 2019/12/12

"Red top is a dragon?" Is there a basis for the older generation's argument? The doctor's explanation is very authoritative.

Wen Jie, a good pregnant sister, remembered that when her sister-in-law gave birth to my nephew, the day before the date of birth was red. At that time, the more than 80 year old grandmother said, "red top is a dragon". I still wonder if seeing re

ark567 @ 2019/12/11

"Mom and Dad, why do you fight at night?" Smart parents have positive solutions to awkward questions.

Wen Jie, a pregnant girl, told me that the 3 year old son who always "one hundred thousand why" gave her a difficult problem the other two days ago. That morning, a family of three is eating, the son suddenly asked: "parents, why do you fight

ark567 @ 2019/12/10

Good pregnancy relay: wish your baby safe and healthy!

A few days ago, I received a private letter from a pregnant mother: Xiaobian, do you have a pregnancy group? I said, "who am I?" I am Ma Qian. Here I began to build the first pregnancy group, pure green ecology without advertising, pregnancy probl

ark567 @ 2019/12/04

Pregnant mothers are hard to conceive, and fetal babies are not easy.

Wen Jie, a pregnant woman, conceived in October. She had to endure all kinds of pregnancy reactions, and forced herself to eat and nourishment under the condition of poor appetite. She also had to experience frequent urination, long spots, obesity, edema,

ark567 @ 2019/11/23

The hatred of the moon is the most difficult? In addition to the heart, the sequelae left behind are more annoying.

In the first two days of my pregnancy, a friend of mine had just come out of the confines of the moon and really experienced what he called "the hatred of the moon." She said that her parents in law loved to go out to play mahjong, and one of them

ark567 @ 2019/11/22

What are the ways in which the baby is pregnant? Don't be silly.

After the pregnancy of Wen Jie, many expectant mothers feel this way. Eating has become a big problem. Sometimes, when you eat a little more, your stomach will feel uncomfortable. Sometimes you can eat a few mouthfuls and feel hungry after eating. It'

ark567 @ 2019/11/14

If the body does not appear the following symptoms after pregnancy, congratulations on the development of the fetus.

My sister is just pregnant, because she is the first child and has little experience. Her cousin worries about the baby's development all day long. Her body is a little bit abnormal. I wonder if the baby is unhealthy or is there something wrong with i

ark567 @ 2019/11/13

The 17 year old daughter loves her baby early, and her mother's way of making her take heart is worth learning from other parents.

Wen Jie, a good pregnant girl, is loved by all her parents. Parents who usually talk about their parents later will also become anxious when facing their children's puppy love. After all, if it is not handled well, the effect will be great. Although i

ark567 @ 2019/11/12

Why do babies love to launch in the middle of the night? Truth makes people sweat.

Wen Jie, a pregnant sister, had been worried about how the baby had not been born after the expected date of childbirth. All the tests were normal in the hospital. The doctor let her pay more attention at home and ready to produce at any time. Unexpectedl

ark567 @ 2019/11/11

Children can not jump out of the "broken window effect", will grow frustrated everywhere, parents do not take things seriously.

Wen Jie, my neighbor's child, always loves to hit people, and anyone who plays with him will be kicked. On one occasion, he pushed a child of the same age into the fountain of the district. Fortunately, the water in the lower part of the platform was

ark567 @ 2019/10/25