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"Without millions of betrothal gifts, I can only pretend that my daughter does not have children, which is for her good".

Wen Jie, a pregnant sister, read a message from a reader on the Internet: "my daughter has not contacted us recently, which makes us very worried. What will she do if she doesn't give us support in the future? This is the case. My daughter was ver

ark567 @ 2019/10/09

Still giving kids early education? It's useless to destroy the children and complacent.

Wen Jie, a pregnant sister, is no longer a problem for children to win at the starting line. For parents, it is for the children to win in the womb. After marriage, she prepared a series of questions about educating her children, from the birth of the chi

ark567 @ 2019/09/02

After the abortion, the doctor gave birth control pills, and the young man quarrel, but the doctor said he was treating the disease.

Wen / good pregnancy contraceptives not only have emergency contraceptives, but also have long effect and short effect. In recent years, the trend and publicity, mentioned that the contraceptive is thinking of emergency contraceptives, which is very harmf

ark567 @ 2019/09/01

Monthly salary 4K to live in the monthly fee of 30 thousand of the center, really not, women do not understand these psychology.

Wen / good pregnancy elder sister before the birth of children, all rely on the elderly at home to take care of, the two generation of the concept of big collision, postpartum anxiety, bad habits of the month, can sit good months of women few. The moon is

ark567 @ 2019/08/29

"I don't need your pension, you can't expect me to bring the baby". Will the old man regret after 20 years?

Wen Jie, a pregnant sister, resigned last year when my cousin gave birth to a second child. It is not easy for a brother-in-law to earn money for a family of four flowers. Once, I asked her why she didn't let her mother-in-law help her to go out to work.

ark567 @ 2019/08/18

After the birth of the baby, we know that there is a kind of pain called "24 hours endless cycle mechanical busy".

Wen Jie, a pregnant girl, was attracted by the Tucao of a Bao Ma group yesterday. A baby mother said, "after I was born, I realized that the old man said," better to embrace a thousand gold than to have a meat pier. "What do I mean by holding the baby's a

ark567 @ 2019/08/10

Visiting parturients and newborns, some of them are too good to say, so easy to give themselves hatred.

Wen Jie, a pregnant sister, has a baby in a family in our hometown. Those who send eggs, send money, and send blessings... And the more the people go, the more lively they are. The better the family ties, the better for the baby. The mothers and their fam

ark567 @ 2019/08/09

How many pounds did you get pregnant? Too much is not only difficult to produce, but also hard to thin later.

Two days ago, I went shopping with my pregnant friend and saw a beautiful dress. I couldn't restrain my impulse and tried it out. Who knows, when he came out to look at the mirror, he saw that round stomach, and suddenly he had no impulse to buy it. I

ark567 @ 2019/06/21

Clever mother knew this news long ago! Only you don't know yet? Miss a year!

Children are your babies, the only ones are cute, but when they look at the shopping bills every month, they have another name in the hearts of all the mothers. "Is it a rich man who knows a child?" Paris, Singapore, Indonesia, go to, go to the bi

ark567 @ 2019/06/16

If you are the 3 pregnant mothers, you will be more relaxed than normal people during childbirth.

When I was doing Yuesao in the past couple of years, almost 7 of the ten employers were caesarean section. It would be more difficult not only to take care of the baby, but also to take care of it. With the continuous improvement of people's concept o

ark567 @ 2019/05/30

After birth, how much weight does Bao Ma lose? In fact, it is very important to grasp the key to see "personal".

My cousin is trying to lose weight after birth, but how to reduce it is more fat than before pregnancy, especially the stomach, tied the abdominal belt also can not take back. Her mother-in-law comforted her that if a woman gave birth to a child, she woul

ark567 @ 2019/05/23

How many women after pregnancy to give birth to a son, but has nothing to do with boys? The truth at the heart

My cousin is pregnant for 7 months, always look forward to the belly of the baby is a boy, I was laughing at her young age with patriarchal ideology. However, his cousin said: "no, is I've no brother, really hope Mr son, after a daughter, let my b

ark567 @ 2019/04/17

Pregnant mother before going to bed with a "stress", do sleep quality is high, but also beneficial to the development of fetus

After pregnancy, many are all need to pay attention to the pregnant mother, sleep is even more so, many pregnant mother was pregnant, due to various reasons, sleep will be affected, but sleep is also very important, if the rest is not good, the disadvanta

ark567 @ 2019/04/04

A pregnant woman after the "unreasonable", said the heart has wronged, caught the pregnant mother very sad

We have a male colleague, a work will become pregnant after the wife complained that he is won't listen to reason. He said his wife too he wore too good-looking yesterday, before going to work him to change old clothes. Today she said wife noisy physi

ark567 @ 2019/04/02

Don't want to indirectly harm the baby nursing period to eat these 2 foods, affect child development

My cousin last month after delivery, every day give me a call, in addition to asking the postpartum related knowledge, more important is to let me secretly take some food to her husband, saying it was too strict to eat special tube. I seriously want her t

ark567 @ 2019/03/25

Often stay up late pregnant, and the baby after birth will be what kind of? These two problems are hard to avoid

Often pregnant mother advisory messages slim sister, said to be pregnant, because of various reasons, you were always in the late state, if you often stay up late, there will not affect your baby on the stomach, or the pregnant mother often stays up late,

ark567 @ 2019/03/25

Pregnancy vomiting is normal? If the body has found several symptoms, life may be in danger

Pregnancy vomiting is pregnancy common, ordinary people may feel pregnant vomiting, "a very go", and that this is a woman should suffer, if no morning sickness will feel strange. If the pregnancy is normal vomiting, as long as the pregnant women t

ark567 @ 2019/03/22

Eat soy sauce during pregnancy after the birth of the baby fetal skin will turn black? Wrong, the baby will not easily be stained"

The female is pregnant, in the diet will pay special attention to. I have a friend like this, because she and her husband are black, pregnant after a little more attention all around, thinking about what to eat during pregnancy, or a patch, so that the ch

ark567 @ 2019/03/20

"Thousands of boiling water will lead to human poisoning and even cancer? Children and pregnant women should not drink?

Bestie pregnancy diet after all is that a few days ago to go to her house to play, I found the water dispenser bestie home was also stopped. Listen to bestie said, because she told her mother-in-law, pregnant women and children should not drink "thous

ark567 @ 2019/03/18

Whether women had children, these two places do not lie on the body, who said more time

Often hear people say to see whether a woman had a child is very obvious, such as look at her body, the children of women in general was more plump, hip is greater, even the face is also president of spots and so on. In fact, in addition to outside to see

ark567 @ 2019/03/17