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The owner bought Somerset clothes for Samo, and he was instantly sprouted after wearing it: where did he come from?

In other words, perhaps the most popular dog in all dogs is Samo. A snowy white hair looks good no matter what it wears. A few days ago, a foreign owner bought clothes for Samoa at home, though it didn't look very good, but when the dog broke it, it w

angel-samoye @ 2020/05/31

It's beautiful! Netizens may take the game with Samo, and every photo is a blockbuster.

At home for so long, this May Day holiday many people choose to go out and breathe freely. Like the next shoveling officer, he doesn't want to go out. Actually, it doesn't matter. He mainly wants to take the dog out and go out to the waves. The sh

angel-samoye @ 2020/05/03

Shovel shit officer to take photos of the baby, Samo ran to steal the mirror: I am also a baby, I want to shoot!

No matter who is at home, as long as he has raised Samo, it will become a dog that loves millions of people. Even when you go out to eat KFC in the middle of the night, you have to take it! But when there is a baby in the family, the rain shit will be cau

angel-samoye @ 2020/04/26

The shoveling officer took Samo to swim and was just launched. He was laughed at by this guy's response.

The most feared thing to bring Samo back to his hometown is to play with dogs in the water, grass and pit. Today Samo will not rush into the water, because it can not swim. In order to do this, the shoveling officer specially took it to study specially, b

angel-samoye @ 2020/04/18

Following Shenzhen, second fasting cats and dogs came out of the city to praise Zhuhai.

Yesterday, Da Bai saw such a news: Zhuhai issued the most stringent "prohibition order", which has been implemented since May 1, 2020. At first I thought it was just a fasting game, but after careful reading, it was found that the Zhuhai Special E

angel-samoye @ 2020/04/16

Samo baby used to be like a little seal to spread all over the net, but recently it has grown up...

He often pays attention to Samoa's friends. He must remember last year's sleeping baby like a little seal. Big Bai remembered that at that time many netizens were sprouted by their sleeping phases, and a pair of small jiojio pillows under the head

angel-samoye @ 2020/03/23

Friends do not listen to persuaded, not to take Samo back home, only two hours, he collapsed.

Because before going to be like this, after arriving, it became... Ma Ma, your smiling angel comes back. I was worried that it would not adapt to the new environment. The lower reaches of the river fish the room to explore the enemy is curious about every

angel-samoye @ 2019/12/23

From the little fairy to the female man, there is only a distance from Samoye.

Recently, Da Bai heard such a sentence: the cat is the sprouting sister, and the dogs are all women. Originally, Da Bai wanted to refute the goddess. I can think about it. Girls change a little before and after raising dogs. Before 01 dogs, they can't

angel-samoye @ 2019/12/22

I said Samo is the most curable dog in the world. Do you have any objection?

Why do we always like to be cured by dogs? Because they do not need to think too much with them, they can feel free to pay their emotions. And it will give you back with your loyalty and let you feel that it loves you. When I was with them, all my trouble

angel-samoye @ 2019/12/21

Want to see snow everywhere? Just keep Samoye.

Looking at the heavy snow and snow in the north, I feel that the whole world is playing with snow and snowball fights. Think about when to go to the north and see the snow in winter. In fact, if you want to see snow, you don't have to go to the north.

angel-samoye @ 2019/12/20

When a dog plays with a sudden shock? Remember these 7 steps to save your dog!

Da Bai recently saw such a video: a dog named sugar suddenly had a heart attack on the road, and the owner was scared and nervous, and didn't know what to do. At this time, a passing uncle saw, hastened to come to implement CPR first aid! Uncle first

angel-samoye @ 2019/12/19

Free dog food in |10, dog raising is recommended for a month.

There is a welfare dog food free of charge to receive a month's hair shiny, soft and smooth. Recently, some netizens told Xiaobian a real inspiring story. After having been cured of serious skin diseases, his golden hair could not grow thick and soft

angel-samoye @ 2019/12/16

Sam: how does your child not worry about it?

This little milk SA is full of righteous spirit in expression, but Satsuma is not vegetarian. BYDY578727717 recommended reading: Samo must hug it when he was young, otherwise... Read

angel-samoye @ 2019/12/12

Samo must hug him when he was young, otherwise...

You can't hold it when it grows up! Every time he goes out, Samo does not take a few steps to ask for a hug. What else can he do? Hold on. But in the face of such a large Samo, it is just thinking about holding it. So parents must embrace it when they

angel-samoye @ 2019/12/11

Man on the road Samoye: you dog bite me, give me money!

Near the end of the year, all kinds of thieves and touches have come out. In December 6th, in Luzhou, Sichuan, there was a porcelain collision incident, but it was only a porcelain Samoye. Samoye was walking along the road. As a result, a man first came t

angel-samoye @ 2019/12/10

The heartache of raising a large dog is really... It 's a long story! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

What is the life of a large dog? Recently, a Korean comic book used his own paintbrush to record the sad feeling of raising a large dog. Let's take a look together. By: @ don't worry about the dog and the world of love that you haven't experie

angel-samoye @ 2019/12/08

Samo always thought he was very young, he had to sleep with his little buddies, and it was tragic.

It is the baby who likes to play with his brothers and sisters when he is young. Wherever he goes, he is a sticky white dumpling. My brother is over there. I'll go over to him. Or my brother is the most comfortable around ~ when going out to follow, a

angel-samoye @ 2019/12/07

Samo climbed the 7 floor to see the scenery, and the result was stuck on the roof. Netizens: no loss is three silly...

In December 3rd, a Samoye in a district in Neijiang, Sichuan, climbed to the top of the 7 floor without paying attention to his master. The shit officials had to call the firefighters to start the operation. The firemen tied the safety rope to the place w

angel-samoye @ 2019/12/06

What is the experience of raising Samo? It probably owns a zoo.

What is the experience of raising a Samo? It probably owns a small elk, a little rabbit, a butterfly, a lion! A little fox ~ a cat ~ a little snowman ~ a leopard leopard ~ a big tiger ~ a giant panda ~ a seal... A big monkey! An alpaca... So, raising Samo

angel-samoye @ 2019/12/04

Samo's family was arrested, and in a furious manner, he shouted to the excrement Officer: "it's the first thing to do!"

When we mention Samoye, there will be words like white dumplings, soft, lovely, and so on, and there will be no more impression. But as a living dog, Samo is not only cute but also funny. First of all, it is a snack: when to open dinner, the basin is empt

angel-samoye @ 2019/12/02