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Never leave your boyfriend and dog alone at home... Otherwise you will really regret it!

A little sister got a picture from her boyfriend when she was at work: she looked at her golden hair and her eyebrows, and her little sister was also laughed until she woke up suddenly and began to question her boyfriend. Little sister: the heart of murde

ajmgg520 @ 2020/05/11

In order to hide and feed, the big golden hair of the next door old king's family has also played a unique trick. Spit-take!

The dog, named Juno, is a 18 month old golden hair. A warm and funny little story happened on the child. One day, the hostess, who lives next door to Juno, was busy working in the yard. She looked up and saw Juno walking wearily into her yard. "This i

ajmgg520 @ 2020/04/26

The owner shaved his golden hair carelessly and slipped his hands, but unexpectedly discovered a good way to make money.

A British shoveling officer, because of isolation at home, was mad and wanted to find something to do: to help his husband trim his beard... I didn't expect the big golden hair of the family to run around to join in the fun and brush the sense of pres

ajmgg520 @ 2020/04/25

Every day helps the elder brother take the golden hair of the newspaper. It has a special home.

In the northern theater, a naval air force, a station postman, will come here every day to deliver newspapers to the doorway of the station. Hearing the familiar "order" sound, the golden dog in the barracks quickly ran to the door. The postman st

ajmgg520 @ 2020/04/18

Jin Mao and hash had given birth to a beautiful dog, but one year later, the shit officials collapsed.

Husky and Jin Mao gave birth to the child, which made it impossible to be fussy about the value of the shovel and the character. But unexpectedly, a year later, the dog was completely changed. Really, the value of the face is still very similar to that of

ajmgg520 @ 2020/04/16

There is a kind of sprouting called golden hair when young.

There is a kind of sprouting called golden hair as a child. If the golden hair grows up is a big warm man, then they are definitely a little ball when they are young. They want to hug each other and lift them high wherever they go. In one sentence, it is

ajmgg520 @ 2019/12/22

The man just bought a bag of bread to go out and was robbed by a big golden hair: the bread remained.

This golden hair named Murphy followed her grandmother for a walk. Everything was quite normal until the dog broke through a supermarket doorway and met an innocent passer-by who had just bought a bag of hamburger bread. The goods went up to bite, and the

ajmgg520 @ 2019/12/21

Netizens bought the upper and lower berth for Jin Mao, but they regretted it in second days.

In order to make Kim Mao live in a more foreign style, he bought two dogs for two dogs. When they bought them, they both liked to have their own beds immediately. They were too good! Netizens never thought that Jin Mao was the captain of the demolition te

ajmgg520 @ 2019/12/19

The golden baby was adopted, and the dog mother chased hundreds of meters away.

A sister adopted a small golden hair last week, but she was moved. Host: I like golden hair very much. I want to grow up and raise one when I was young. She has joined the work now, and has a small family, because she now has a boyfriend who also likes do

ajmgg520 @ 2019/12/18

The shit officials used the fur with big golden hair to make a mini score for them, which is super cute!

Remember the Kiko and Watson's golden love brothers? The shit officials recently used their two hair to make Kiko and Watson of the mini version of Kiko. Because Kiko lost a leg because of cancer, so the Kiko of felt version is also three legs.

ajmgg520 @ 2019/12/17

The reason behind big gold obsessed adult magazine is that...

Recently, a netizen's golden hair discovered a "little secret". His master collected many adult magazines at home. I usually finish cough and cough. It will be hidden. But on that day, Jin Mao was at home and was able to open up his home. Sudd

ajmgg520 @ 2019/12/16

After seeing the picture of the brother who died, Jin Mao suddenly burst into tears. In fact, they know everything.

A foreign owner lost a beloved dog some time ago. After he recovered from the mood, he turned over the old photos and remembered that he didn't expect his family to recognize his former partner and whispered. In fact, they all know... Look at it. Let

ajmgg520 @ 2019/12/15

A traitor came out of us: the Golden Doll tree in the mall had hidden a real golden hair.

Overseas netizens went out to walk with their big golden hair. Suddenly a large group of "golden Christmas" appeared in front of them. The netizens' dogs instantly integrated into them and played a "stealth" ~ can you find out which on

ajmgg520 @ 2019/12/14

The spatula officer bought the latest AirPods Pro, but it didn't last long. Because he has a golden hair in his house!

A Korean shoveling shit official described the painful experience of buying AirPods Pro with four pictures, hoping to give you some experience and lessons. First, drying orders with everyone else ~ new headphones have finally got their hands. What the fuc

ajmgg520 @ 2019/12/07

When gold was flinching, he accidentally put his foot in his mouth. He was surprised to find that it was delicious.

Dogs are always interested in something with twelve smell. Trash cans, smelly socks, shoes and so on are all their most desired toys. This golden dog is no exception. When he scratched his face, he put his claws into his mouth and accidentally discovered

ajmgg520 @ 2019/12/05

I didn't bring my doll into the house. For second days, the big golden hair was going to cry... Really! Wang Jie tragedy!

Mason likes to play with the most beloved sloth dolls in the yard, and often does not bring dolls into the house, and throws them in the yard for the night. However, it ignores the recent cold weather, and one morning, when it comes to looking for dolls a

ajmgg520 @ 2019/12/04

The wolf king on the grassland picked up a little golden hair, and their story began.

Is By/ micro-blog / MA tail 1234 warmer to you? Click on "read the original" and watch the cute golden sauce.

ajmgg520 @ 2019/12/02

Annual salary 290 thousand! Netizens quarrelled after the owner of the house helped the two golden nannies find the nanny and understood the work content.

A pet owner in London, England, asked for a pet sitter because he was always on a business trip. He hoped to take care of two golden hair in the family. They could get a salary of up to 32 thousand pounds (about 290 thousand yuan), and the enrollee could

ajmgg520 @ 2019/12/01

Waking his tail is not enough to express his yearning. This golden hair will fly to his master every time.

When Riley sees his master, he will fly into his master's arms happily. It's too warm! Who wouldn't want to be so popular after a busy day?

ajmgg520 @ 2019/11/30

The couple got rich overnight and became millionaires only because they adopted street gold.

A pair of very ordinary couple, two people, only because of a good behavior, took a homeless big gold, but thus changed their life, from ordinary people to become a multimillionaire. It turned out that the original couple had their own common jobs. Althou

ajmgg520 @ 2019/11/29