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Golden chicken eats too much chicken and mouths full of blood.

A netizen recently met with a crying joke. He has a 5 month old golden hair and has not changed his teeth. Once, the owner brought a chicken leg to the golden hair of his family on his way home from work. Jin Mao was excited when he saw the chicken legs i

ajmgg520 @ 2019/11/06

The golden hair was not eaten by the flesh. It was seen by little golden hair. It was so funny to see the little golden glutton greedy.

Little Jin Mao: I am probably not born. Click on "read the original" and pay close attention to the love of golden puppy!

ajmgg520 @ 2019/10/09

A netizen had just kept a little milk cat, and he carefully looked for the old household gold in his family.

A netizen had just kept a little milk cat, and he carefully looked for the old household gold in his family. Meow: Hello, can you be my friend? The day after the ending was aroused, the dog was more cruel. The big golden hair will lap the cat in her arms,

ajmgg520 @ 2019/09/07

It took a lot of trouble to walk the dog without pulling the rope.

Do you remember a traffic accident in Huaian, Jiangsu last May? A husky knocked down an old man who was riding an electric car. In recent days, a similar case happened in Kunshan, Suzhou. This time, it was a golden hair. And the reason for the accident is

ajmgg520 @ 2019/08/18

The owner made him a dog of faith, praying before dinner, and the performance of the dog was so funny.

It's so cute that you click "read the original" and watch more smart and lovely golden hair.

ajmgg520 @ 2019/08/11

Friends kindly adopted a golden retriever, did not expect that after two months the dog gave him a big surprise!

Recently saw a netizen about such a thing: a few years ago, my family has kept a dog, it is my treasure, and will recognize the house, will follow mom to the streets to buy food, has been raised for 4 and a half years, the dog was once a thief walked.....

ajmgg520 @ 2019/04/11

Golden: this large physique, I don't think, who also didn't recruit!

Golden lazy refused to go home on the road to the owners haven't used, finally had to forcibly dragged passers-by master a little embarrassed: you put my golden herpe Tulu wear leather cover! Master: hurry up, home to you 2 chicken! Golden: No, 5 I go

ajmgg520 @ 2019/04/04

To the West Highland bought a small bed, big golden crazy jealous: I did not get, who don't want to!

Butler had two dogs shoveled shit hit the West Highland and the golden retriever, usually their relationship is also very good, often tacit synchronization but involves God... A matter of principle, at the turn of brotherhood: Plastic Ma saw a small bed,

ajmgg520 @ 2019/04/03

Encounter a grandmother holding granddaughter dog, carefully read, grandma is not pull the wrong?

Netizen @ rabbit uncle on the road encounters a grandmother holding his granddaughter dog... Can be more and more close to feel a bit strange: grandma, you are not pull the wrong? It was holding his granddaughter, the dog... But there are also netizens sa

ajmgg520 @ 2019/04/03

Keep a silly golden eyes only you......

Do you want to keep a dog's eyes only you silly? It grew up, love it as your own. Perhaps by chance, perhaps a phase may be decreed by fate, and you bring it back home, began to belong to the beauty of your fate. Since its arrival, you sleep late, get

ajmgg520 @ 2019/03/29

The owner took the golden pass out to buy food, breakfast stalls, this guy will not pull away......

The morning golden master took out to buy food, passing breakfast spread, this guy does not pull away. Breakfast stalls boss: fed it two times, Lai here, every time it will not go to. Look just out of the pot Deep-Fried Dough Sticks, Golden Delicious cert

ajmgg520 @ 2019/03/25

Friends on the way home was suddenly a golden fall, a careful look at the fact that she lost 5 years ago of the dog!

The lost dog is very remorse for owners, because once lost back probability is very small, the owners can only hope that dogs can meet good adoption, not homeless, starving. And this happened recently, a woman of the golden lost four or five years, just g

ajmgg520 @ 2019/03/23

A golden retriever can cure single, can "seduce" to little sister....

Many people love raising golden good-looking and warm man, but you know what? Golden effect is that there is a "single treatment" you think ah, you hold a shiny golden hair through Miss sister how can not see it but you will hold a minute "sed

ajmgg520 @ 2019/03/21

The man told the golden retriever make their children, three years later found it back......

Taiwan, a netizen with his wife, married for nine years, has no children, until he met 3 years ago died of cancer of the golden "sister" in the dream, it successfully gave birth to a daughter. My sister is coming back from Taipei to adopt users fo

ajmgg520 @ 2019/03/21

The golden retriever was rolling 3 conversion master, always worried about being away, clever to make people feel bad

This is a big golden friends home, some time ago to send relatives, many of my friends all know that big golden retriever is particularly gentle, but also very sticky, but this golden retriever cute netizens distressed, before relatives gave him the golde

ajmgg520 @ 2019/03/10

The owner will be entrusted to a friend golden travel photos, let him immediately give up all plans.....

The Chinese new year a lot of people will go out to travel, the owner also took the opportunity to go out to relax, because I haven't travel, go out to play is good. And every dog master almost users are most worried about is the home of the golden to

ajmgg520 @ 2019/02/18

Home for the golden shower, it suddenly stopped...

Master help home golden shower, but the dog suddenly motionless and stiff at first glance that the last owner had to hang under the heavy hand and found that the goods are asleep seems to be really comfortable in a hot bath can fall asleep

ajmgg520 @ 2019/02/06

The couple quarrel she cried and ran out, a golden retriever was bitten with husband's wallet. Chase out...

The wedding will discuss with the husband to a dog, then finally brought a Golden Retriever (New) from home, take a walk to the main bath by the fed to take care of her, so the feeling is quite close, even her husband had complained recently. Jealous Shin

ajmgg520 @ 2019/02/04

Grandma gave golden camera, its whole super fit, see the full person cure.....

Feel the dog happy to accompany grandma always happy oh here: click the "read", there are many super golden ah!

ajmgg520 @ 2019/01/21

The owner does not give golden golden noodles, anxious eyes, and...... Laugh!

I did not get, you don't want to...... Click the "read" down here, there are many super golden ah!

ajmgg520 @ 2019/01/20